Tai Kwun Movie Steps 2024

Tai Kwun Movie Steps (May 2024): New Generation Actor Short Films - When He Looks Back

Tai Kwun Movie Steps (May 2024): New Generation Actor Short Films - When He Looks Back

Tai Kwun Movie Steps - New Generation Actor Short Films - Stunning Emerging Actresses (Apr 2024)

Tai Kwun Movie Steps - Show Me the Money (Jan – Feb 2024)

Date & Time

15 - 26 May, 2024 4pm


Laundry Steps


Free of charge


Programme Partner

Honkaz Fung

In the 1950s and 60s, despite churning out production after production of Cantonese films, Hong Kong's film industry was largely dominated by a small group of actors. This changed dramatically with the arrival of television broadcasters - through their new television programmes, a lot more local celebrities emerged. Coupled with a rapidly expanding advertising industry, these new names became the mainstream and began to star in local films. Fresh talents continued to join the industry in the 70s and 80s - with actors across different age groups supporting the thriving scene, Hong Kong's entertainment industry was at its heyday. Now, 20 years since the new millennium, new media platforms have again revolutionised the industry and subverted old ideas and systems. Productions made for social media blurred the boundary between 'acting' and 'reality', and paradoxically led to greater demands for contents that are 'morally pure' and 'authentic'. Part 2 of the programme will take a closer look at actors of the new generation in their early works. We will look back to the recent past to look forward to the future of 'acting'.

Honkaz Fung

Curator of Tai Kwun Movie Steps (May 2024): New Generation Actor Short Films -  When He Looks Back

15,19,26.5.2024 at 4pm
Location: Laundry Steps
Free Admission
Chinese and English subtitles available


Broken Heart Club (2017)

Life on The Line  (2017)

Foul (2012)


Holiday  (2021)

Let it Grow (2015)

The End (2017)


Why Don't We Share Our Solitude (2013)

Trek of an Extinct Bird (2022)

That Girl (2015)


Chinese and English subtitles available for all screenings. Screening sessions might be subject to change, please refer to latest updates at www.taikwun.hk

Promotion Video

15.05.2024 (Wed)

Broken Heart Club (2017)

Director: Tsang Pak Hung

Cast: Chan Kin Long, Ho Kin Man

Woody, an average salaryman, is invited to go to Broken Dream Club every Thursday by his superior Michael. The club is a social meeting held for those who suffer from depression and are unable to fulfill their dream. Led by a bewitching therapist Lily, Woody encounters a group of eccentric people, for example, a football enthusiast who lost his legs, and of course, Michael, a single dad who raised his daughter only to lose her in a car accident. Woody finds it confusing whether to take a role as an outsider or to seek for relief like everyone else. The film constantly makes use of Brechtian effect to explore the interior of each character.

Life on The Line (2017)

Director: Cheung Yin-kei

Cast: Joman Chiang, Himmy Wong, Chloe Yeung

A directorial effort from Ashley Cheung, a promising and up-and-coming scriptwriter. An excellent dramatic short film with the brilliant performance of Joman Chiang, the Queen of independent films, and Himmy Wong of Weeds on Fire. Nim Cheung is a senior counsellor of the Suicide Prevention Hotline. She is still suffering from the death of her little daughter. One day, she receives a phone call of a young man who is attempting suicide. She finds out that he is the one responsible for her daughter’s death. What will she do facing this dilemma, which may cause completely different stories to both of their lives?

Foul (2012)

Director: Ho Cheuk Tin

Cast: Neo Yau 

Yan is the basketball team leader at secondary school.  He had great performances at basketball and won prizes for the school.  The coach valued him and guaranteed his promotion to Form 6.  Coincidentally, Yan stopped a bullying issue at school.  He was framed and suffered injustice of theft. Yan was deeply influenced by these. In a fit of anger, he had a conflict with the referee who misjudged a foul in a friendly match, resulting in the team's disastrous defeat in the game. As a result, the school and coach lost all confidence in Aren and decided to disqualify him from being the captain of the school team. In order to prove his innocence and regain what he lost, what choice will the helpless Yan make?

19.05.2024 (Sun)

Holiday (2021)

Director: WONG Fei

Cast: Carson WONG Tsz Yin, Sean WONG Tsz Lok

One sunny day during the summer holidays, two brothers have an extraordinary mission to fulfil. The mature elder brother finishes all the housework methodically while taking care of his little brother. His final task is to hang the blanket in the sun, and little brother insists on tagging along. They need to find an ideal location which is not easy as every spot is occupied on such a sunny day. Together they journey on and meet an assortment of characters and challenges.

