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Date & Time

24 - 27 Dec, 2021 24, 27.12.2021│4:30pm
25, 26.12.2021│2pm & 4:30pm


Parde Ground


Free of charge


This Christmas, do you long to see the classic ballet performance of The Nutcracker?

Inspired by the classic tale, TS Crew has created The ChristMice Cracker – taking away the cliché ballet steps and even the traditional theatre setting, and, instead, opting for a local touch of Hong Kong culture. Enjoy the epic story like never before, this time with a Chinese Opera, circus performers, acrobats and beatboxing. The performance brings Parade Ground audiences to the dreamland of Clara and the Prince. Then, leading them for a walk around the unique outdoor space of Tai Kwun to enjoy the surprises by the epic performance team. Even more exciting, street performance elements have been added, such as unicycles, stilts and a fire show. This “Hong Kong Style” contemporary performing art piece is ready to meet you during the four-day long weekend of Christmas.



Creative Team
Artistic Director & Choreographer: Hugh Cho
Co-choreographer, rehearsal master & performer: Alan Cheng, Steve Ng, To Chi Sing
Devising performer: Fonteyn Ho, Leo Lau, Lau Pak Hong, Genie Lok, Natasha So, Lego Sum, Joseph Tsang (DTT), Simpson Yau, Yang Hao, Harriet Yeung (Hatou),Yu Chun Kiu, Sam Yuen, Zhong Yi Chao

Production Team
Producer: Andy Lo
Production Manager: Eva Chau
Set Designer: Siu Wai Man (Siujiou)
Sound Designer: Jacyee Kwok
Costume Designer: Renee Yan

About TS Crew

Founded in 2017, TS Crew (TS) is currently a year-grantee of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. TS is a professional performing arts group with members of different backgrounds, including film, drama, xiqu, dance, martial arts and stunting. TS appears in different arts festivals and events both locally and overseas. In 2018, after performing Along in the Hong Kong Dance Exchange, a dance festival in Hong Kong with Daniel Yeung as artistic director, TS was subsequently invited to go on a year-round tour in Asia, including Tokyo Performing Arts Meeting (TPAM), Beijing Dance Festival, New Dance for Asia 2018 in Korea, Tottorri Theatre Festival in Japan, SiDance Festival in Korea and Weiwuying Dance Platform in Kaohsiung. Apart from Asia, TS also appeared in the Tanzmesse 2018, an internationally famous dance art market, in Dusseldorf, Germany. With much acclaim, TS performed Along at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019, the world’s largest art festival and platform, and was selected as one of the four must-see shows by The Scotsman. TS is going to present a new full-length production, Jug Sound La in January 2021 and start a new long-term collaboration with DanceBase, National Centre for Dance in Scotland, in July 2021 and present a work at the DanceBase Festival cum Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2021.


Hugh Cho
Steve Ng
Alan Cheng
To Chi Sing

The awardee of the Tom Brown Emerging Choreographer of the Hong Kong Dance Award 2019 and Award for Young Artist (Dance), the Hong Kong Arts Development Award 2020. Graduated from The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Major in Contemporary Dance.

Cho joined Unlock Dancing Plaza as Artist in Residence from 2010 to 2014.

He choreographed, performed and directed dance video Oh! Million Fist! screened in the Clermont-Ferrand’s Short Film Festival 2018 , and also awarded by International Performing Arts & Movie Awards (IPAMA) with Special Mention Award in the same year.

His work made in hong kong from 2014, performed in numerous cities in Asia, also performed in Tanzmesse in 2016.

Along, a solo work about Bruce Lee's philosophy about Martial Arts, premiered in 2017, and was chosen to be one of the best premier of the year by Europe Dance Magazine. In 2018, Cho developed the piece into a group work, and was invited to different countries in Asia, including Korea, Japan and Taiwan etc.

Cho is the co-founder of TS Studio, and the Artistic Director of TS Crew. With his unique background - started as a street dancer, trained in the academy, practiced Capoeira and acrobatic for years, work as a Cantonese Opera acrobats, he creates his own style of choreography.

A Capoeira professor and a performer, one of the co-founders of TS Crew and TS Studio, also the bassist of Hong Kong band "Wonderland". Actively involved and across different performing media and platform.

The capoeira background and training gave Ng a unique way to express himself with movements and flow.

Learning the beautiful art form capoeira at its origin Salvador-Bahia since 2001, Ng has been dedicated and passionated about it. 2008 graduated in GCB under supervision of Mestre Peixe. 2011 further study and develop the technique and knowledge in São Paulo with Mestre Girino, also attended the First International Capoeira forum hosted by Mestre Boneco in Rio de Janeiro. 2013 won the Hong Kong open capoeira competition. 2017 became the first and only Capoeira Professor in Hong Kong. The first Hong Kongese to achieve professor level in History. Steve held and participated numerous capoeira workshops over the world, which included : Brazil, USA, France, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Indonesia, the Mainland, Macau and Taiwan. Ng also involves in different forms of performing arts, including dance, movie and drama.

Cheng graduated with a degree in Sports Enterprise Management (Honours). He is currently the artist-in-resident of TS CREW, as well as a performer and Taekwondo & Martial Art Tricking coach. He has been heavily involved in different movements and works related to performing arts such as Made in Hong Kong, Along, Carefree, Gong Wu, and Busking everywhere  - No Dragon No Life etc. He has also been engaged in drama production, such as Starry, The Ravages of Time : Heros, Yokohama Mary, The Only King II, and Let's Hunt for a "Tiger" Tonight, among others.
Cheng has performed in many countries and regions, including the Mainland, Japan, Scotland, South Korea, Germany, and Taiwan. Cheng is also a member of the Hong Kong Stuntman Association and joins different movies, TV and commercials as an action stuntman!

An action actor and core member of TS CREW. He has been involved in different movies, advertisements and microfilms. In recent years, he has started performing in drama and contemporary dance production, bringing different acrobatic elements into theatre performance.