Tai Kwun has an outstanding team of individuals who collectively make this historic compound a unique destination in Hong Kong. When it comes to our people, we are as diverse and dynamic as the city we live in. We are eager to share our vision with stakeholders, communities and other teams. If you are passionate about heritage, contemporary art, performing arts and culture, we welcome you to be one of us.

Tai Kwun is recognised as “Manpower Developers” by the Employees Retraining Board since 2020


At Tai Kwun, we believe that when people are fully present in an experience, they can enter a whole new state of possibility. These heartfelt, transformative experiences are, in part, why Tai Kwun exists – to continually seek out and offer programmes and activations that have the ability to touch the community – be it families, children, couples, individuals or art enthusiasts. We strive to bring more TaiKwuners to the fold that can share the same passion as us and continue to bring vibrant experiences to our visitors.


Bring people together
We invite everyone to Tai Kwun and strive to make every aspect of the experience as welcoming as possible. We want everyone to feel like Tai Kwun is their own – a space where curiosity meets community.

Strive for excellence
We are experts in our different fields, but one thing that unites us is our unwavering commitment to quality. Whether as a security guard or a curator, each of us is driven to deliver the most outstanding programmes and experiences in arts & culture.

Embrace authenticity and curiosity
We bring heart and integrity to everything we do, from our programming to the treatment and maintenance of our site. We do not compromise on quality or chase fads – and we are proud of this.

Empower talent
We provide opportunities for those who seek them. We believe that it is our responsibility to challenge ourselves and those around us so that we can grow together as a community.


We believe that TAIKWUNERS’ health and well-being are key to our institution’s success. We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and are dedicated to enhancing overall people engagement through a wide range of activations.

Recognising the importance of promoting health consciousness and employee wellness, we organise a wide range of activities throughout the year, including singing bowl meditation classes, health talks, massage sessions, staff movie screenings and various festive celebrations. Additionally, we offer our staff access to professional counselling service should they require support for their mental well-being.

To further promote a healthy lifestyle among TAIKWUNERS, we regularly distribute up-to-date health information, while our well-stocked pantries ensure that snacks and fresh fruits are readily available for all to enjoy.

Training & Development

At Tai Kwun, the growth and development of TAIKWUNERS is a key priority. Everyone is nurtured to become an expert in their field. We are committed to providing a variety of training and development programmes for TAIKWUNERS, and pride ourselves in having an inquisitive and teamwork-centric work culture.

As members of an art and culture institution, TAIKWUNERS are provided access to exclusive documentary screenings and previews to exhibitions and performing events guided by our own expert docents and curators, who engage with our staff to enhance their understanding and appreciation of contemporary art, performing arts and heritage programming. We also provide induction programme for new hires to help them get familiarised with Tai Kwun’s work culture and mission.

To empower TAIKWUNERS to keep up with the evolving skillsets needed to perform their job effectively, we offer various skills-based training as well as soft skills trainings to TAIKWUNERS across different levels. These learning activities help TAIKWUNERS develop the interpersonal and leadership skills necessary to grow in their roles. In addition, our programmes include in-house training, compliance e-learning videos, and training sponsorships for TAIKWUNERS who attend external job-related courses. Through interdepartmental workshops, we encourage TAIKWUNERS to contribute pro-actively to cross-departmental projects and objectives that enhance Tai Kwun’s experience and offerings for the public.

Tai Kwun also offers training opportunities through our internship, management trainee and participates in the HKJC PROcruit C programme for recruiting fresh graduates. These programmes support graduates’ school to workplace transition. preparing them for future work readiness, kickstarting their self-discovery journeys, and eventually actualising their career goals while creating social value for the community.

In the Tai Kwun family, we believe in empowering TAIKWUNERS to achieve their full potential.