Tai Kwun In Bloom 2024

Tai Kwun In Bloom 2024

Tai Kwun In Bloom 2024

Tai Kwun In Bloom 2024 - HK Leaf Plate Carving Workshop

Date & Time

4 - 7 Apr, 2024 1pm-8pm


Parade Ground


Free of charge


Explore the wonder of nature in a floral fantasia

Tai Kwun's outdoor flower extravaganza "Tai Kwun In Bloom" is set to sprout for its fourth showing inside the Parade Ground from 4–7 April. Amidst the lush landscape of Tai Kwun's Parade Ground, In Bloom celebrates nature as inspiration for creativity and sustainable living. This year's market promises fresh offerings to floraphiles, with the market planting its focus on education and sustainability. Over a dozen Hong Kong-owned, eco-conscious brands will be showcased. And for the first time, attendees are encouraged to do more than admire the beautiful botanics; they are invited to engage with plant-loving folks at Plant-care Studio for advice and services.

In Bloom celebrates the awe-inspiring beauty and boundless inspiration found in the natural world. As the seasons change and flowers bloom, the market becomes Hong Kong's premiere spot to immerse oneself in the splendour of nature. It invites all who seek a deeper appreciation for the wonders of our environment and those who understand the importance of sustainability to join in the festivities. Amidst the lush landscape of Tai Kwun's Parade Ground, In Bloom celebrates nature as inspiration for creativity and sustainable living. 

Truly a grand affair, In Bloom transforms Tai Kwun into an inspiring space where arts, culture and heritage can be celebrated in the most vibrant forms, which is made possible through the continuous funding and support of The Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Selected Local Brands

Every day is a delight at In Bloom, as visitors will encounter a diverse array of botanical wonders and sustainable delights as the market hosts a plethora of floral-themed booths.

Home Sweet Florist
Melon Flower
Morning Hibiscus
nao florist
Day6 Studio
Green Egg Store
Green Note
Heung Yau
Interbeing Yuenmuk
Fruitable Hong Kong
Koke Lab

For Home Sweet Florist, everything stems from the opening line of a simple poem: “A soul blossoming in nature”. Created by Mi, a former nurse, the floristry seeks to heal through the power of nature - radiating happiness and blessings through each and every floral arrangement. 

The Melon Flower Philosophy : Sow, Reap, Blossom. Diligently working to bring customers seasonal organics, limited-time bouquets, and artisanal delights, The Melon Flower invites customers to capture fleeting moments and share everlasting joy!

Founded by acclaimed international food and travel writer Hiufu Wong, Morning Hibiscus represents an extension of her existing work, as she plays with form, shape, and story. At In Bloom, Morning Hibiscus shapes narratives around elegant antiques with flowers, encouraging guests to also use flowers to breathe new life into forgotten family heirlooms.

Not your ordinary flower shop, nao florist leaves behind conventional methods that produce wasteful by-products, such as single-use plastics and floral foam, to embrace a practice that celebrates the ecosystems at the heart of their work. Inspiring floriculture enthusiasts to approach the botanic from a new perspective, nao florist makes the most of every bloom – giving plants that would otherwise be discarded a second life in their beautiful arrangements.

At Day6 Studio Simon Tso educates the public about the value of plants and instructs urban dwellers on how to properly care for them. Working under the belief that flowers and plants are an integral part of life, Tso started the ‘Plant-care Studio’ to help the not-so-green-fingered curate their own botanical oasis in the city.

Green Egg Store is a botanical shop and studio offering a diverse range of succulents and a treasure trove of lush green plants. They are committed to integrating plants into the everyday and provide a broad spectrum of plant services - from terrarium planting to interior floral design - that infuse relaxing nature throughout busy urban lives.

Gree Note isn’t just a normal plant store, it specialises in multi-coloured and unusual plants – helping customers inject life into their living spaces. Eager to share their years of planting experience, the brand’s mission is to make planting possible for everyone, so the whole world can experience the joy of growing plants!

