Visible Hong Kongs

Visible Hong Kongs

Date & Time

29 May 2019 4-7pm


JC Cube


Free of charge


The University of Hong Kong Common Core and Faculty of Architecture

Modern Hong Kong is the site of intense architectural and urban development, and an active subject in the imagination and actions of its inhabitants. Film has a close relationship with the city. How does film enable us to envision urban transformation? How does film produce and reproduce the image and our memories of the city? To what extent does film impact our everyday experiences and perceptions of the city we inhabit? In building- and media-saturated Hong Kong, what are the intersections between architecture and film that can generate meaningful thoughts and actions upon critical issues of our built environment?

This collection of three-minute film shorts presents a concerted endeavour to respond and reflect upon these questions. It represents the cumulative learning experiences and knowledge exchanges among students and instructors in the common core course Architecture and Film at HKU, alumni and experts from the fields of architecture and film.

The above contents are provided by The University of Hong Kong Common Core and Faculty of Architecture



Dr Eunice Seng is Associate Professor in HKU Faculty of Architecture, principal partner of SKEW Collaborative Shanghai-Hong Kong-Singapore and founding member of Docomomo Hong Kong. An architect and architectural historian, her work explores various disciplinary intersections and questions of agency in architecture. 

Nikolas Ettel is a lecturer at the Department of Architecture, HKU, and works in the interdisciplinary fields of film, philosophy and architecture.

Natalie Khoo is a researcher-designer at SKEW Collaborative Hong Kong-Shanghai and a graduate of HKU, with interests in landscape, architecture and spatial analysis.

Kenrick Wong, a graduate of HKU, is co-founder of Orient Occident Atelier (OOA) and Adventurous Global Schools (AGS), where he experiments with architecture through building designs, installations and films.