The Gallery by SOIL - The Art of Japanese Metalsmithing by Toru Kaneko

The Gallery by SOIL - The Art of Japanese Metalsmithing by Toru Kaneko

Date & Time

13 Jan - 4 Feb, 2024 12pm-6pm (Tue - Sun)


Shop 03-102


Free of charge


Internationally recognized as one of the great artistic talents of the contemporary era, Toru Kaneko  creates masterpieces through a combination of traditional Japanese metalworking techniques and materials.  He creates exotic textures and coloured surfaces, silver plating and oxidizing tin, enamelling metal a brilliant white, playing with lacquer and copper oxide to create rich colours, on shapes that delight viewer’s eyes.     His work in silver in particular is soft, reminiscent of peaking egg whites, shimmering in hand beaten textured surfaces, and delicate to the touch in the masterful way he controls the threatening vacuum between thin sheets of silver. “Metal is full of expressions. As I handle the metal, I discover beauty in these ever changing expressions. Using this as a starting point, I create form.  The form is born from my emotional reaction to metal.   I discover its warmth and tenderness.  I strive to express all of metal’s hues in my work.    My heart sees through the seemingly harsh cold surface of metal to reveal its hidden inner sensuality.    Challenging perceptions of its nature and form, I wish my work to bring the fascination of metal to the widest possible audience,” Toru Kaneko said.

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