WuDaoQingNian 2019 – Podium Dance Performance

WuDaoQingNian 2019 – Podium Dance Performance

Date & Time

12 Jan 2020 (11.01 Open Rehearsal) 4pm ; (12.01) 11:30am & 3pm


Parade Ground


Free of charge


City Contemporary Dance Company

After professional training and intensive rehearsals, 24 young dancers from different districts go beyond the theatre to perform in wide open spaces for the public. Revealing various visions of today’s modern dance, WuDaoQingNian hopes to introduce the charm of dance to the community and reflect the artistic concept of “From the mass, for the mass.”

Ronly Kong, Melissa Leung, Noel Pong, Tsang Wing-fai

WDQN 2019 Members
Kobe Cheung, Choi Kwan-yee, Felix Chun *, Janice Ho, Elaine Lam, Sophia Lam, Lau Yin, Ailsa Li, Herman Lui *, Kelly Man, Mo Yung Sin-yi, Senses Ng, Meki Shum, Sun Wing-sze, Wendy Tang, To Chun-yiu, Tsoi Ka-king *, Wong Hei-yiu, Wong Sin-ki, Wong Sze-ki, Wong Sze-wing *, Minnie Yau, Sandy Yip, Clarice Yu

* By kind permission of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

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Ronly Kong
Being a dancer with the University of Utah's Performing Dance Company from 1989 to 1992, she received the Orchesis Award for Outstanding Performance in 1990. From 1994 to 1996, she danced with City Contemporary Dance Company.

Kong has been the artistic coordinator and choreographer of Young Sky and WuDaoQingNian. Kong graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 1989. After that, she received the Hong Kong Jockey Club Music Fund Scholarship (1989-1992), B. F. A. magna cum laude in modern dance from the University of Utah in the United States (1992), PIP School Certificate in Performing Arts (2006-2008) and Philippe Gaulier Master Workshop Certificate of Melodrama and Clown (2007 and 2008). Greek Tragedy (2009), Neutral Mask, Burlesque & Vaudeville (2010). She has been a dancer, choreographer, and instructor in various productions in Hong Kong and overseas.

From 1992 until now, Kong has choreographed over 120 dance pieces. Her choreographies have attained the Choreography Award in the Schools Dance Festival. In August 2006, she was invited to Malaysia to be an instructor for the Malaysia National Dance Training Camp. She created her first solo performance r language in January 2009. In the same year, she was invited by the English National Ballet to be the dance artist of Swanning Around - Dance & Cultural Exchange Project held in Shanghai World Expo 2010. In 2016, she has been invited by Korea Arts and Cultural Educational Services (KACES) to be the guest speaker and instructor for the Arts Education Exchange Programme 2016.

Currently, she is the Manager (Outreach Affairs) of CCDC Dance Centre and the Centre's instructor of Dance Training Scholarship Scheme "Teens of Colours". She plays the roles of dance administrator, instructor, choreographer and master of ceremony.

Melissa Leung
Melissa Leung graduated from the Department of Sports Science and Physical Education of the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Education and Postgraduate Diploma in Education.Melissa also pursued her professional development in theatre in Singapore. She was the 2nd batch of graduate in “The Theatre Training and Research Programme” (TTRP, now known as Intercultural Theatre Institute, ITI). She was trained in four classical Asian theatre forms – the Indian dance Bharatanatyam, the Indonesian court dance Wayang Wong, Beijing opera and Japanese Noh – as well as Stanislavski and post-Stanislavki acting techniques.

After graduating from TTRP, Melissa returned to Hong Kong and chalked up experience in various aspects of theatre ­– acting, directing, education and arts administration. A very all rounded theatre practitioners, Melissa is known for her intense and exquisite physical acting. As a trained PE teacher and with a wide range experiences in education around the world, Melissa developed her global and far-reaching vision in education.At 2013-2014, Melissa joined RCE Tongyeong, Korea, an international network acknowledged by the UNU, as program designer and international cooperation. She planned Asia-Pacific education programs, networking international all disciplinary talents and educators. For 4 years, Melissa was the Director of Education and Outreach of The Theatre Practice in Singapore. 

She is currently the Assistant Artistic Director(Outreach) of City Contemporary Dance Company, CCDC Dance Centre.

Noel Pong
Noel Pong graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with First Class Honors in modern dance and joined CCDC in 1997. She is a homegrown choreographer celebrated for combining elements of dance and drama. Faces of Love for Theater Ulm in Germany is her most recent choreography work. Her choreography Crime Scene was selected by South China Morning Post (SCMP) as one of the Best Dances of 2009 and Off Screen won “Outstanding Choreography” at 2012 Hong Kong Dance Awards. Happy Birthday? was selected as The Hecklers” Best Dance Show” by HKELD. Pong is regarded as one of “ Hong Kong’s most promising choreographer” by SCMP. Pong becomes the Resident Artist in 2019.

Tsang Wing-fai
Tsang Wing-fai is a freelance dance artist from Hong Kong, graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in Architectural Studies. She started dancing at young age, from Chinese to street dance, contemporary to any dance forms. She is active in choreographing for universities, high schools and youth performances, including Summer Courses Finale Performances by E-Side Dance Company, Passoverdance x PassingOn Youth Performance and HKAPA Education Centre Applied Learning Course Taking A Chance on Dance Student Performance. In June 2018, Tsang collaborated with Ho Ming Yan to release their first full length performance FIT in WHAT in CCDC Dance Centre REAL Showcase platform. In 2019, her first choreography Infiltrated was showcased at 'New Force in Motion' Series presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and Hong Kong Dance Alliance.