HOPE—Patricia Piccinini

Tai Kwun Conversations: HOPE — A Dialogue between Patricia Piccinini and Tobias Berger

HOPE—Patricia Piccinini

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HOPE – Patricia Piccinini: Teacher's Morning & Teacher’s Workshop

Tai Kwun Conversations: HOPE — A Dialogue between Patricia Piccinini and Tobias Berger

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Date & Time

26 May 2023 7:30pm – 9:00pm


JC Cube


Exclusive to Tai Kwun Fan, Free of charge


Tai Kwun Conversations:

Hope — A Dialogue between Patricia Piccinini and Tobias Berger

Highly detailed and yet fantastically surreal, the art of the Australian artist Patricia Piccinini provokes viewers to rethink the boundaries between humans and other living things. For some, these hybrids might induce unease or fear, while for others, they spark hope and empathy. But how does the artist understand her works, and what is she inspired by?

Join the artist Patricia Piccinini as she engages in a conversation with the curator Tobias Berger, where they will be discussing her explorations of human and natural history, technological development, as well as the nature of progress. They will delve into the “unexpected consequences” of progress, a central theme of Piccinini’s work over three decades, which spans sculpture, photography, film and more. They will also share observations about how her works have been received and understood around the world—and the significance of her first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, HOPE­–Patricia Piccinini.

This conversation will be conducted in English, with simultaneous interpretation in Cantonese. Afterwards, the audience will have the chance to ask the artist and the curator questions in a live Q&A session.

Please note that the galleries close at 7 pm, so remember to visit the exhibition before coming to the talk.


Patricia Piccinini


Tobias Berger, curator of HOPE

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Artist Bio

Patricia Piccinini

Informed by surrealism and mythology, the Australian artist Patricia Piccinini is best known for her hyperrealistic sculptures. Her works however include other mediums such as photography, videography, and installation. Piccinini’s works reflect on the increasingly nebulous boundaries between the artificial and the natural as it appears in contemporary culture; her works in turn transform our understanding of set relationships with the surrounding world, exploring the future of humanity and other creatures coexisting in the same space.

Born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa, Piccinini now lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. She was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from Melbourne Art Foundation in 2014, and a Doctor of Visual and Performing Arts (Honora Causa) from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2016.

Piccinini’s works have been shown at numerous international biennales and have been featured in many exhibitions in art institutions around the world. In 2003 her exhibition We Are Family represented Australia at the 50th Venice Biennale.