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19 DEC
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“Salute to Kwan Kung” Guided Tours (Cantonese)

Join “Salute to Kwan Kung” Guided Tours to discover this legendary historical figure and explore his fascinating relationship with Tai Kwun, the disciplinary forces and Hong Kong people.

Art After Hours: Hong Kong Visions with Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong

Vvzela Kook and Alex Yiu (w/ Video Cypher) are multi-media mavericks who have transformed their traditional training with technologies both old and new. In an uncertain present, they explore speculative futures through sound, light, and electronics.

Tai Kwun Circus Plays - SIGMA

Get ready to be dazzled by Gandini Juggling's beautiful new show Sigma. Performed by a virtuosic cast led by the award-winning choreographer Seeta Patel, Sigma is a sensational mix of shadowy plays, fun use of mirrors, breathtaking patterns and magical juggling. This family-friendly show’s exquisite choreography, seductive percussion-driven score and cool backdrop of multimedia projections is guaranteed to stimulate your imagination.

“Christmas Art” Workshop

Tai Kwun boasts many hidden talents. This Christmas, six artists, design masters and maestros will host a series of Christmas workshops. Over two holiday weekends, you can sign up to make your own bowtie, ceramic decorations, or handpress greeting cards under the guidance of these talents. Besides learning the craft at hand, you’ll also get to meet the tutors and their artform—up close and personal in an artistic Christmas!

“The Red Hare Goes Around”—Trotting Horse Lamp Making Workshop (Cantonese)

In this workshop, each participating pair of parent and child will work together to draw and decorate their own revolving lantern, featuring Kwan Kung and his prized steed, the Red Hare. Spinning round and round, this candle-lit lantern will surely brighten up your holiday.

Art Film Hour: Screening of “Removed” and “Casa Roshell”

Poking fun at the concept of Freudian lack, Naomi Uman’s “Removed” uses nail polish remover and household bleach to physically erase the female body from old porn footage. Similar fantasy bodies also appear in Donoso’s “Casa Roshell”, which follows male crossdressers roaming free inside the haven created by Roshell and Lilana.

Tai Kwun Circus Plays – A Simple Space

Complete a thrill-packed family fun day with one of Australia’s hottest and most original circus troupe. In this award-winning and rollicking show, 6 young acrobats go beyond their physical limits with supreme acrobatic ability and skills. Featuring sheer physical virtuosity and fun-filled interactions enjoyed by children and adults alike, A Simple Space is where talent and creativity shine through in a celebration of strength, playfulness, friendship and boisterous fun.

Tai Kwun Store

Inspired by the materials, textures and shapes of the Central Police Station compound, the Tai Kwun Store collection presents an array of everyday basics which are made of carefully chosen materials and which reference the colours of the site’s architectural features.