The Hearth: “Soul Walk” – An interactive music & mind experience and Live

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The Hearth: “the making of ME”

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The Hearth: “the making of ME”

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The Hearth

The Hearth: The Orchestra Academy

The Hearth: “Soul Walk” – An interactive music & mind experience and Live

The Hearth: “the making of ME”

The Hearth “the making of ME”

Creativity Day

Date & Time

6 - 9 May, 2022 Refer to programme details


Laundry Steps


Free of charge


A musical conversation with your our mind
A solo journey with companions
The fruition of singer-songwriter Vicky Fung’s learning and reflections on mindfulness
This is a music and mind experience to delve deep into yourself and walk with your soul

Before the journey starts, we want you to think about an issue in your life that you wish to understand more, or an obstacle you wish to overcome from a new perspective. Vicky will serve as the host and lead this interactive experience, with the aid of a time-exclusive “Angels” female voice group singing her heartfelt compositions. While listening to the carefully selected music, participants are led to reflect on their own issues and convey their thoughts in a guided journey. Heidi Law, the Sound Healing practitioner will provide the guidance and lead the participants through the seven main Chakras. This is an intimate conversation with yourself through the interactive music and mind experience. We hope participants will be able to discover the hidden energies and potential within oneself, and be able to look at the life issues from a new perspective.

I.  “Soul Walk” – an interactive and mind experience

Session 1

06.05.2022 (Fri)

7:30pm – 9pm

Session 2

07.05.2022 (Sat)

2:30pm – 4pm

Session 3

07.05.2022 (Sat)

7:30pm – 9pm

Session 4

08.05.2022 (Sun)

2:30pm – 4pm

Visual Design: Rodney Ma
Venue: F Hall Studio
Quota: 20 per session

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Reminder to participants:

  • Participants shall possessed an effective “Vaccine Pass”.
  • Recommended for aged 12 and above.
  • Participants are advised to wear comfortable outfit.
  • People with epilepsy, mental illness, medical implants and pregnancy are not advised to receive sound healing treatment, please consult doctor before participating if there is any doubt about your health conditions.

II.  “Soul Walk” – Live

Putting together her years of learning on mindfulness, singer-songwriter Vicky Fung gathers four angelic female voices Emiko, Zoe Sung, Georgina Chan and Maggie Tsoi to form a time-exclusive “Angels” singing group. They will perform a selection of Vicky’s healing and meditative works under her guidance, where audience members can immerse themselves in their contemplative performance and experience a collective soulful journey.

Date: 09.05.2022 (Mon)
Time: 3pm – 4pm
Venue: Laundry Steps
Performers: Vicky Fung and “Angels” (Emiko, Zoe Sung, Georgina Chan, Maggie Tsoi)

No Registration required

About The Hearth

We believe everything in life can be an inspiration of arts, and everyone can unlock their artistic potential through participation and appreciation. By bringing people together to share a time and a space, performing arts can create bonding and memories that are unique and relevant to those on and off the stage.

“The Hearth” is a regular thematic programme to explore how performing arts can connect people from different communities and create synergy. By integrating music, dance, theatre, films, literature and more, each monthly programme is designed to look into how performing arts can nurture creativity, establish identity and care for wellbeing. These programmes are curated and led by creative and academic professionals across various sectors, presented in a range of performances, workshops, screenings, games, talks and more to encourage participation, evoke thinking and stimulate discussion around topics that concern us.


Vicky Fung
Heidi Law
Georgina Chan
Maggie Tsoi
Zoe Sung
Sunny Fung
Rodney Ma


With over 20 years of pop music experience, Vicky has always been passionate about music and creation.  Some of her important works include 《雌雄同體》, “Ruo Shui San Qian” (弱水三千), “Chi Chu” (彳亍 ),  “Yin Fa Bai” (銀髮白), “Sha Na De Wu Tuo Bang” (剎那的烏托邦).  Her latest compositions include “Zai Cuo Wu De Yu Zhou Xun Zhao Ai” (在錯誤的宇宙尋找愛),  “Gou Qu Chang Yong” (溝渠暢泳) and “Jing Ji Hai” (荊棘海).

