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17 OCT
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TK16: The Barrack Block

The TK16 series, which tells the stories of the 16 historic buildings located in the Central Police Station compound, begins with the Barrack Block, the site’s oldest police building. Step through the door adorned with a “TK 16” sign on 1/F to experience this heritage building from various perspectives. Walking along the old staircase, you can explore the spaces where policemen once relaxed after work.

Tai Kwun x Every Life Is A Song: "Time Will Tell, We Will Sing" Sharing Session

“Every Life is A Song”, a.k.a “ELIAS”, is a social enterprise launched by singer-songwriter Vicky Fung and lyricist Chow Yu Fai aimed at chronicling collective community histories through song-making. In its first collaboration with Tai Kwun, “ELIAS” recruited 36 youngsters to create—from scratch—10 songs about the lives of 10 seniors.

Dance Season: DISCO-TECA

Directed by one of the brightest stars of contemporary dance in China, Er Gao, Disco-Teca reflects upon Mainland’s disco culture and examines how the trippy, free-form, colourful movements contributed to the construction of the self and changed the country’s social and gender landscape. Expect a surprising mix of retro flavours and refined body expressions that are as fun to look at as they are provoking.

Dance Season: KIDS

Kids, an autobiographic work by the Taiwanese choreographer and dancer Liu Kuan Hsiang, was inspired by the poignant reflections of life over the many conversations recorded towards the end of his late mother’s life. The work celebrates the exuberance of life in the face of death through a string of calm ritualistic movements that are imbued with twisted, frantic physical extremes— extremes which are as deliriously wild as they are serene or even joyful.

Heritage Storytelling Spaces

From displaying the gong once used in Central Police Station, playing a video of the first case heard at Central Magistracy, to projecting moving silhouettes inside 6 cells of Victoria Prison, we have deployed a number of ways in our 8 designated heritage storytelling spaces to feature the history, stories, and lives of people inside Tai Kwun.

Tai Kwun Store

Inspired by the materials, textures and shapes of the Central Police Station compound, the Tai Kwun Store collection presents an array of everyday basics which are made of carefully chosen materials and which reference the colours of the site’s architectural features.

Our Everyday—Our Borders

In “Our Everyday—Our Borders”, the artists Tang Kwok Hin (Hong Kong) and Motoyuki Shitamichi (Japan) reflect on the notions of the everyday and of borders with a series of objects, installations, and dialogical practices.

Collections of Tom, Debbie and Harry

Not everyone is a collector but one often ends up amassing to which keepsakes we attach our emotions. Here, seven local artists and groups will examine the many items gathered in order to discover the imagination and interpretations behind such artistic practices.