Heritage at Tai Kwun

Tai Kwun immerses visitors in the rich heritage of the historic Central Police Station compound. More than 170 years of history will unfold through interactive tours, heritage storytelling spaces, diverse education programmes and thematic heritage and community exhibitions.

The Heritage Department of Tai Kwun aims to inform visitors about the past and to inspire them about the present and the future. As a celebration of Hong Kong culture and identity, the heritage offerings and educational programmes are for all demographics. There will be tours around the historic Central Police Station compound—the former Central Police Station, Central Magistracy and Victoria Prison—a one-stop approach for law and order. The interactive and immersive experience will entice visitors to come back for more.

Heritage Storytelling

Visitors explore this site with over 170 years of history through heritage interpretation. Heritage is not merely architecture and artefacts but also people and their stories. Our approach to site-wide heritage interpretation is oriented towards people’s lives and storytelling throughout the site, while our research brings in historical materials, as well as oral history by engaging ex-officers who worked in the compound.

The heritage offerings include eight designated heritage storytelling spaces and they are supported by storytelling also at stairways and corridors. The site-wide storytelling also features location-specific stories named Tai Kwun Tales and Building History. Visitors can join our daily Tai Kwun Guided Tours to get themselves familiarised with the site or they can make use of our leaflets and Tai Kwun App to embark a self-guided thematic journey around. Regardless of your level of interest in history and heritage, Tai Kwun will offer heritage experiences for all.

Heritage Education

Tai Kwun provides a wide range of heritage education programmes which encourage audiences of all ages to discover and learn to appreciate history and heritage through an immersive learning experience.

The highlighted heritage education programmes, which cater to students of varying ages, offer children and youth a chance to participate in treasuring cultural heritage. By understanding such social values and by building self-confidence, students will be able to realise the aim of whole-person development and develop their lifelong learning skills.

Tai Kwun will also offer workshops every fortnight to celebrate the rich heritage of the Central Police Station compound through immersive exercises and handmade crafts.

Heritage and Community Programmes

Tai Kwun is the starting point from which visitors can understand our culture, history, and community. With large-scale programmes and exhibitions that embrace our community, our culture and our city, Tai Kwun collaborates with community and cultural groups in its programming and exhibitions.