Summer Institute Alice Jim Public Lecture – Living Futurities: Alien Commons in Contemporary Art

Summer Institute – Future Commons

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Summer Institute Alice Jim Public Lecture – Living Futurities: Alien Commons in Contemporary Art

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Date & Time

9 Aug 2019 7pm-8:30pm


JC Cube


Free of charge


The audacity of minoritarian subjects to imagine a future commons is not only about daring to make it a better world, but also about living futurities--renewed fugitive figurations of otherworldliness in search of critical relationalities, self-determination, and sustainable futures. This talk examines works by contemporary artists who draw from Indigenous and Afro-Asian futurist aesthetics to address migrant justice, climate action, and thrivance.  

The talk will be conducted in English, with English to Cantonese simultaneous interpretation.

Summer Institute is a two-week programme of student seminars and distinguished lectures aiming to address the ways in which urgent philosophical issues apply pressure to contemporary cultural production. 

Derived from the belief that common resources such as air, water, a habitable earth, and current resources such as technology and medicine belong to everyone, “Future Commons” is the speculative exploration of how communities are able to determine customs of life within sustainable means.

Alice Jim
Alice Ming Wai Jim is Professor of Contemporary Art and University Research Chair in Ethnocultural Art Histories at Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. As an art historian, curator and cultural organizer, her research interests include contemporary ethnocultural and global art histories, media arts, international art exhibitions, and critical curatorial studies. In 2018, she co-edited the fall special issue of RACAR, “What is Critical Curating?” Recipient of the 2015 Centre de documentation d'Artexte Award for Research in Contemporary Art, Jim co-convened the 2019 Global Asia/Pacific Exchange (GAX), Asian Indigenous Relationalities in Contemporary Art, in Montreal. Her current research projects include the history of Asian Canadian art and Afro-Asian Indigenous futurist aesthetics.