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In Tai Kwun’s Projekt Berlin held in 2019, WENU had been invited for creating a large-scale street art project - Berlin Impression at Parade Ground. Inspired by the graffiti art on the Berlin Wall, the work has also elements of Tai Kwun and Hong Kong incorporate.

In collaboration with WENU, Tai Kwun Store presents a series of art merchandises, including postcards and poster etc. Grab the opportunity to bring the unique culture of Berlin street art home.

“WENU@Tai Kwun Projekt Berlin” Poster│$180

Size: 30''x13''

WENU Postcard│$20

Size: 148mm x105mm

“WENU@Tai Kwun Projekt Berlin” Postcard│$20

Size: 148mm x105mm
Size: 200mm x87mm

About WENU

WENU, meaning We & You, is founded by four urban artists from Hong Kong and Berlin, in 2013. The concept of WENU is about painting and creating things not just for “WE” but also “U”. WENU seeks for crazy ideas, originality, uniqueness and beauty, meanwhile, tries to shape the cities better through their art.

Tai Kwun Store x Local Illustrators - Draw Your Christmas
21 Dec 2019 – 5 Jan 2020

This festive season, "Tai Kwun Moon Light" transforms into an unique Christmas Glitter art piece.

With the theme of “Tai Kwun Christmas Glitter”, Tai Kwun Store has invited 8 local artists to draw on the Moon Lights, presenting a Sparkling Christmas aglow with 8 different styles.

We hope to inspire our guests in creating their own Christmas Glitter—painting their wishes and hopes for the future.

"Tai Kwun Moon Light" is available at Tai Kwun Store
All artworks can be found on social media with #TaiKwunChristmasGlitters hashtag.

Illustrator │ Brainrental
Brainrental-Lab is a creative trio based in Hong Kong, founded in 2012. Inspired by the absurdities in modern metropolitan life, Brainrental transfuses uncanny perceptions into their experiments and creations. From two-dimensional illustrations to three-dimensional installations and tangible objects, the trio substantiates their thoughts through humour and irony, hoping to fuel curiosity and ignite minds.

Illustrator │ Curry Cheung 
A male illustrator with a pink heart.
My name is Curry which taught me it can be spicy or sweet. Well, I would call my drawing Japanese sweet curry.

Illustrator │ Darcy Wong
Modern Art Studio started at 2012 and was founded by Darcy Wong. As a designer who has worked in an advertising agency, she loves making things creative. Art can sharpen our lives and be infused in our society.

Illustrator │ Dylis Ching
Dylis Ching studied Graphic Design and graduated from Winchester School of Art. After her studies, she began to work as a designer until she developed Chingpaper. Dylis mostly paints with coloured pencils because she loves its grunge stroke effects.

Illustrator │ Jasontommy Illustration
Jasontommy Illustration is a creative brand engaged in graphic design, mural design and illustration.
Doodling is the major medium of Jasontommy’s work. He uses markers to create a magical world with exquisite details.
Jasontommy has done various illustrations and commissioned projects with McDonald's, Hong Kong Art Centre, MCM, etc.

Illustrator │ Nerdka Foodie
Nerdka is a foodie from somewhere outside the Earth, stranded here to taste all the cuisines around the world. To know more about Nerdka, please visit the Instagram: Nerdka_Foodie.

Illustrator │ Rex Koo
Rex Koo is a graphic artist based in Hong Kong. He has devoted himself to graphic design and illustration with strong experiences in pop culture for more than a decade.
In 2013, Rex started to create his own art—a series of portraits created by geometry and grid named "Simple People". Apart from Simple People, Rex has illustrated numerous drawings about Hong Kong movies since 2012 and already has published three books with the same topic.

Illustrator │ Venus Philosophy
Graduated from a visual communication programme, Venus loves to create her works through illustration and clay. Recently, she has been focusing on the three primary colours of red, yellow and blue for her series. She has also published a zine on self-help, encouraging readers to take good care of their hearts and accompanying them through the journey of healing.

*Artists listed in alphabetical order

Tai Kwun Moon Light │$100


Tai Kwun Contemporary showcased the MURAKAMI vs MURAKAMI exhibition in 2019, along with a pop-up store, talks and signing sessions, attracting over 100,000 visitors. Tai Kwun Store has selected more than 20 pieces of art merchandise from Takashi Murakami. Let’s bring creativity home!

Flower Cushion (Rainbow & Yellow)
©Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Flower Cushion (Yellow & White)
©Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Mini Plush (Kaikai / Kiki)
©Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

©Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Flower Cushion (Pure Green)
©Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Flower Cushion (Blue & Black)
©Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

The “moon” is the theme, with four local artists commissioned by the Tai Kwun Store in collaboration with Tai Kwun Contemporary: Chow Chun Fai, Ho Sin Tung, Onion Peterman and Pak Sheung Chuen. The four artists created four moon-themed round mats, with its water and heat-proof bottom and a soft top surface, has a diameter of 1.5m—great for 4-5 people enjoying a picnic. Just roll it up and carry on your shoulder. The mat is portable enough to be used on outings anytime—a functional and artistic piece now available at the store!

Taxi to the Moon (Artist │ Chow Chun Fai)│$320

With anamorphosis—a distorted perspective—the audience will see a recognizable image from a specific vantage point.

You may take a perfect photo of the taxi at a distance of 4 meters away from this mat.

Nocturnal Animals (Artist │ Ho Sin Tung)│$320

Creatures moving about in the night, scampering in silence, their round eyes wide open.

Underground Moon (Artist │ Onion Peterman)│$320

In this city full of bright lights, we don’t often get to see the clear starry skies. So I dug a hole and planted the moon in the ground.

Sacred-Object (CAAR4-16#DJ): Judge's-Wig (Artist │ Pak Sheung Chuen)│$320

Since 2015, Pak Sheung Chuen has been intensely involved in creating artistic sketches of law and jurisprudence in Hong Kong.

The reoccurring spectral pattern in this image is inspired by Hong Kong materiality, spirituality and culture. Thus he hopes to illuminate new ideas about the city of Hong Kong for the Tai Kwun Mid-Autumn Festival gathering.

Tai Kwun’s Public Art Collection

Tai Kwun Contemporary has commissioned five local and international artists to create public artworks for Tai Kwun. Inspired by these the Tai Kwun store offers some limited collectible items. Bring them home now!

The Japanese artist Izumi Kato (b.1969) depicts human-like creatures that probe real or imagined sources of life. Available for the first time—exclusively for Tai Kwun—as a transparent coloured figurine, this vinyl doll references Kato’s iconic and limited "soft vinyl figurine" series which he began in 2010 and further contributed to his signature soft vinyl sculptures. The figurines refer to Kato’s ongoing experiments with materiality as a volatile element. Their significance lies in their pulsating yet contemplative existence, which subtly evolves beyond process and creation to attain a spirit of their own.