Let it Grow (2015)

Director: TSUI Lok Yi; NG Ka Lo

Cast: Zeno Koo

Stuck together from birth, three layabout pals do things their own way, and don’t really see things the same as others. But one of the three’s father, Mr. Tung wishes his son Ah Yat could be more successful in regular school activities---maybe even winning a prize, like their neighbor Sze Sze. But as Ah Yat says, “we are never gonna be prize-winning students like Sze Sze, but one day we may find something beyond the scope of her talents.”

The End (2017)

Director: Lam Sen

Cast: Ray Anthony Gutierrez, Yau Hawk Sau Neo, Sit Lap Yin Howard, Wong Chui Yee Tweety, Lee Fung

Life and death are decreed by fate, so the wisdom goes—but who really controls our first and last breath? When we are vulnerable, is the omniscient and omnipotent Heavenly Father the only refuge? The pastor’s wife is terminally ill. By her death bed is the devoted younger son who wishes to minimize her suffering by withholding life support so that she can leave in peace. The pastor, however, insists on obeying the doctrines and God’s will. As signs of impending death approach, is the pastor simply waiting for a miracle? A difficult debate ensues when love for the family conflicts with religious obligations. Neo Yau from She Remembers, He Forgets is the elder son who mediates between his father and the kid brother, prompting reflections on the essence of God’s will.

26.05.2024 (Sun)

Why Don't We Share Our Solitude (2013)

Director: Ho Yuet
Cast: Will Or

She is a teacher of Chinese literature, reciting poems and recounting the brilliance of ancient Chinese poets before a class of students whose common parlance is foul language. He is a hormone-charged teenager who makes a paper plane for the teacher from a torn textbook page doodled with drawings of the object of his fantasy. She is a divorcee whose husband was rumoured to have an affair with a student in his school. With partly fascination and partly curiosity, he starts making suggestive remarks in class and stalking her outside the school, rattling her with flirtation. Both carrying a heavy load of baggage, the teacher and her student are about to ignite a spark that will scorch them both…

Trek of an Extinct Bird (2022)
Director: Gloria HO Lok Yee
Cast: Cheung Yuk Hin, Chung Suet Ying, Wong Pik Kei

Traumatised by the doomed rights movement in Garan, former activist Decem seeks refuge and solitude in the forest, fleeing his homeland and all those he held dear. Relief is however short-lived. As time passes, nostalgia and loneliness creep upon the exiled youth. Decem remains trapped in recurrent nightmares of the past and continues to plunge into despair, living with a constant sense of peril. The challenges of living in the forest along with the wildfire in the mountains eventually make him reconsider the path ahead. Mirroring the disturbed youth’s inner turmoil with the sinister wild nature, the psychological drama relates the tormented state of the exiled body and soul.

That Girl (2015)

Director: Tong Hoo Yin, Jacky

Cast: Leung Chung Hang, Chan Lok Sze

Shing is charmed by the new classmate Yee, yet Yee only wants Cham’s attention. However Cham cares for nothing other than astronomy and his best friend 阿成. The boys have their fun on the basketball court, but the girl outside has her heart broken into tiny pieces as countless as the stars in the sky. A gentle breeze reveals a tragic story of buried emotions, loss, and loneliness. The three actors’ naturalistic performance - Leung Chung Hang’s energy and its contrast in particular - weave a melancholic tale of adolescent romance.


Director: Wong Yee Mei, Lee Tak Wai Lo Chun Yip, Siuyea

Cast: Lo Chun Yip, Siuyea

In SOBORING, there is no identity crisis, urban stress, homework deadlines, nor random outbursts of familial violence and drama. Instead you will find time, space, and the bittersweet joy and comfort of being far away from home. Even at times when we are disappointed by things that do not go the way we hoped, we should not feel defeated, and understand that self-mockery is not the same as nonchalance. Life is full of surprises. Siuyea performed in this short film before acting as a teacher, making a mockery of things and of self.

Post-screening Sharing

Post-screening sharing will take place at Laundry Steps to share the context of the videos and stories of actresses. Stay after the screening and let us know your thoughts after watching the films.

Post-screening sharing

Date: 15 May 2024 (Wednesday)
Time: 5:10pm (after the screening)
Guests: Honkaz Fung, curator of “When He Looks Back”, actor Chan Kin Long and director Hon Cheuk Tin.

*Post-screening sharing will be conducted in Cantonese


Honkaz Fung

Beginning as a comics artist, Honkaz has taken on roles such as director, special effects designer, and art director since switching to advertising and film production. Also, he is the founder of the onebyone studio, board-member of Film Culture Centre (Hong Kong) and current chairman of the Cantonese Cinema Study Association.