The Unsung

Date & Time

12 Mar - 2 May, 2021 Tue-Sun | 11am–7pm


JC Contemporary


Free of charge



Jill Angel Chun
Erin Li


Pierfrancesco Celada, Cheung Choi Sang, Elpis Chow, Fung Kuen Suet Michelle, Vivian Ho, Tobe Kan Kiu Sin, Kinchoi Lam, Jay Lau, Lau Wai, Lo Lai Lai Natalie, Lung Yuet Ching, Shum Kwan Yi, Stephanie Sin, Tom Chung Man

The Unsung invites 14 Hong Kong–based artists to closely observe their surroundings during COVID-19 and select a particular person or group who have been highly affected by the pandemic and yet have nevertheless persevered. The artists then conducted further research or personal interviews, and each created an artwork that brings to light the unique experiences or conditions of the unsung. From medical staff to flight attendants, sustainable volunteers to art administrators, human rights and social workers and food delivery riders to local farmers, The Unsung covers a wide range of subjects with a variety of mediums—including painting, drawing, photography, print, ceramics, video, and even process art. The project attempts to contemplate some recent life journeys through an artistic lens and to create resonances among people from all walks of life.

After the run of the exhibition, the artists will gift the artworks to their unsung heroes in homage to their resilience, which also gave rise to the project’s Chinese title—「韌生」(ngan6 sang1, meaning ‘resilient lives’).