BeCandle is a candle and scent brand founded in 2021 in the seaside town of Sai Kung. All scents and products are designed, produced, and packaged at their factory in Hong Kong. Using only premium eco-friendly raw materials in their aroma products, they are dedicated to creating beautiful scent experiences while advocating for a sustainable future.

Common Room 337 is located in Kowloon City and To Kwa Wan, it is a space connecting environmental protection, workshops, consignment, and the community. They introduce different environmental-friendly products and miscellaneous items, while space and ideas are shared at the same time, bringing together different people in the community with limitless possibilities.

Named after “a stretch of incense hills” in Chinese, local incense brand Heung Yau was formed in 2022 with the mission to repopularise incense as the city’s iconic souvenir. Reviving traditional incense-making with innovative techniques, HEUNG YAU crafts natural incense products that offer incredible relaxation while capturing Hong Kong’s unique beauty.

Interbeing Yuenmuk connects visitors to nature in a hands-on seed handicraft experience. From gathering to cleaning, drying, hollowing, cutting, polishing, oiling, designing, and weaving, participants are led by the two founders in a process that captures the breadth of the craft’s creation. Every step invites crafters to contemplate their relationship to nature, as they are a first-hand witness to humanity’s impact upon it.

Founded in 2021 with a vision to revitalise and rebrand less popular fruits, Fruitable Hong Kong is a collective promoting local fruit consumption through community events such as orchard tours and kombucha-making workshops. Inspired by the rediscovery of old lychee trees in an abandoned orchard in Mui Tsz Lam, Fruitable Hong Kong encourages city dwellers to retrace the steps of their ancestors and embrace the city’s native fruits.

Supplying Hong Kong with delicious vegan treats since 2018, Koke Lab is an online patisserie committed to eco-friendly operations. Koke, the shop’s founder, cites her love of nature as the inspiration behind a pastry project that is conscious of its environmental impact while delighting souls and taste buds. 

LoCoFARMS is an innovative agro-food brand with a focus on locally grown crops. Hand-crafting each product with high-quality seasonal ingredients sourced from local farms, LoCoFARMS brings together farmers and artisan chefs to deliver incredible flavours grown and crafted in Hong Kong.

A plant-forward culinary company, nüte works with natural ingredients to deliver innovative, densely nutritious catering and meal programme solutions, alongside workshops that seek to drive lasting change in the way participants eat. Fostering connections with nature in everything they do, nüte provides interactive and transformative experiences to help its customers instil healthier habits.

Green Thumb Guidance: Plant-care Studio

Green thumbs go beyond the garden at Tai Kwun, with exclusive nature-focused initiatives happening throughout the sepal soiree. Attendees are encouraged to do more than admire the beautiful botanics; they are invited to engage with plant-loving folks of Day6 studio for advice and services. There they can foster knowledge and genuine care for their house plants and fresh flowers, nurturing a deeper connection to the natural world and their own green spaces.


*Day6 Studio will provide a free planting consultation for house plants or fresh flowers under 120cm in height. Charges may incur for additional treatments.

Spending Rewards

Sure to make hearts bloom, members of TK FAN will receive a HK$50 Tai Kwun Shopping & Dining e-voucher for every HK$500 spent at Tai Kwun In Bloom market*, enhancing the In Bloom experience with exclusive rewards redeemable at various tenants throughout the jubilee.

*Customers are required to sign up as a TK FAN and download Tai Kwun app to redeem Tai Kwun e-voucher. Other terms & conditions apply.

Voucher Redemption Counter: Visitor Centre (Block 03)
Redemption Period: 4 - 7 April 2024

Terms and Conditions:

  • From 4 to 7 April 2024, TK FAN who spend accumulated HK$500 or above at In Bloom Flower Market, will receive a HK$50 Tai Kwun e-voucher that may be used at selected shops and restaurants at Tai Kwun.
  • To redeem the e-voucher, customers should first sign up as a TK FAN (i.e. to create a Tai Kwun account, subscribe and fill in their preferences) and download the Tai Kwun App. Then, customers need to present original receipts at Visitor Services at Block 03.
  • There is no upper limit in the number of e-voucher redemption per TK FAN account.
  • Each eligible receipt is entitled to one redemption registration only.
  • E-vouchers are available on a first-come, first-served basis while stock lasts.
  • The use of e-vouchers is subject to the terms and conditions.
  • The e-voucher must be presented before payment/placing order. 
  • No replacement will be issued for the loss of receipts.
  • The receipts will be invalid if found defaced or damaged.
  • Tai Kwun reserves the right to make the final decision in the case of any disputes.

