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a parallel store

Shop 03-103

“When two thoughts extend in the same direction”. With the passion for art, travel and fashion, “a parallel store” is a novel retail concept fused with unique & personable experiences by two founders. In the space of “a parallel store”, you can find an exquisite mix of clothing & accessories for men’s & women’s; from daily objects to avant-garde designs. Labels are carefully curated from homegrown designers or emerging international designers.


Shop 02-1/F

Aaharn is a world-class exploration of Thai cuisine by internationally celebrated chef David Thompson.

Bar at Armoury

Shop 02-G/F

An all-day terrace serving coffee, premium tea, wine by the glass, innovative cocktails, draught beer and Thai snacks, overlooking Tai Kwun’s historic open-air Parade Ground.

Behind Bars

Shop 15-G/F

Behind Bars is a place for people and not bound by age or interest. Found within a series of former interlinked jail cells within E-Hall, it is both literally and figuratively a space to connect with others. Open from 4pm, Behind Bars is a location for many occasions - be it an afternoon coffee enjoyed in the Prison Yard, a pre dinner cocktail or glass of champagne with friends.


Shop 03-204A

Bonart’s botanical art experience shop provides a new hub for both local and foreigners to enjoy terrarium-making experience and precious moments with family and friends. There are different types of ready-made terrariums, greenery products and workshops at our concept store. All are welcomed to come and learn how to integrate green plants and art into daily life and enjoy the atmosphere of “Good art. Good life”.

Café Claudel

Shop 01-G08

Showcasing the charm of Parisian café in 1930s, Café Claudel is a social and culinary hub for guests who are longing for classic French food and authentic Parisian lifestyle. With the quintessential terrace and cozy ambiance, this is the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy a casual rendez-vous.


Shop 10&13-101

CARFT is a word derived from combining “Art” and “Craft”. We are an innovative retailer specialising in beautiful and functional objects for your home. We have amazing brands selected from all over the world. Through our products and services, we love to inspire you with new ideas and give you the very best solutions to solve your problems.


Shop 10&13-G03

CARFT is honoured to have Princess Traveller in Tai Kwun. With high praise for its high-quality travel products, Princess Traveller is a Dutch brand producing exceptionally strong and super-light suitcasesw with innovative functions. Perfect for both business and pleasure trips. “Travel like a royal!” is the core concept of Princess Traveller. We want everyone to travel with a smile, without a care in the world.


Shop 10&13-G01

Dragonfly represents a small boutique bespoke cocktail lounge based on a late 19th century art nuoveau style, created by masterful designer, Ashley Sutton. Focus is on quiet soft-mood lounge music and aromas from the cocktail creations from the centre bar that will waft through the establishment. Occasional entertainment will be arranged for guests together with master classes and tastings.

Dukling Shop

Shop 01-LG203

DUKLING - a name of an authentic antique boat in Hong Kong. It was built in 1955 and being a fishermen home for over 20 years. In 1970's, this boat own by a French guy and being transfer to a UK business man in 1980's. Previous, the


Shop 03-204B

GLUE & GOODS is a store run by two local individual designers - GLUE Associates and Bathe to Basics. There are gift ideas, home decor goods, slow fashion items and eco body care products which are made in a small quantity in Hong Kong.


Shop 10&13-G02

The owner Becky was setting up her online florist - Hahahaflorist in August 2013.And open up her first retail shop in April 2016.The motto of her florist is “flower makes you smile”, as she wishes to bring joy to everyone that receives flowers from her florist.


Shop 03-205B

Contemporary apparel and accessories for urban men and women by the multi-award winning HARRISON WONG. The fashions have an edgy, aggressive design and understated elegance. Apparel from Wong’s latest runway shows and collections are highest quality yet affordable proving fine design and taste do no dictate the price tag.


Shop 14-G01

hc:Bistro is the thirteenth catering social enterprise project undertaken by the Hong Chi Association since 1999, where we provide training and a safe working environment for people with intellectual disabilities.  Interweaving elegant and light gourmet dishes with an artistic ambience, hc:Bistro offers a casual and comfortable venue providing a unique chance to experience the architectural setting of a colonial prison building. 


Shop 03-102

A door that opens up to contemporary apparel, jewelries and lifestyle designs for men and women. Selected and initiated by Blind by JW. Selections of the best unique craftsmanship with personality of Hong Kong local designs.

LockCha Tea House

Shop 01-G07

Aimed at reviving the traditional canton-style teahouses, LockCha Tea House provides not only a selection of more than a hundred teas but also vegetarian dim sum that are made fresh daily. In essence, the LockCha Tea House is a perfect place to relax during breakfast, lunch, after work, dinner, or just anytime.

LockCha Tea Shop

Shop 01-G06

LockCha is acclaimed to create peaceful sanctuaries to break away from the bustling city life. We connect tea appreciation with inner fulfilment by compassionately integrating the art of tea serving, personal wellness and contemporary life for all to enjoy.


