Tai Kwun Contemporary Artists’ Studio 2019-20

Tai Kwun Contemporary Artists’ Studio — Jess Lau Ching-Wa

Tai Kwun Contemporary Artists’ Studio — o!sland

Tai Kwun Contemporary Artists’ Studio — Charles Kwong

Tai Kwun Contemporary Artists’ Studio — Jess Lau Ching-Wa

Charles Kwong Requiem Part II Kyrie

Tai Kwun Contemporary Artists’ Studio — Chan Wai Lap

Date & Time

1 Jul 2020 - 14 Feb 2021




Free of charge


Tai Kwun Contemporary’s Residency Programme expands the depth of its education and public programmes and creates a far-reaching network of artists, curators, researchers, writers and academics that encourages interdisciplinary collaborations and contributes to a flourishing art scene in Hong Kong, enabling professionals to develop their practices and benefit from the network of Tai Kwun and its partners.

The Open Call for Artists’ Studio 2019-20, a pilot project for the Residency Programme, targeted emerging artists or creative professionals from Hong Kong and beyond who work in time-based, intangible or less traditional artistic formats such as performances, videos, social interventions, books, writing, research-based practices, conceptual art, AI/VR and more. The selected artists are Chan Wai Lap (artist), Charles Kwong (composer), Jess Lau Ching-wa (artist) and o!sland (artist collective).

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Tai Kwun Contemporary welcomes the Hong Kong-based artist Jess Lau Ching-Wa to our Artists’ Studio Programme. Born in Hong Kong in 1991, Jess Ching-Wa Lau received a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Creative Media from the City University of Hong Kong in 2014. Lau’s work focuses on themes such as memories of the body and of the city, and the accumulation of time. Growing up in a densely populated city, she explores the relationships and distances between people and the city by incorporating traces of everyday life such as human voices and handwriting into her multimedia work. Often working in video, animation, and installation, she experiments with the uniqueness and malleability of each medium. Lau is a member of Floating Projects Collective, an experimental artist-run space in Hong Kong.

During her residency, Jess Lau Ching-Wa will start a new project titled ‘Fragment Transition: River’. River—both the rivers in Hong Kong and the ‘rivers’ inside human bodies (blood vessels)—will be the starting point of the project. Rivers stand witness to history and often symbolise the passing of time. The project aims to illuminate the big picture of urban development by compiling fragments of individual lives and of the city space as well as pushing the boundaries of animation and video art.