Vicky believes that the power and value of music lies beyond the limits of commercial music industry. She started her music career as a composer, then gradually developed multiple roles within the industry, also as a lyricist, singer-songwriter, producer and manager. She also co-founded Backstage Live, Frenzi Music and Every Life Is A Song. Vicky was guest curator for West Kowloon’s Freespace Happenings and Tai Kwun’s live music series at Laundry Steps. Vicky has always endeavoured to promote Hong Kong’s music culture. She has also been appointed a current member of Committee on Venue Partnership under the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

In the past 2 years, Vicky has started her learning and development in the areas of sound and energy healing. During ‘Social Gathering Music Camp’ in Tai Kwun, she hosted “Sound Healing Workshop: Unison Heart Healing” with sound healing practitioner Heidi Law. In 2021, Vicky was engaged as music director of a interactive VR experience project “Silili & Tree” in which she applied elements of sound healing and chanting, enhancing the body, mind and soul connection to the VR experience.

Sound Healing Practitioner

Heidi Law graduated from Shepherd School of Music, Rice University with Master Degree of Music in Percussion Performance. She is also a graduate from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Music.

Heidi is a Sound Healing Practitioner trained by The College of Sound Healing (UK), as well as Reiki practitioner with Usui Reiki Master Level and Karuna Reiki Master Level, and a Certified Meditation Teacher.

As a multi-faceted percussionist, she has collaborated with artists across a wide spectrum of genres; she also performs as a singer in contemporary and pop settings. As an educator, Heidi co-founded Happy Music Academy in Happy Valley and Soundness Studio in Causeway Bay.

Artist page 

Member of “Angels”

Georgina Chan, graduated from the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong in the year of 2020. Same year, she participated in ViuTV’s program "King Maker III" and entered the top 30. In 2018, she joined as one of the members of "Chan Fai Young x Women's Choir”.

Georgina is now a freelance performer, performs in large-scale events, malls and other public occasions, and also participates in the production of stage plays and advertisements.

Member of “Angels”

Emiko, 20 years old. Pop music student from HKBU, major musical instruments is Zheng. Also plays the bass, drum, piano, and guitar. Launched two original songs《試驗》 and 《彼岸花》both composed and lyrics written by Emiko. Start to sing pop songs since middle school and good at singing ballad.

Member of “Angels”

Maggie is one of the 28 members of Chan Fai-young x Women’s Choir, and has performed in all its concerts.

“When words fail, music speaks.” She believes that music is the best way to express herself, and simply hopes to fill the emptiness in our hearts.

Member of “Angels”

Graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2016, Zoe has grown up with much passion in singing and performing arts and brought her the champion of various singing contests. She has the honour of collaborating with numerous reputable artists as choir and backing vocal, e.g. Eason Chan, Justin Lo, Sammi Cheng, and many more. She often shares her music through busking and performance in different occasions, as well as participated in song composing projects as well.


Sunny is currently studying a Bachelor of Music (Honours) in Creative Industries (Popular Music Performance and Songwriting concentration) at Hong Kong Baptist University. He is one of the band musicians in Chow Yiu Fai’s 9th Lyrics Writing Class Graduation Concert 《我們不碎》and the 10th Graduation Concert 《十年。三十五。四》. He is also a song arranger and producer, his work including 《彼岸花》by Emiko.

Visual Design

For over 20 years’ experience in Art, Design and Production, Rodney Ma has proven his valuable proficiency and knowledge in various projects and works including NIKE, STAR WAR, ART FESTIVAL, VICE, MIRA HK, THEATRE VIDEO DESIGNER, WEST KOWLOON JAZZ FESTIVAL, STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL and TV COMMERCIAL. He founded “ariff Production” in 2010 and is currently the Director.

Rodney was an Artist-in-Residence (Visual Design) at the HKAPA from 2013 to 2020. He is also the guitarist, composer and arranger of the indie band "Gayamyan". "Gayamyan" has been working for the music creation of theatre shows and performed over 100 live performances.