Floral Dining & Lifestyle Offerings

At Tai Kwun In Bloom 2024, enjoy an afternoon of floral creativity with enticing workshops, lifestyle offerings and an array of culinary treats from the tenants at Tai Kwun.

Plant Powered Lifestyle Offerings


Aromatic Flower Diffuser Workshop

Create a personalised, one-of-a-kind aromatic diffuser with a built-in nightlight, and discover the art of crafting with dried flowers in this creative workshop.

PAP Studio

Artistic Stained Glass Puzzle Vase Workshop

Create your very own art-inspired vase, and immerse in the mesmerising world of stained glass puzzle. Delight in the vibrant colours of glass mosaics and witness spring flowers shine bright under the sunlight!

Phoenix Sweets

Spring Flower Basket Workshop

Led by skilled florists, participants are taught how to arrange stunning assortments of seasonal flowers, foliage, and accents. Perfect for everyone from novices to enthusiasts, all are welcome to unleash their creativity and learn new techniques.

The Gallery by SOIL

Hafu Matsumoto The Art of Japanese Bamboo

Delve deeper into Hafu Matsumoto’s organic sculptures by weave and assemble segments of flattened bamboo.

Floral Dining Offerings

Botanical Garden

Modern Gin & Tonics Full of Botanical Flavours

Exclusive to Tai Kwun In Bloom 2024, indulge in specially crafted cocktails mixed to conjure the sights and smells of a classic English garden. Sip on the finest London Dry & Tonic and Modern & Tonic, surrounded by a lush oasis bursting with verdant foliage, and feel the hustle and bustle of the city slip away. 

LockCha Tea House

Limited cocktail: Kiss of Rose

The captivating 'Kiss of Rose' cocktail invites you on a floral journey through a blend of gin, lychee liquor, and the subtle infusion of honey red tea – truly a harmonious symphony of flavours!

Madame Fù - Grand Café Chinois

Rosé Raspberry Trifle Delight

Savour the indulgent 'Blissful Berry Bloom Symphony: The Rosé Raspberry Trifle Delight’ – a luxuriously velvety layered vanilla custard, infused with fragrant  rose jam, plump fresh raspberries, luscious raspberry purée, and delicate white chocolate.

The Chinese Library

Springtime Tofu Panna Cotta

Bite into plant power with The Chinese Library’s Tofu Panna Cotta, made with matcha green tea cake and sweet toffee. Adorned with luscious matcha warabi mochi, crushed Oreo cookies, and delicate edible flowers, this beautiful dessert resembles a real plant!


On the hill coffee bar

Blossom Latte

Enjoy a special blend this floral season, featuring a lightly roasted bean with rose notes, subtly sweet in both flavour and aroma.



Plant Adoption Corner

Plant Adoption Corner: Growing Your Green Family

Tai Kwun In Bloom’s plant adoption services present a unique opportunity to meet your next favourite plant pal or bring home a stunning bouquet to brighten your space. While Tai Kwun’s garden must eventually bid farewell, visitors can flourish at home. Hurry, as quantities are limited, and it's first-come-first-served!

Collection Date: 8 April 2024
Time: 11am – 1pm
Location: Main entrance of In Bloom Market (Parade Ground at Tai Kwun)


  • Participants must take away the plants on 8 April, as no storage services will be provided
  • Each participant can adopt a maximum of 2 plants
  • Plants vary in size and weight
  • The number of plants is limited, first come, first served
  • The growth status of each plant varies, and there might be a chance of withering
  • Please bring your own bag or suitable container to carry the plant
  • Tai Kwun reserves the right to make the final decision in the case of any disputes

Highlights of plant adoption for In Bloom 2023: