Green Snake: women-centred ecologies

Family Day at Tai Kwun Contemporary

Green Snake: women-centred ecologies

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Family Day at Tai Kwun Contemporary

Date & Time

21 Jan - 10 Mar, 2024


JC Contemporary, F Hall Studio and Prison Yard


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Welcome to Tai Kwun Contemporary’s Family Day! Inspired by the artworks in the exhibition Green Snake: women-centred ecologies, this workshop explores the possibilities for different kinds of ecological relationships, demonstrating the importance of human relationships with each other and with nature.

In the natural world, whoever does the work or takes on the role of the caregiver in a family is not limited by concepts of gender. Everyone in the family has individual duties and performs a variety of tasks. In present-day human societies and families, however, gender roles often create a set of rigid expectations and norms. This artist-led workshop invites parents and children to discuss the different roles within a family by using recycled wood to create small toys that associate each child’s special qualities with the unique sounds of an animal. Participating families will create their own distinctive rhythms and sounds, allowing them to build bridges of communication and connect with one another.

This artist-led programme welcomes any child aged five or older to participate, accompanied by a parent/guardian.

This series of family workshops is presented by Tai Kwun Contemporary in collaboration with MUDWORK.

Workshops will be conducted in Cantonese.

Ticketing information: $80 per Family Pair (one adult with one child) for each timeslot

Please register and pay in advance online.

Artist Bio


MUDWORK, an art and design studio founded by artists Chung Wai Ian and Ng Ka Chun in 2013, uses sculpture and installation to explore the contemporary state of urban space, community, and nature. In recent years, they have participated in several public and community art projects, including Art in MTR, Hi! Hill, and M+ Rover. Their work Cement Ping Pong Table was selected as part of the 2015 Public Art Scheme by the Project of Art Promotion Office.