Performing Arts

Performing Arts at Tai Kwun

By transforming the historic site into a unique performance venue, Tai Kwun presents the local arts scene with signature programmes—distinctive, innovative, and inspiring works and activities. Across a range of performing arts, Tai Kwun strives to expand audiences and push for the accessibility of the arts, all the while fostering exchange and collaboration across different fields of artistic endeavour. Tai Kwun provides training, opportunities and exposure for local artists, thereby improving local artistic practice.

Regular Programmes

Tai Kwun is located at the heart of Central, Hong Kong. Not only do we aim to cultivate people's appreciation of performing arts, we also aim to encourage their engagement in performing arts in their daily lives. We believe that participation is the most effective way to experience art.

Our regular performing arts programmes include:

  • Afternoon Series
  • Saturday Music at Laundry Steps
  • Sunday Movie Steps
  • Weekend Special Programmes

Seasonal Signature

As Hong Kong's centre for heritage and arts, Tai Kwun aims to cultivate people's appreciation of performing arts and to create opportunities for professionals to present and engage in exchange. Furthering our collaboration with local and Asian creative talents we worked with over the past two years, we have designed a diverse performing arts season in 2020/21, with programmes including:

  • Tai Kwun Performing Arts Season (Sep 2020)
  • Circus Plays (late-Dec 2020 to early-Jan 2021)
  • Outdoor Special (on special occasion)



We are always looking out for great ideas and performances, as well as new possibilities and forms of collaboration. As a special site where works can be showcased, Tai Kwun is always open for collaboration.