Touch Ceramics - "Marble Inspiration - Marble-Inspired Ceramic Coffee Cup Workshop"

Touch Ceramics - "Marble Inspiration - Marble-Inspired Ceramic Coffee Cup Workshop"

Date & Time

25 Jun - 2 Jul, 2023 Please refer to the programme introduction


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Please refer to the programme introduction


Touch Ceramics

"Marble Inspiration - Marble-Inspired Ceramic Coffee Cup Workshop"

Local ceramic instructor and artist Wai Lau has once again brought us the "Marble Inspiration - Marble-Inspired Ceramic Coffee Cup Workshop". This is a new attempt following the "Enchanting Dream Lotus - Transparent Delicate Wine Glass Workshop" and the "Four-Color Dream - Sake Cup Workshop". For students who enjoy tasting coffee and appreciating ceramic art, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

The workshop offers two marble-inspired ceramic coffee cups, one in the elegant black unglazed stoneware and the other in the pure white glazed stoneware. Students can freely choose one to create. Wai Lau used a unique mould-making technique to create these two ceramic coffee cups, which is rare in the Hong Kong market. Every pattern on the cup seems to have been carefully carved, delicate yet full of three-dimensionality, and the texture on the surface is like a beautiful natural painting. Under the sunlight, the surface of the cups seems to emit a faint light, quietly showcasing the exquisite creativity from nature and art.

This ceramic coffee cup is not just a practical vessel but also an artwork. Holding this coffee cup, one can feel the hardness and coolness of the marble, as well as appreciate the artist's ingenious use of marble patterns and ceramic art. The beauty of this fusion is captivating. In this workshop, students can unleash their creativity, enjoy the process of creating under the guidance of Wai Lau, and take home their personally handcrafted coffee cups. Touch Ceramics sincerely invites students to participate in the "Marble Inspiration - Marble-Inspired Ceramic Coffee Cup Workshop", savoring a cup of rich coffee with the marble-inspired ceramic cup, immersed in the embrace of nature and art, and experiencing the beauty of life and the infinite possibilities of ceramic art.

Workshop Content:

  1. Sharing session by instructor on inspiration and creativity
  2. Demonstration of plaster mold-making technique
  3. Hands-on experience in mixing clay and making slabs
  4. Creating your own "Marble-Inspired Ceramic Coffee Cup Set"

Level: Suitable for all levels
Fee: HKD$1080 (including all materials)
Language: Cantonese

Instructor Introduction:
Wai Lau
Bachelor of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University
Selected for the 2016 Shi Wan Cup Ceramic Art Competition and the 6th Taiwan International Gold Teapot Design Competition
Selected for the 2018 Ceramic TeaSet Creation Competition at the Tea Ware Museum
1st International Fantastic Teapot Exhibition, Arts Museum, Anadolu University, Turkey
Recipient of the 2011 Zhi Qi ran Essence Award,Visual Arts Department of Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Date & Time:

July 2nd (Sunday) Morning 10:00-13:00/ Afternoon 15:00-18:00

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