On the hill coffee bar

On the hill coffee bar

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Mon - Sun|9:30am-6:30pm


Shop 15-G/F



In the urban city of Hong Kong, we all have a wish and need for an intermission, a breather in the nature, which is what ON THE HILL existed for. We are bringing this green oasis to Tai Kwun today.

The inspiration of the design is to break the barrier of indoor and outdoor. Tai Kwun is an historic site and cultural relic, it is our first priority to maintain the historic element, yet it is the best opportunity for us to create a cave of escape in the concrete forest.

A long bar table with a reflective gradient green glass, reflecting a slight different in every different angel, mimicking the ever changing natural light infiltrating into the cave, experiencing the change of nature, weather, seasons, creating a new artistic atmosphere with the flow of coffee.

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Tai Kwun 6th Anniversary - Tenant Offers

Coffee Shochu Highball 

This highball is made by our roasted coffee beans and fermented in Japan Miyazaki wheat shochu for 90 days. This shochu named One Hundred Years of Solitude which is aged in wood barrels is made by a 100-year-old traditional method. It is clearly influenced by Japan's tradition of whisky making and many who have tasted it say it has a whiskyish taste and gives it a complete unique silky texture and depth of flavor.

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