Talks in Tai Kwun: The Exciting Tales of Hong Kong History seen through its Historic Photos

Talks in Tai Kwun: The Exciting Tales of Hong Kong History seen through its Historic Photos

Date & Time

20 Jun 2019 6:30pm-9pm


JC Cube


(Members) $150; (Non-members) $200


Royal Geographical Society – Hong Kong

Old photographs of Hong Kong preserve the vanishing city, and the moments photographers capture endure. In this talk, one of Hong Kong’s best known photograph archivist David Bellis will show a selection of his favourite photos of old Hong Kong, telling stories about the city’s past from its foundation to the present day through the photos’ most minute and revealing details. Most of the photos were taken in the 19th to early 20th century in Hong Kong. They have been scanned at high resolution and digitally restored, giving us a glimpse of the bygone city and uncovering hidden stories.

This talk will be conducted in English.

Talks in Tai Kwun are held regularly to explore topics of local culture and heritage. Stay tuned for more!

David Bellis

David Bellis is an historian and founder of the Hong Kong historical website and author of Hong Kong history books. It hosts over 30,000 pages about old Hong Kong, including over 15,000 photos. In 2014, David won the South China Morning Post’s (SCMP) “Heritage Preservation Award”, one of “The Spirit of Hong Kong Awards”, for his work on

The Royal Geographical Society – Hong Kong

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