Sound Forms 2022: Bounding in Void

Sound Forms 2022: Bounding in Void

Date & Time

12 - 19 Nov, 2022 8pm-9pm (Door opens at 7:45pm)


F Hall Studio


$120 (1 day ticket)
$300 (3 days pass)


Curator: Karen Yu
CMHK Company Manager: Him Cheung
CMHK Project officer: Tsun Winston Yeung 
Tai Kwun Contemporary Education and Public Programmes Curator: Veronica Wong
Tai Kwun Contemporary Education and Public Programmes Assistant Curator: Christy Chow

Sound Forms 2022: Bounding in Void

Sound surrounds us in every way: in the air, through the ground, and within our bodies, totally unconfined. How do we embrace and adapt to an unfamiliar space through sound? 

Presented by Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong in collaboration with Tai Kwun Contemporary, the fifth edition of Sound Forms will take place 12–19 November 2022 at Tai Kwun, presenting 3 programmes of sound performance with a focus on collaborative works that attempt to create sonic bridges between different art forms.

Artist duo Amy Chan and Lam Kin Lam will dive into the vibrating particles and electromagnetic waves, exploring the intra-action instead of interaction between light and sound. Another pair of artists, Michele Chu and Sudhee Liao, will examine the everyday “glitches” that result from the gaps in expectation for human touch, spatial relationships, and social cues during the pandemic. The festival will also feature Lam Yip and Law Yuk Mui’s performances of I Talk Like River and Lazarus Chan’s installation-performance Poplar Yuddha, which incorporates Chan’s field-collected infrasound data. 














Amy Chan, Kin Lam








Law Yuk Mui, Lam Yip, Lazarus Chan








Michele Chu, Sudhee Liao




Artist Bio

Amy Chan
Lazarus Chan
Michele Chu
Lam Kin Lam
Lam Yip
Law Yuk Mui
Sudhee Liao

Amy Chan

Light and theatre artist, focusing on the musicality, performativity and theatricality of light in theatre and installation, and the in-betweens of light-music, and arts-medicine. Her major works include light installation-performance Inter-Face, Things That Talk and Morbid Anatomy, and solo light installation Memento Mori: Sonata for Light (presented by Lumenvisum).

She is active in cross-disciplinary light collaboration, working with celebrated artists, composers and musicians including Ellen Pau, Ken Ueno and Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, in various productions such as production co-presented by M+ and Art Basel, New Vision Arts Festival and West Kowloon Freespace Jazz Fest, etc., covering art museum live performance, music installation performance, music of various genres and free improvisation. She has also designed light for over 80 performances, art gallery and installations, including A Tree to be Found, the award-winner of Hong Kong Arts Biennial 2003 and a collection of Hong Kong Museum of Art.

A Master of Fine Arts (with distinction) graduate of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, major in lighting design, with focus on light in postdramatic theatre, her artistic research was published in peer-reviewed journals such as Performance Research and Critical Stages. She was an invited speaker of Postdramatic Theatre Worldwide Symposium in Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Germany in 2019.

Lazarus Chan

Lazarus Chan is a new media artist who explores human experience including life & death, consciousness and time in his works. He specialises in multifaceted mediums, such as soundscape, electronics, data visualisation and generative art.

Graduated from the School of Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Art School, his student work, “Stochastic Camera”, was well received and he was invited to share the work as an alumnus / student representative for the School of Creative Media. He was awarded the Best Graduation Work and Best Academic Performance from Hong Kong Art School (HKAS) in 2016. Furthermore, he was awarded the Reaching Out Award from the Self-Financing Post-Secondary Scholarship Scheme in the same year. Before his graduation from the School of Creative Media in 2019, Lazarus initiated a workshop “Draw With Code” at the School of Creative Media and was interviewed by Hong Kong Society for Education in Art (HKSEA). In 2021, he was selected as an outstanding student by Targeted Taught Postgraduate Programmes Fellowships Scheme to pursue postgraduate programmes at the Academy of Visual Arts in Hong Kong Baptist University.

