Exhibition & Event

Tai Kwun Contemporary's Artists' Book Library

Time |
11am-7pm (Opens till 9pm every Fri)
Location |
2/F, JC Contemporary
Price |
Free of charge

The Artists’ Book Library is an ongoing collection of Asian artists’ books and an integral part of the Arts Programme of Tai Kwun Contemporary. Artists’ books are publications that have been created as artworks, in which artists use books as a medium of artistic expression. Often published in limited numbers, sometimes even unique piece of art, artists’ books challenge the idea, content and form of traditional books. Tai Kwun Contemporary's Artists' Book Library will be open and accessible to the public, free of charge, as a source for learning and research.

Artists' Book Library is temporarily closed until 17 Jan and will be open on 18 Jan at 11am.

Arrangements for Chinese New Year

On the first and second day of Chinese New Year (5 Feb–6 Feb 2019), Tai Kwun will remain open to the public while exhibitions, events, performances and guided tours will be suspended.

Tai Kwun’s opening hours arrangements:

  • Tai Kwun Site (include all the outdoor spaces) – Open from 10am–11pm
  • Visitor Centre – Open from 10am–8pm
  • LG204, Police Headquarters Block, Block 01 / G/F, Barrack Block, Block 03 / LG & G/F, Central Magistracy, Block 9 / G/F, B Hall, Block 12 / G/F, D Hall, Block 14 / G/F & F Hall Studio, F Hall, Block 17 / JC Contemporary, Block 20 / JC Cube, Block 21 / Tai Kwun Store – Closed

Shops and restaurant’s opening hours arrangements:

  • Please check out shops and restaurant’s official websites for the corresponding opening hours

Wish you all a prosperous and happy Year of Pig!