Maria Hassabi: I'll Be Your Mirror

Maria Hassabi: I’ll Be Your Mirror

Maria Hassabi: I’ll Be Your Mirror

Artist-led Workshop for Dance Professionals

Tai Kwun Conversations: I’ll Be Your Mirror — A Dialogue between Maria Hassabi and Xue Tan

Date & Time

13 Oct - 26 Nov, 2023 11:00am – 7:00pm
Closed on Mondays


3/F JC Contemporary


Free of charge


Curated by Xue Tan, with Louiza Ho

Dancers: Marah Arcilla, Elena Antoniou, Sylvie Cox, Li De, Maria Hassabi, Adam Russell Jones, Mickey Mahar, Tasos Nikas, Yuma Sylla, Sara Tan, Solong Zhang

Architectural Study: Maria Maneta, Maria Hassabi

Sound design: Stavros Gasparatos, Maria Hassabi

Clothing design: Victoria Bartlett, Venia Polyhronaki 

The artist and choreographer Maria Hassabi (b. Cyprus) has long pioneered live installations that explore the sculptural body, image-making, and the deceleration of time. Frequently involving dancers moving at a glacial, barely perceptible pace, Hassabi’s works confront visitors as living sculptures. Her works bring the performing body into museums, theatres, and public spaces, which shift the boundaries between visitors and performers, subjects and objects.

Maria Hassabi: I’ll Be Your Mirror is the artist’s first solo exhibition in Asia. Comprising elements of performance, sound, photography and painting, the exhibition brings her pathbreaking practice to Hong Kong, with all works newly commissioned for Tai Kwun's architectural environment. The central body of work on 3/F gravitates around the production of image through the usage of mirrors dressed in gold, playing with the myriad meanings and representations of gold in ancient and contemporary myths—as a colour in divination, as a symbolic representation of capitalism, or even a kitsch sample from pop culture. The paradox between the immutability of gold and the shifting perceptions of its representation echoes the tensions in Hassabi’s practice—between subjects and objects, dance and sculpture, the live body and still images, the spectacular and the everyday.

The artist will be present in the exhibition for the first half of the exhibition period. A conversation with the artist will also take place in October; please stay tuned for further details.

Maria Hassabi: I’ll Be Your Mirror Exhibition
Maria Hassabi: I’ll Be Your Mirror Guided Tour

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Visitor Info

Due to the reflective flooring in parts of the exhibition, visitors who may be concerned about unwanted exposure should dress accordingly.
Note that no professional cameras, flash, or tripods are permitted in the exhibition. However, the artist welcomes the audience to take photos with their smartphones.

Artist Bio

Maria Hassabi

Since the early 2000s Maria Hassabi (b. Cyprus) has carved a unique artistic practice based on the relationship between the live body, the still image, and the sculptural object. Her works reflect on concepts of time and the human figure, while employing a variety of media to emphasise the complexity of formal organisation. In most of Hassabi's works the performing body is the main subject, often embedded within imposing installations. Through meticulously crafting her material—every action, even the gaze, is subject to counts and cues—a constant negotiation between the body's relation to gravity, time and space, reveals the physical side effects of labour, anchoring both dancers' and viewers' awareness to the present moment. Her works are always in dialogue with a site's unique architecture, while conventions and hierarchies common to theatres, museums, and public spaces are taken into consideration. Her sculptures, photography and video works use her live performances as a point of departure, while the use of technology is employed to override the limitations that occur within the format of liveness and realness.

Maria Hassabi has had numerous solo exhibitions and presentations in art institutions and performance spaces around the world, including LUMA Arles; Centre Pompidou, Paris; Museum of Modern Art, New York; Hammer Museum, Los Angeles. Her works have also been featured in group exhibitions and festivals such as at FRONT Triennial, Cleveland; Performa, New York; documenta14, Kassel; and the 55th Venice Biennale.