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Starting from Research: Automated Landscapes

Starting from Research: Automated Landscapes

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Date & Time

4 - 28 Apr, 2019 Please refer to the programme introduction


Creative Research Workshop: Shenzhen and F Hall Studio / Performance-lecture: JC Cube


Free of charge


Speaker & Instructor

Merve Bedir and Marten Kuijpers

Created by
Lai Sim Fong & Ire Tsui

Aformal Academy (Shenzhen) and Het Nieuwe Instituut (the Netherlands)

Research supported by
Design Trust and The Consulate-General of the Netherlands in Guangzhou and Hong Kong & Macao

It takes years of research and exploration to realise a design or artistic creation. Increasingly today, design research is an inspiration for art. “Automated Landscapes” is a research project by Het Nieuwe Instituut (the Netherlands) on the incursion of automation and artificial intelligence in the built environment. Project researcher Merve Bedir will reveal her unique insights in an experimental performance-lecture “Starting from Research: Automated Landscapes”. They will also lead a group of local artists to visit factories in the Mainland while sharing their research methodologies and thoughts on transferring research outputs to design and art.

Creative Research Workshop
Manifesto, in its purest form—as an uncompromising “call to change”— offers a unique platform to isolate a certain challenge or issue, and discuss all possible objective and descriptive but also subjective and polemical means of dealing with it. This workshop focuses on creating manifestos for the post-human future. Participants will visit an automated factory, kitchen, and tailor shop in Shenzhen. Based on this experience and their own interests, individually or in groups, they will create manifestos on post-human existence. The manifestos can take different forms, text, music, performance, and so on.

Study Trip:04.04.2019│8am – 6pm │Shenzhen
Workshop:22.04.2019│11am – 6pm │ F Hall Studio
Performance-Lecture:28.04.2019│3pm – 5pm│JC Cube

Merve Bedir & Marten Kuijpers

Mainly in English and Putonghua with some Cantonese

Target Participants:
Aged 18 and above, with an interested in arts creation or robots and technology

Number of Participants:
20 (limited quota on a first-come first-served basis)

$300 (A full refund will be given to participants who attend the creative research workshop and performance-lecture with a 100% attendance rate)


Application Deadline:
1 April 2019


  • Transportation in Shenzhen as well as lunch will be provided for the one-day study trip; participants need to prepare valid China travel visas and documents
  • Please wear comfortable clothing for the workshop
  • Successful applicants will be notified by email on or before 2 April 2019

In this new era where machines and technologies like AI (artificial intelligence) are taking over much of human manual work, will arts creation be exceptions? What roles will robots play in society in the future? The urban research project “Automated Landscapes”, conducted by Het Nieuwe Instituut (the Netherlands), focuses on the incursion of AI and automation in the built environment. The project tries to describe the phenomenon of automated labour in the Netherlands and Pearl River Delta region through artistic presentations, including design dialogues, film screenings and exhibitions. The project researcher Merve Bedir will discuss the roles of humans and robots in the post-human future.

28.04.2019│3pm – 5pm│JC Cube

Merve Bedir


Target Participants:
Aged 18 and above, with an interest in arts creation or science and technology

Free admission. Advance registration required


Merve Bedir

Merve Bedir is adjunct assistant professor at the University of Hong Kong, Department of Architecture. She holds a PhD from Delft University of Technology, and a BArch from Middle East Technical University (Ankara). Merve's research largely focuses on the politics of the production of urban space, and in particular on architecture and design in relation to the environment, technology, and commons. Merve is the co-founder of Land and Civilisation Compositions (Rotterdam / Hong Kong), and Aformal Academy (Shenzhen), an independent school for the city. She has published in AD Magazine, Harvard Design Magazine, Volume, and Funambulist, among others, and her work has been reviewed in The Guardian, Avery Review, and Metropolis.

Marten Kuijpers

Marten Kuijpers is an architect and researcher based in Rotterdam, and currently Senior Researcher at Het Nieuwe Instituut. He studied architecture at the University of Technology in Eindhoven (graduated with distinction in 2008). Marten curated the lectures and debates program of the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) between 2010 and 2013. Since then, he has been responsible for the program track Landscape & Interior within Het Nieuwe Instituut’s Research department. Marten was curator of several exhibitions at the institute, including “Munich 1972” (2016), and “Architecture of Appropriation” (2017). His current research focuses on the implications of automation for the built environment, based on present-day case studies in the Netherlands and the Pearl River Delta region. His work has been published in Harvard Design Magazine, The Site Magazine and Metropolis M, among others.

What is the relationship between culinary art, music, dance, architecture, machinery and contemporary art? As the saying goes, “art comes from life”, so how do we look for inspiration from life? “SHIFTING by Knowledge Transfer” invites artists and professionals from various fields to looks into the past, foresee the future and reflect on the present. Through a series of interactive workshops, lectures and showcases, they will share their experiences of transforming knowledge into art, opening up new spectrums of artistic creation to enrich people’s life and imagination.