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Ting-koo-ki Mad Skills Battle (Hong Kong x Taiwan)


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Date & Time

31 Dec 2021 - 2 Jan 2022 3pm


Parade Ground


Free of charge


Co-produced by

Once again, it’s time for the Ting-Koo-Ki Mad Skills Battle, as the performance return this season for its third year, inviting local and Taiwanese circus talents to be centred in the programme. Reviving the excitement from past years, TKK Mad Skills Gala will offer a chance to showcase performers talents before they participate in a one-on-one TKK Mad Skills Battle the following day.

TKK Mad Skills Gala31.12.2021 & 01.01.2022│3pm│Parade Ground

Featuring 16 daring and unique circus performers from Hong Kong and Taiwan, TKK Mad Skills Gala is the stage from which they’ll showcase their proudest acts before the real battle begins. At the Gala, visitors will witness an assortment of charming, eye-catching, and innovative performances by our local talents. Each performance puts their vigorous creativity and passion on display.

TKK Mad Skills Battle02.01.2022│3pm│Parade Ground

After seeing each other’s best acts in the Gala, TKK Mad Skills Battle is where the performers get to challenge each other one-on-one. In just 30 seconds, each contestant must demonstrate their best solo acts and impress the audience in a split second. The best who wins the audience’s heart is the final winner.

More than a series of gripping and one-on-one contests, TKK Mad Skills Battle is a vibrant party. Behind the epic contests and regardless of results, fearless contestants are fuelled by a spirit of “never quit, never give up”. They may suffer performance hiccups or lose to more talented opponents, but contestants never quit, won’t fear setbacks and always get back up after making mistakes. After all, relentless perseverance is what “Ting-koo-ki” is about!

Circus Movie: IsabellaFrom 30.12.2021│Online & 31.12.2021│1:30pm & 5:30pm│Laundry Steps

They live with us, support us, help us achieve our goals, and yet we are unaware of their importance. It’s time for a revolution, they need us, and we need them.”

Co-produced by Tai Kwun and Hsingho Co., The Object's brand-new circus movie will be presented in New Year! Directed by Portugal circus artist Ricardo S. Mendes, Isabella features circus talents from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Portugal, Italy and France and their props (the objects) and create a touching story related to their lives as human beings and artists.

Professional Workshops for Battlers│01, 03.11, 18-19.12.2021

A four-day professional workshop from November to December will be held for battlers. Led by Tan Tien, lecturer of Applied Drama from the Theatre of the Taiwan University of Arts, the workshop aims to enrich participants’ knowledge in performance and create a work with high artistic value for their audiences.

 “TKK Mad Skills Gala” and “TK Skills Battle” require pre-registration with a limited quota on a first-come-first-serve basis.
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Creative Team

Creative Team
Producers:Hsing-Ho Chen, Yu-Lun Chiang, Frieda Ng
Programme and Admin Coordinators:Hsin-Ning Chen, Chih-Yun Lai, Bridget Cheung

On-site TKK Gala and Battle
Technical Director:Ke-Chu Lai
On-site Coordinator: Kingson Ngai
Masters of Ceremony:Joe Wong, Kity Choi
Workshop Instructor: Tan Tien

Circus Movie Isabella
Director, Director of Photography and Editor:Ricardo S. Mendes (Portugal)
Assistant to Director: Juri Bisegna、Ottavio Stazio (Italy)
Juri Bisegna – Hat Juggling (France)
Ottavio Stazio – Club Juggling (Italy)
 Patrick Pun – Diabolo (Hong Kong)
Chien-Hung Shu – Cigar Box (Taiwan)
Music production: André d’Oliveira (Portugal)


Hsingho Co., Ltd.
Ricardo S. Mendes

Hsingho Co., Ltd. was founded in 2016. Co-founded by the former Cirque de Soleil performer, Hsing-Ho Chen, and another keyman of connecting Taiwan to international circus communities, Yu-Lun Chiang, Hsingho Co., Ltd. endeavors to promote circus culture, with a view to becoming the bridge which not only introduces contemporary circus to Taiwan but further, introduces circus in Taiwan to the world. In 2020, joined Circostrada – European Network Circus and Street Arts and In Situ Network – The European Platform for Artistic Creation in Public Space.

Born from a Portuguese Mother and Afro-American father, Ricardo was born on the 3 July 1994 in a small town in Portugal called Santiago do Cacem.

He moved to Switzerland to study Architecture at the age of 17 years old in 2011. In Switzerland, Ricardo has developed a passion on circus arts and stage. During his four years of studies, he started taking night classes in dance, acrobatics, and juggling at a small circus school called LeZartiCirque. After completing his Architecture degree in 2015, Ricardo decided to continue studying and developing his art form in juggling, so he applied and successfully enrolled in Ecole de Cirque de Lyon, where he could find his own juggling style and feel the most comfortable.

In 2018, completing his 2-year degree at Ecole de Cirque de Lyon, he continued to apply higher education schools. In 2018, he entered Centre National des Arts du Cirque (CNAC) in France and completing his studies in 2020.

Ricardo's juggling style is based on a combination of multiples styles and influences such as hip-hop dance, contemporary dance, “floorwork” and acrobatics.