The Hearth: Jazz, from the Ground Up, onto the Steps

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The Hearth: “the making of ME”

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The Hearth: Jazz, from the Ground Up, onto the Steps

The Hearth

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The Hearth: “the making of ME”

The Hearth “the making of ME”

Creativity Day

Date & Time

11 Jun 2022 2:00pm - 6:15pm


Laundry Steps


Free of charge


“Jazz, from the Ground Up, onto the Steps”

Rooted in a series of “Jazz x Community” online concerts, curator Justin Siu presents the series’ blossomed edition with vines sprawling across and upwards onto the Laundry Steps to a live audience. In essence, the project revolves around the idea of fusing together Western Jazz music and local Hong Kong culture, such as traditional eateries or places that shine light on things/places of historical values. By way of the free and improvisational spirit of jazz music, performers, presented for the first time in such unique settings, cannot help but draw impromptu inspirations from the surroundings, rendering a truly one of a kind performance. Moving onto the Laundry Steps, equipped with the same mindset, but now involving more performers with an ever so diverse programme, this logical development of the project shall elevate it to new heights.

The 4-episode “Jazz, from the Ground Up” online concerts is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. Search for #JFGU on various social media platforms to watch the past concerts.

Time & Line-up


2pm - 2:30pm


Fabien Wong │ Dancing Light

Martijn Van Iterson │ She's (rearranged by Jazzbird)

Henry Mancini │Moon River (rearranged by Jazzbird and Fabien Wong)

Luk Wai Chun │ Jasmine Scent

3pm - 3:45pm

Cy Leo & Friends

JB │《潮共》

Ivana Wong │《好時辰》

C.Y Kong and Adrian Chan │《守望麥田》

Chung Siu Fung │《有了你》

Wilson Ng Lam Fung │《我也難過的》

Gareth. T │《作品的說話》

Panther Chan │《沙門》

4:15pm - 5pm

The Magical Kora

Traditional West African Music │ Bani

Traditional West African Music │ Mansa ni cisse

Salif Keïta │ Yamore

Traditional West African Music │Jarabi

Traditional West African Music │Kemebourema

Momi Maiga │Xhaliss

5:30pm - 6:15pm

The #JFGU Project Quintet

Joyce Cheung │ Etude No. 1

Justin Siu │ Nature’s Clamor

Joyce Cheung │ Etude No. 2

Justin Siu │ The Month

Joyce Cheung │ Etude No. 3

Justin Siu │ All the Tomorrows



Jerry Wong (Harmonica)
Didaboy (Suona/Dizi/Guan) * Special Guest
Vincent Luk (Violin)
Mandy Wong (Piano)
Fabien Wong (Guitar)
Ken Suen (Bass)
Prokacha (Drumset)

Jazzbird introduces a new form of fusion music. While with contrasting musical backgrounds, the band members are deeply influenced by jazz music. Their music is ethnical, ranging from Chinese folk to European and American music styles, and presented with contemporary jazz harmony, rhythm and improvisation.  Incorporating an interesting combination of Chinese and Western musical instruments, the band leads the audience to a cross-cultural musical journey of diverse musical colors and impressions.


Cy Leo & Friends

Cy Leo (Harmonica)
Joyce Cheung (Keyboard)
Justin Siu (Bass)
Samuel Chan (Drums)

Two-time World champion harmonica player Cy Leo returns home, among his frequent international engagements, to set his sight on local pop music, a.k.a. Cantopop, and enlists his musical friends - pianist Joyce Cheung, bassist Justin Siu and drummer Samuel Chan - to collaboratively inject the essence of jazz and soul into a selection of Cantopop numbers, drawing familiar melodies into uncharted territories primed for  improvisational expeditions.


The Magical Kora

Halen Woo (Kora)
Jimmy Pittman (Bass)
Dan LaVelle (Guitar)
Cecilia Au (Percussion)
Celia Leung (Backing Vocals)
Justin Siu (Cello)

The Magical Kora is a world music band that combines both traditional and modern music elements. Led by the visually startling Kora - a traditional 21-stringed instrument from West Africa -, along with other African percussion and Western musical instruments, the group embraces mixed musical styles while developing its unique voice. Cementing upon traditional songs and musical sensibilities of West Africa as its foundation,  employing modern musical arrangements as building blocks, defining structures for jazzy improvisations, the band’s musical performance is a cross-cultural, trans-continental representation with elements from the past to the present; rustic yet modern, earthy yet refreshing.


The #JFGU Project Quintet

Joyce Cheung (Keyboard)
Sean Lai (Violin)
Bernard Chan (Cello)
Justin Siu (Bass)
Dean Li (Drums)

A quintet led by Joyce Cheung for the 2nd episode of “Jazz, from the Ground Up” project, live streamed on 25 Apr 2022. The Quintet performs solely original works. The highlight of the programme is a composition commissioned by the project, inspired specifically by Kung Lee (Sugar Cane Drink) and the people from this 70+ year old Hong Kong treasure, at which the episode took place. Owing to the information-rich spirit of the project, the quintet’s performance will be accompanied by educational introductions of each piece, along with visual and aural accounts of the compositional ideas, approaches and techniques behind the works.

About "The Hearth"

We believe everything in life can be an inspiration of arts, and everyone can unlock their artistic potential through participation and appreciation. By bringing people together to share a time and a space, performing arts can create bonding and memories that are unique and relevant to those on and off the stage.

“The Hearth” is a regular thematic programme to explore how performing arts can connect people from different communities and create synergy. By integrating music, dance, theatre, films, literature and more, each monthly programme is designed to look into how performing arts can nurture creativity, establish identity and care for wellbeing. These programmes are curated and led by creative and academic professionals across various sectors, presented in a range of performances, workshops, screenings, games, talks and more to encourage participation, evoke thinking and stimulate discussion around topics that concern us.