The Art of Giving

Since the opening in 2018, Tai Kwun aspires to offer the best heritage and arts experiences, and to cultivate knowledge and appreciation of contemporary art, performing arts and history in the community. It has come alive with numerous public programmes including heritage and arts exhibitions, dance, theatre performances, with regular programmes like guided tours, movie screenings, public workshops and more. Over 17 million visitors were recorded since opening in 2018, making Tai Kwun as one of the most visited heritage sites in town.

To sustain our long-term development in heritage, arts and education programmes, Tai Kwun is grateful for the support from individuals, corporations and philanthropic institutions in various forms.

Principal Funding Support

The promotion and preservation of arts, culture and heritage is an indispensable part of improving the quality of life of the Hong Kong people. The Hong Kong Jockey Club not only conserved and revitalised Tai Kwun, but also through its Charities Trust provides the core funding for Tai Kwun’s arts and heritage programmes. The Club’s unyielding support contributes to the city’s heritage and cultural life as well as strengthening Hong Kong’s position as an international arts and cultural hub.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club | Tai Kwun

Conserved  and revitalised by

Philanthropy and Major Gifts

Tai Kwun believes in the power to transform, inspire and motivate through arts, culture, and heritage. We strive to improve audience experience, strengthen the creative landscape and engage the communities around us. Major Donors’ unwavering trust in Tai Kwun allows us to be forward thinking in bringing the most extraordinary programmes to all.

Mr Alexander Wong (Inaugural Patron)

Corporate & Foundation Support

Tai Kwun has been able to realise its vision for the future thanks to the unwavering dedication of the business community and philanthropic institutions. Today, corporate and philanthropic support helps Tai Kwun fulfill its mission by funding its arts, cultural and heritage programmes. To curate world-class and newly-commissioned exhibitions, present performances and organise public education programmes, we thank our friends of Tai Kwun for their extraordinary commitment and loyalty.

For their leadership support, we would also like to acknowledge our corporate partners and philanthropic institutions listed below:

Individual Patron Programme

Tai Kwun, as a non-profit organisation, needs your continued support to sustain our long-term goal of fostering artists and promoting social inclusion and diversity, as well as cultural exchanges. We are grateful to our Philanthropic Donors* for their support of Tai Kwun.

Mr Shane Akeroyd

Mr Stephen Cheng Sing Yin

Ms Nicola Chu

Mr Chris Gradel and Ms Mimi Chun

And for those who wish to remain anonymous.

*Donors are listed above in alphabetical order.