Sound Forms 2021: Present_Present

Sound Forms 2021: Present_Present

Sound Forms 2020

Date & Time

26 - 28 Oct, 2021 8pm-10pm (Door opens at 7:45pm)


F Hall Studio


$100 ; $250 (3-Day Pass)


Our memory of a place becomes obscured as time passes. Sound Forms 2021: Present_Present invites artists to ponder on their intangible recollections of a “place”, and the significance of home, roots, distance and location in their works. Featuring 12+ groups of artists, the fourth edition of the festival will open on October 14-16th, at Hong Kong Arts Centre featuring cross-disciplinary audio-visual performances, and continue at Tai Kwun F Hall on October 26-28th surrounded by multi-channel speakers and light installations.

Curator: Karen Yu
CMHK Project Manager: Him Cheung
Producer: Jasmine Cheung (TKC Edition)
Design MAJO

The events will adhere to the latest health and safety regulations and enforce social distancing measures.

Programme Schedule


Eric Wong
Ken Ueno
(Ft. Matthew Lau, Karen Yu)


AK Kan
(Ft. Jeffery, Karen Yu, Lam Yip, Michele Chu, Teeda Lee)


Kin Lam
Amy Chan
(Ft. Natalie@Dramacollab)

Artist Bio

Eric Wong
Ken Ueno
AK Kan Hei-chun
Kin Lam
Amy Chan
Natalie Cheung

Eric Wong, born 1981 in Minneapolis, grew up in Hong Kong, studied psychology at the University of Minnesota, and audio production and engineering at the Institute of Production and Recording. Wong has been based in Berlin since 2014.

Wong began with playing the guitar in rock bands, and later focuses on free improvised and experimental music as both a guitarist and laptop musician. His works investigate gradual change in human perception of sound and creating listening experience with appliances and objects that are ubiquitous in modern societies. He performs works of his own and other composers’, as a soloist as well as in groups including BISTRE, Panomorph, möbelgruppe, and collaborators including Fredrik Rasten, Siri Salminen, Johnny Chang, Matthias Müller, Guilherme Rodrigues, Brad Henkel, Ute Wassermann, Sayori Izawa, Elma Riza, Mireia Aragonès, Yan Jun, Beat Keller, and Derek Shirley.

Wong has released records for solo and group projects on labels such as Edition Wandelweiser, Creative Sources, and Inexhaustible Editions.

Ken Ueno is a composer, vocalist and sound artist. His works develop the interstice between these three output modes: he creates unique spaces for audiences and ensembles to inhabit with the added focus of himself as a vocalist utilizing bespoke techniques (often with a megaphone). Ueno is currently a Professor in Music at UC Berkeley.

AK Kan Hei-chun is a freelance sound designer, artist and field recordist. Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) Degree in Theatre and Entertainment Arts, majoring in Sound System Design.

He has started his curatorial project - AK IN KK - Nature Field Recording HK (, a sound recording project featuring a sound map and sound library of Hong Kong’s nature, in bringing mountains and streams to the urban ears; The project is funded by HKADC Project Grant in 2020.

His recent participated productions include: West Kowloon Cultural District - A Thousand Plateaus and Only when you sleep, it works (working title) , Tai Kwun Spotlight - A Poem in Jail, Jockey Club ifva Everywhere New Work Series Birds Sing Louder in the City, dance performance - Yin Yu Chun Fai; immersive theatre projects at the Fringe Club - Lingering in Time and Stream of Consciousness;  and Ocean Park Halloween Fest (2014-2017). In 2019, he designed the sound for Dialogue in the Dark Dialogue Experience.

Nerve is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice mines the boundaries between contemporary music, sound art, multimedia theatre and underground subcultures. His main interest is experimenting with tradition and remixing art forms. His work has been presented at CTM Festival, Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival, New Vision Festival and Sónar Festival. He is the founder and artistic director of the experimental music group Decade Ensemble. In 2017 he was an Asian Cultural Council fellow in New York.

An experimental group formed by Jeffery, Karen Yu, Lam Yip, Michele Chu, Nerve and Teeda Lee, six local artists with different backgrounds. They focus on improvisational sound performance and performance art using the body as a medium. They gave their first public performance in the Tai Kwun prison cell in July.

Kin Lam is a maker whose works blend sound, light, and electronics together. He tries to explore the world with a beginner’s mind, and it has led him to create works for him to experience his surroundings like it is for the first time: A world with unlimited possibilities and surprises. Kin builds/repurposes instruments/systems that he can’t fully control, letting chance, indeterminacy, and uncertainty to be part of the process. And of course, what is more exciting than going on stage and not sure if everything might be falling apart?

Kin has performed and exhibited original works at PASIC, EXPO Chicago, SITE Gallery, SICPP. Recently, he published a set of tutorials on DIY electronics for Contemporary Musiking’s online learning platform.

Kin received a Master of Fine Art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a Bachelor of Music in Percussion Performance from the Sam Houston State University.

Amy Chan, light artist and theatre practitioner, focuses on exploring and researching the musicality, performativity and theatricality of light in performance and installation, and the in-betweens of light-music, performance-installation and arts-medicine. Master of Fine Arts (with distinction) graduate of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in lighting design. Her major works include light installation-performances Morbid Anatomy, Things That Talk and Inter-Face, and light installation Memento Mori: Sonata for Light. She also actively collaborates with composers and music ensembles including Ken Ueno, Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, The Up:Strike Project, etc., in multimedia performances. As a theatre lighting designer, director, performer and playwright since the 1990s, she designed light for over 80 theatre productions, art gallery and installations, including A Tree to be Found, the award-winner of Hong Kong Arts Biennial 2003 and currently in the collection of Hong Kong Museum of Art. (

Natalie Cheung, a dramaturg for various cross-disciplinary productions, experienced in facilitating and creating critical dialogues between the work and the creative team. She develops workshops and creates program books to explore theatrical and social contexts with the audience. She is also a drama educator proficient in opening conversation with communities through diverse means and facilitating teacher training courses of various levels since 2000. Her articles can be found in peer-reviewed journal Critical Stages, Hong Kong Drama Yearbook and local and overseas theatre magazines. Her theatre works include: Inter-Face, Things that Talk, Morbid Anatomy, The Hong Kong Plague of 1894 site-specific theatre, Elderly Oral History Theatre Series, Forum Theatre with and for people with lived experience of mental ill health, etc.