During 2019 - 2020, he worked as a full-time Interactive Visualist & Soundscape Designer in an award-winning hybrid innovative studio (XCEPT), and his commercial work has toured in multiple cities. In 2021, Lazarus curated his first solo exhibition “Auto.Mob” in Hong Kong Art Centre The Gallery of Hong Kong Art School and was reported by various media, including, Sing Tao Daily etc. During the same year, he was hired as a Research Assistant in The Education University of Hong Kong, Department of Cultural and Creative Arts, further as the tutor of a non-governmental organisation (iLOrk) and created an online interactive exhibition for the Tai Po Arts Centre’s Tai Po Youth Arts Festival 2021. Furthermore, Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong (CMHK) decided Lazarus as the iii Artist Exchange Program’s selected artist to create new artwork at iii (instrument inventors Initiative) in the Hague.

Michele Chu

Michele Chu is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Hong Kong. She is passionate about exploring intimacy and human connection in her work, particularly the ways in which the interplay between sensory elements and space amplifies emotional connection between individuals. Her works contemplate what makes us human, employing mediums such as multi-sensory installation and public intervention.

Chu received her MA/MSc in Global Innovation Design from Royal College of Art & Imperial College London, and her BFA in Communications Design (Illustration) from Pratt Institute.

Her works have received news coverage in publications including The Huffington Post and The Telegraph and have also been shared on global platforms such as TEDx. They have been shown in 1a Space (Hong Kong), Negative Space (Hong Kong), and Tai Kwun Contemporary (Hong Kong).

Lam Kin Lam

Lam Kin Lam is a Hong Kong percussionist and sound artist. Through the use of DIY instruments, improvisation, sound installation, audio-visual performance, and composition, he seeks to expand the possibilities for his musical practice as well as to explore the application of sound in different fields. His work investigates the intersection of sound, light, electronics, and visual media. In recent years, he has delved into the intersection between sound, light, and technology to create new works, adding elements such as indeterminacy and randomness to his works. He enjoys the unpredictability that results from interacting with his works in environments and situations not fully under his control.

Lam holds a Master's degree in Fine Art (Sound Art) from School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a Bachelor’s degree in Percussion Performance from Sam Houston State University.

Lam Yip

Lam Yip, a multidisciplinary artist and percussionist, is a graduate of the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. Through the act of creation and performance, he explores the interrelationships and possibilities of sound, hearing, physical movement, and space. His engagement with taiko over the past several years has led him to experiment with cross-disciplinary fusions and social projects from a taiko-centric perspective.

Lam's recent works and performances include the music video A Rogue Planet's Tale, the video installation and archival exhibition of Law Yuk Mui’s Sound of the Exile, Sound Forms 2021: Present_Present, and Hong Kong Music Miniatures, Inter-island Festival, and the multimedia experiment こっちじゃないNot over Here for the youth troupe The Gong Strikes One.

Law Yuk Mui

Law Yuk Mui graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Master of Fine Arts (MFA). She is a co-founder of the artist-run organisation Rooftop Institute (2016-2022).

Using image, sound, and installation as her mediums of preference, and adopting the methodologies of field study and collecting, Law regularly intervenes into the mundane space and daily life of the city, capturing the physical traces of history, psychological pathways of humanity, marks of time, and political power in relation to geographic space. In the process of digging beneath the surface, she recovers narrative fragments and micro histories. She is also sensitive to remnants in the art-making process and finds imaginative ways to re-use and reactivate these items.

Law was shortlisted for the Foundwork Artist Prize in 2021 and received the award for Young Artist (Media Art Category) from the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards and the Excellence Award (Media Art Category) at the 23rd ifva Awards in 2018.

Sudhee Liao

Sudhee Liao was born and raised in Singapore. She graduated from the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Contemporary Dance and Choreography.

An interdisciplinary choreographer and movement artist, Liao has wide-ranging experience as a performer, having worked extensively with international choreographers and performed in international dance and art festivals. Her work has been performed in various theaters, galleries, and site-specific spaces.