HKartsFestival@TaiKwun 2022

Thousand Petals (A new HKAF commission)

Glasshouse (A new HKAF commission)

Harmonica Heroes

HKartsFestival@TaiKwun 2022

Stillness (A new HKAF commission)

The Island Whispers … The Documentary

The Wolf Pack

Thousand Petals (A new HKAF commission)

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28 Apr - 6 Jun, 2022




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An audiovisual experience for your inner journey by Yana Fortep, Liudmila Siewerski and Polina Raudson

Thousand Petals is an audiovisual experience developed using cross-disciplinary creative practices including sonic arts, instrumental music, generative graphics, fragments of moving images and costume designs, bringing you an immersive multimedia experience akin to a shamanic ritual.

A collaboration between sound artist and composer Yana Fortep, new media artist Liudmila Siewerski and costume designer Polina Raudson, Thousand Petals adopts the frequencies' regeneration method to explore the space between technology and spirituality, sounds and visuals, and personal experiences and collective memories.

Connect with your inner self and go on an inspiring audiovisual journey now

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