Courtroom Theatre

Courtroom Theatre

The courtroom of the former Central Magistracy is turned into an immersive theatre for students to re-enact historic court cases. Through roleplay and discussion, this inquiry-based activity allows students to ask important questions and acquire critical thinking and communication skills.

Students will learn about Hong Kong in the early 20th century and reflect on the social problems arising from poverty. The programme is based on court cases that took place at the former Central Magistracy. It allows students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the society at the time, including those were unfree, powerless, and endured inequality, as well as those who sought avenues of change.

After reviewing the social and historical context, students will then be aware of the present. Through creative activities, they will reflect on their roles and responsibilities as an individual in the current society. The programme invites reflection on how far Hong Kong have moved forward towards poverty alleviation. It further explores how every individual has the power to bring positive change and build a better society. It is hoped that everyone enjoys equal rights and promotes sustainable development together. Centre on Behavioral Health of The University of Hong Kong is the programme partner.

Two themes are available for upper primary to secondary school students.

Courtroom Theatre I:Child Hawker(P.5 to P.6 and F.1 to F.2)
From the 1930s to 1950s, many children in poverty would dash through streets and alleys to sell newspaper and even causing traffic accidents. This programme is based on a court case in 1933. Topics include child labour and the importance of free education in poverty alleviation.

Courtroom Theatre II:Bondservant(F.3 to F.6)
In the early days of Hong Kong, human trafficking and the abduction of women and children were still prevalent. Girls in poverty would be sold to other families as bondservants (“Mui Tsai”). Although food and shelter were provided to the girls, it did not protect them from the dangers of domestic violence and child slavery. This programme is based on a court case related to a young girl. It further discusses the changes of social concepts, systems, and laws that gradually strengthen the protection of children’s rights and gender equality.

  • Courtroom Theatre is full in the 2023/24 school year (till 30 Jun, 2024).
  • Welcome to enroll in the 2024/25 school year (starting from 1 Jul, 2024) now. Adjustment will be made on the programme fee.
  • Time: Every Tue 10am–12:30pm / 2pm–4:30pm (Except on public holidays)
  • The programme fee charged is based on the number of hours: HK$4,800/2.5 hours.
  • This activity is conducted in Cantonese only.

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