Shop 03-202

Lottusse is the heritage leather brand born in 1877 in Mallorca, Spain. Craftsmanship and Passion over 140 years show the art of treating fine leathers. Shoes, Bags, Accessories and Leather garments.


Shop 03-104

We make contemporary ceramics that are functional, fun and affordable. We want to bring you the modern ways of using it, to eat, cook and drink from it.

Madame Fu - Grand Café Chinois

Shop 03-3/F

Madame Fu is Tai Kwun’s fabulous new Chinese fine dining restaurant, bar and café surrounded by stunning art filled lounges.  This beautiful colonial setting brings back the experience and atmosphere of the European Grand Cafes, while serving contemporary Cantonese cuisine.  Madame Fu reflects the elegance of a bygone era.  We offer a menu of local favorites including Dim-Sum, signature Chinese à la carte dishes, afternoon teas and western desserts.

MaoMao Eat

Shop 03-G08

“MaoMao Eat” provides local delicacies of Hong Kong. The warm interior decoration features mainly aquamarine tiles and furniture, complementing the woodwork furniture, to create a young and energetic yet warm and welcoming ambience.


Shop 03 -101

No Brand No Name offers cutting edge designer sunglasses and leather handbag at unexpected prices. The secret is fashionable design without the expensive designer logo.

Old Bailey

Shop 20-2/F

With “Jiang” being the Chinese word for the Yangtze River and “nan” meaning south, the Jiangnan region encapsulates the varied cities of Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuxi, Yangzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou and others lying south of the river.  Aptly housed within Tai Kwun, Hong Kong’s new heritage centre for the arts, Old Bailey pays homage and home to the culinary traditions of Jiangnan - a region long credited with nurturing creative communities that came to exist through a discourse of grounded hospitality.

Phoenix Sweets

Shop 03-205A

Phoenix Sweets is a bespoke cake brand based in Hong Kong. Founded by Ms Phoenix HUI as an online artisan confectionery store, we are passionate on creating made-to-order cakes and baked confectioneries for wedding, business event, celebration and all memorable occasions.


Shop 01-1/F

Positioned with intent, Statement is located in the West wing of the Police Headquarters' Building. Its namesake comes from the process of reporting a crime and giving a statement to the police, which was a frequent occurrence at this site in the 1900s.

Sushi Zo & Gishiki Lounge

Shop 01-LG103

Two exquisite Japanese concepts, Sushi Zo and its adjacent sister cocktail lounge, Gishiki Lounge, have finally opened in Block 1, Tai Kwun. World famous Japanese chef and Sushi Zo founder, Keizo Seki, brings his esteemed and Michelin awarded omakase restaurant to the lower ground floor of the newly renovated historical Police Headquarters building. Gishiki Lounge - meaning ‘ritual’ in Japanese – Gishiki Lounge is a first of its kind, an otherworldly cocktail lounge representing a mischievous


Shop 01-G02

TASCHEN is a leading art-book publisher known for its dazzling and audacious world of eye-catching coffee table books spanning architecture, aphrodisia, art, design, fashion, photography, pop culture, style, and travel. Working closely alongside acclaimed creative partners.

The Chinese Library

Shop 01-1/F

Hong Kong’s favourite Chinese dishes served in colonial elegance on the top floor of the old Police Headquarters. Hong Kong became a magnet for mainland Chinese migrants during the civil war; a mass wave of immigration between 1945-1951 brought with it a huge influence of regional cuisines from areas such as Guangdong, Chiu Chow to Sichuan and Shanghai.

The Dispensary

Shop 01-1/F

The two restaurants, Statement and The Chinese Library, reflect the unique East-West heritage of Hong Kong with a stunning bar at its heart – The Dispensary. Occupying a prime location on the first floor of the historic Police Headquarters Block, the former Police Officers’ Mess.

Touch Ceramics

Shop 03-203

Touch Ceramics is the Hong Kong's complete venue for appreciating and experiencing handmade ceramics and porcelains. We will inspire our visitors through the appreciation of exquisite ceramic works, and provide personal reconnection with a skill and art form that is lost in today's society.

Van Gogh SENSES Gifts

Shop 01-G03

Designed to be more than just a place to shop, Van Gogh SENSES Gifts is where customers can experience the art of “gifting” and create special gift combos inspired by some of Van Gogh’s famous paintings for their loved ones.


Shop 01-G04

Vivienne Tam is an international designer known for her culture-bridging, east-meets-west approach to design as well as pioneering global collaborations marrying fashion with technology. She authored award winning book “China Chic” and her collections are housed in the permanent archives of world’s prestigious museums including Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET).

Yuen's Tailor

Shop 03-207

Bespoke tailor with 40+ years of experience. For 17 years before the Handover in 1997, we were the tailoring shop stationed within Stanley Barrack, providing tailoring services for the garrisoning British regiments. On top of formal and business wears, our specialties include tartan kilt and reproduction of historic military uniforms.