SPOTLIGHT: A Season of Performing Arts

Retry Login


Retry Login

Dormitory Town

SPOTLIGHT: A Season of Performing Arts 2024

Memory Trace of Western Chamber

Tai Kwun Conversations: Tsai Ming Liang's Where

The Monk from Tang Dynasty

Date & Time

13 - 28 Apr, 2024 13-14, 20-21, 27-28.04.2024 12pm – 2:15pm & 4:30 – 6:45pm
15-18, 22-25.04.2024 7pm – 9:15pm




$320 (bundle with Labyss)


Are conversations with a “real” person significant to you? Would you share a more authentic and intimate narrative with a digital being? Artificial Intelligence or chatbots are, if not already, poised to become our everyday companions and confidants. The future awaits where we might transition into one of them when our digital footprints serve as the blueprint for a virtual chat model.

These ideas are fully explored in the interactive installation Retry Login in which the audience is engaged in conversations with possibly other sentient beings or machine intelligence during a 45-minute session. Seated in an individually enclosed space, participants may choose to know the identity at the other end of the conversation eventually. With this fluidity and uncertainty, humanity is perceived in a different light as participants explore the ever-shifting notions of identity, self-awareness, choices, and making connections in this technological era.

Retry Login, part of the double bill with Labyss, is an innovative participatory theatre project helmed by transdisciplinary artist and curator Lo Wan Ki. To accommodate different audiences, performances in both Cantonese and English are available.

Retry Login and Labyss are presented as a double bill performance. Audience memebrs will experience the two works one after another. To accommodate different audiences, performances in both Cantonese and English are available.

Cantonese version

13-14, 20-21, 27-28.04.2024 (Sat-Sun) 12pm – 2:15pm

15-18, 22-25.04.2024 (Mon-Thu) 7pm – 9:15pm

English version

13-14, 20-21, 27-28.04.2024 (Sat-Sun) 4:30pm – 6:45pm


  • Duration: approximately 45 minutes
  • This programme is offered in Cantonese or English versions with no surtitles
  • Recommended for ages 10 and above
  • Audience is advised to arrive 15 mins before the show starts; no latecomers will be admitted
  • Programmes are subject to change without prior notice. Tai Kwun reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the arrangements

Creative and Production Team

Concept, Text & Spatial Design: Wiki Lo
Deputy Spatial Design: Sam Chan
Programme Design: Erik Joeng
Producer: Jamie Wu Ka Yan
Technical Manager: Leung Tat-ming
Music and Sound Design: Char Leung



Tickets | $320 (bundle with Labyss)

Tickets available at from 6 March 

Patrons may enjoy one of the below discount schemes for each purchase where applicable, available on a first-come-first-served basis for designated shows:

- 40% off for senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and their minders and full-time students

SPOTLIGHT: A Season of Performing Arts 2024 Package:

- 5% off upon single purchase of standard ticket from 2 different shows

- 10% off upon single purchase of standard ticket from 3 different shows

- 15% off upon single purchase of standard ticket from 4 different shows

- 20% off upon single purchase of standard ticket from 5 different shows

* When using package ticket, the Double-Billed "Labyss & Retry Login" is counted as one programme.


Wiki Lo
Sam Chan
Erik Joeng
Jamie Wu
Leung Tat-ming
Char Leung

Concept, Text & Spatial Design

an independent transdisciplinary artist and curator based in Hong Kong. She is currently lecturer of the Art and Design Department, the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong. Trained in architecture (HKU), theatre set design (Yale) and creative media (CityU), her creative work as well as curatorial practice is always with unique spatial strategies in response to the site’s cultural and social context. For years, Wiki has been focused on creating unique theatrical experiences for audiences to participate and reflect on their own conditions, they include School of the Time, Steps, Dear Babies and Retry Login.

Deputy Spatial Design

Sam is a Hong Kong-based Architect with CUHK’s Master in architecture and a tutor of Spatial Studies in the HKICC School of Creativity. Emphasizing the interaction between human and everyday spaces and objects, his works include Peddling Table (2018), Sau Wa Fong Community Farm (2021), deTour 2021 exhibit FM108, to… (2021, finalist in the 28th ifva Festival), and collaborated with three overseas exhibitors in UABB 2022. Recently, he co-curated Art-is-land: Young Teaching Artist Training Programme as a member of Douchai Arts.

Programme Design

Erik is a creative coder & technologist. His specialties are related to front-end UI/UX design and implementations. He helps companies to design and develop both internal and public systems. Erik also works at combining traditional mediums with emerging technologies and utilizes technologies to create immersive experiences. Integrating a range of systems into customized and utilized one is also his expertise. He also focuses on creative technologies. The fields of his working experiences including encompass art, digital media, and technical pipeline development. He offers products and services made with a software-based, electronic, and/or data-driven engine.


A producer / project manager works with various artists, arts and cultural organizations across multi-art forms, locally and internationally, including Enoch Cheng, Gaybird Leung, Wiki Lo, SingFest, Hong Kong Dance Alliance, 2022 Hong Kong Bienanale of Urbanism\Architecture, Hong Kong Association of Theatre Technicians and Scenographers Company and so on. She is also the Company Manager and Producer of Theatre du Pif. In 2017, she worked as an Assistant Producer for Adelaide Festival Centre's OzAsia Festival in Australia. Jamie has been a delegate for several international performing arts markets and was selected to participate in the Global Cultural Leadership Programme 2018 and Producer Academy 2017. She also received the 2017 Fellowship of the International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA).

Technical Manager

Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies from Lingnan University, Leung Tat-ming was theatre technician for ZOO Venues in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015. Productions Leung participated in include being stage manager for Best Wishes, Waking Dreams (re-run in 2020) and Tit Hong Lane by On & On Theatre Workshop, Death on a Road Trip and Never Ending Hong Kong in London by Windmill Grass Theatre, Touching Light 2 (re-run), Little Pigs Little Duck Little Riding Hood, Chirping, and Solomon and the Big Cat (re-run) by Pop Theatre, When Lonely Meets Lucky and Stardust Alley by Free-To-Play; and being production manager for Prometheus Bound, Book of Lost Words  by On & On Theatre Workshop, production by Paperback Sketch, Carry On by Fieldworks in 2020, and HKartsFestival@TaiKwun in 2021, 2023, and 2024.

Music and Sound Design

Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA), majoring in Sound Design, Leung recent design works include Cost of Living by Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies; When Lonely Meets Lucky and Stardust Alley by Free-To-Play; The Damn Technology co-presented by Chung Ying Theatre and HKAPA; The Seagull, Le Malentendu, What the Butler Saw, Meal Ticket 2.0, and Meal Ticket 3.0 by HKAPA; Reflector: OS1 by Theatre Ronin; Can't pay? Won't pay! by Community Theatre; Forget by Theatrideo; Dig Your Own House by Ken Yip x DollLeLe; The Invincible Light of Hong Kong by AddOil Workshop; independent theatre work Sing Sang Sung, and other shows by Jam Island Theatre, Kwuntong Theatre, and the exhibition The Invalid Evidence of Love.

Aside from design work, Leung has also been involved in different roles, including being a producer for Meal Ticket 2.0 by HKAPA, a live broadcast and recording engineer for Sunset Concert 2017, a composer for the short film by The Boys' & Girls' Association of Hong Kong, and a live musician in various productions.

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