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Date & Time

31 Jan 2020 7pm–9pm


Parade Ground




Programme Cancellation Notice

The programme "Let's Do Lunch - Tai Kwun Spring Banquet" to be held on 31 Jan 2020, 7pm-9pm has been cancelled. For ticket holders, art-mate.net will arrange a refund later. Please contact heritage.prog@taikwun.hk for enquiries.

Thank you for your understanding.

Community Partner
The Conservancy Association Centre for Heritage

Following traditional customs, families carry out the ritual of “hoi nin” on the second day of the Chinese New Year. This means they would pay tribute to gods and ancestors, officially kicking off a new year with a spectacular spread of food. In the same spirit, many companies also treat their employees to a lavish New Year’s meal, in the hopes that everything would run smoothly.

Join us in the Tai Kwun Spring Banquet on the 7th day of the coming Chinese New Year. Taking place at the Parade Ground, the jovial “hoi nin” feast will offer moreish food accompanied by stories about New Year food and customs as told by local historian So Man Hing. There will also be a series of lantern riddles.

Please register and pay on art-mate.net

Conducted in Cantonese

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