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Established in 1991 in Hong Kong, Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery is dedicated to promoting artists with a cross-cultural background, representing their value through in-depth research, extensive exhibitions and publications. The gallery is specialized in 20th century French art and modern and contemporary art in Asia.

In the past 30 years, Kwai Fung has organized over 150 exceptional exhibitions and 30 visionary art projects. Kwai Fung Hin has mounted museum-quality retrospectives for artists, including Chinese realism painter Ai Xuan, ink master Pan Gongkai and Li Huayi, contemporary ceramic artist Bai Ming, French-Chinese female artist Lalan, Italian sculptor Matteo Pugliese, and Korean abstract painter Myonghi Kang.

During Covid 19 pandemic, our founder and director of Lalan Archive, Catherine Kwai provided instrumental support to Asia Society Hong Kong Centre on the retrospective Extended Figure: Art and Inspiration of Lalan, showcasing 32 top-quality paintings of Lalan borrowed from collectors that represent the evolution of her cross-disciplinary art practices. Further, Ms Kwai served as the curator for Calligraphy Rhapsody – a retrospective exhibition of Georges Mathieu, organized by the K11 Art Foundation and the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong & Macau, featuring 14 exceptional large paintings, spanning 40 years by French artist Georges Mathieu, the founding father of “Lyrical Abstraction”.

Since 2006, Kwai Fung publication edited and published artist monographs, in collaboration with international publishing houses Flammarion (France) on book Zao Wou-ki 1935-2008 (2010), and with Rizzoli (Italy) on Li Huayi: Landscapes from a Master’s Heart (2018), Ai Xuan: For a Silent Dreamland from a Master’s Heart (2019).

Our mission is to promote talented artists and help them to build their career. We have built artist archives helping collectors and scholars to learn about their artworks. We provided support to retrospectives and lectures in renowned museums and non-profit art institutes, allowing more art lovers and younger generations to learn about art in depth.





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Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery & Kwai Fung Salone

Kwai Fung’s Galleries are inside the Police Headquarters Block and the Barrack Block. They specialise in modern art from the 20th century, as well as Asian contemporary art. You can wander around the two fascinating gallery spaces with Catherine Kwai, Founder & CEO of Kwai Fung Hin, as they share a space with an unlimited imagination.

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