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Ting-koo-ki Mad Skills Battle

Date & Time

31 Dec 2022 - 2 Jan 2023 3pm - 4.30pm


Parade Ground


Free of charge


Ting-koo-ki Mad Skills Gala and Battle (TKK) is the annual finale of Tai Kwun Circus Plays. Since its first performance in 2019 and returning as the fourth year,16 circus contestants from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Belgium and Costa Rica will gather at Tai Kwun to showcase their skills and passion to circus.

Creative Team
Producers:Hsing Ho Chen, Yu Lun Chiang, Frieda Ng
Programme and Admin Coordinators: Yi Hsuan Chiang, Blanche Wu
Technical Director: Ke Chu Lai
Artist Coordinator: Kingson Ngai
Live DJ: DJ Angry-Ming
Masters of Ceremony: Joe Wong, Kity Choi

TKK Mad Skills Gala 31.12.2022 & 01.01.2023 │3pm│Parade Ground

The stage from which 16 circus battlers showcase their proudest acts before the real battle begins. At the Gala, visitors will witness an assortment of charming, eye-catching, and innovative performances by our local talents. Each performance puts their vigorous creativity and passion on display.

TKK Mad Skills Battle02.01.2023 │3pm│Parade Ground

After seeing each other’s best acts in the Gala, TKK Mad Skills Battle is where the performers get to challenge each other one-on-one. In just 30 seconds, each contestant must demonstrate their best solo acts and impress the audience in a split second. The best who wins the audience’s heart is the final winner. 

More than a series of gripping and one-on-one contests, TKK Mad Skills Battle is a vibrant party. Behind the epic contests and regardless of results, fearless contestants are fuelled by a spirit of “never quit, never give up”. They may suffer performance hiccups or lose to more talented opponents, but contestants never quit, won’t fear setbacks and always get back up after making mistakes. After all, relentless perseverance is what “Ting-koo-ki” is about!

Professional Workshops for Battlers27 - 28.12.2022 │7pm - 9:30pm│JC Cube

Led by Tan Tien, lecturer from Department of Theatre of the Taiwan University of Arts, the workshops aim to enrich participants’ knowledge in performance and create a work with high artistic value for their audiences.

Workshop instructor: Tan Tien 

Circus Short Film: No. Infinity (∞)  -03.01 - 28.02. 2023 │Tai Kwun website & Facebook

100 pairs of chopsticks, 2 symbols, 6 circus artists from 4 different cities, creating a circus short film of infinite imaginations!

Co-produced by Tai Kwun and Hsingho Co., No. Infinity (∞) features 6 circus talents from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and the Netherlands. Using the body and red chopsticks which symbolises of luck as the subject and object respectively, No. Infinity (∞) brings together infinite imaginations towards circus, arts and the world.

Director and Editor: Berlin Zhuang (Taiwan)
Performers and Video Creators:
Charles Huang – Diablo (Hong Kong)
Hoho Yeung- Crystal Ball (Hong Kong)
Ivano Huang – Diablo (Taiwan)
Amber Gibson – Mouth Stick (Taiwan)
Takehiro Nagaoka (Hachiro) – Juggling (Japan) 



Hsingho Co., Ltd.

Hsingho Co., Ltd. was founded in 2016. Co-founded by the former Cirque de Soleil performer, Hsing-Ho Chen, and another keyman of connecting Taiwan to international circus communities, Yu-Lun Chiang, Hsingho Co., Ltd. endeavors to promote circus culture, with a view to becoming the bridge which not only introduces contemporary circus to Taiwan but further, introduces circus in Taiwan to the world. In 2020, joined Circostrada – European Network Circus and Street Arts and In Situ Network – The European Platform for Artistic Creation in Public Space.