Social Gathering Music Camp

Social Gathering Music Camp

Date & Time

31 Jul - 1 Aug, 2021 31.07.2021│3pm – 6:35pm
01.08.2021│10am – 6:35pm




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Botanic Design Partner

Camping Decoration Partner

「無限音樂營聚」Calligraphy by Kendy Suen

Social Gathering Music Camp (31.07 & 01.08.2021) Adverse Weather Arrangement

Due to adverse weather, the performances of Social Gathering Music Camp on 31.07 & 01.08.2021 have been changed to Laundry Steps while the Screening of “Social Gathering Ban(d) Show” has been cancelled.

Furthermore, some of the workshops have been changed to:




Changed Location

31.07.2021 (Sat)


Sound Healing Workshop: Unison Heart Healing
Host: Heidi Law & Vicky Fung

Laundry Steps


Calligraphy Workshop
Host: Kendy Suen

Lower E Hall




The “Carton drums. Make drums. Play drums.” Workshop
Host: Anna Fan

Lower E Hall


Camping Sharing Workshop
Host: Colin, Soto & Victor

Laundry Steps

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

With social distancing being part of daily life, one seeks inner space to free oneself from constraints in the world. From “Social Gathering Band Song” to “Social Gathering Ban(d) Show”, we seek to further extend beyond boundaries by reimagining Tai Kwun as a “camp” where the audience will enjoy the rhythm of various genres of music immersed in “glamping” with style, with a selection mindfulness, healing and family-fun workshops brought about by artists and musicians.

MC: Colin @903

Audience members are encouraged to bring their own camping stools, small stools or cushions according to personal preference. Limited number of cushions will be provided by Tai Kwun on a first-come-first-served basis.

Event Schedule

31.07.2021 Saturday
Laundry Steps 3pm-3:35pm

Performance: Gitanes - Gypsy Jazz Group
Musical style: Gypsy Jazz


Sound Healing Workshop: Unison Heart Healing*
Host: Heidi Law & Vicky Fung


Performance: Kendy Suen feat. Cy Leo
Musical style: Pop

Lower E Hall 5:15pm-5:45pm

Calligraphy Workshop*
Host: Kendy Suen

Laundry Steps 6pm-6:35pm

Performance: Winter Bagels x The Afternoon Tea feat. Him Hui @The Hertz
Musical style: Acoustic Pop

01.08.2021 Sunday
F Hall Studio 10am-12pm

Yoga & Mindfulness Workshop with Angelita Li & Teriver Cheung* 
Host: Angelita Li & Teriver Cheung

Laundry Steps 3pm-3:35pm

Performance: Kaho Hung feat. Panther Chan & VSing
Musical style: CantoPop / Alternative Rock / A cappella 

Lower E Hall 3:45pm-4:15pm

The “Carton drums. Make drums. Play drums.” Workshop*
Host: Anna Fan

Laundry Steps 4:30pm-5:05pm

Performance: Sahara Fountain
Musical style: Pop music, Kids, feel good and parenting music


Camping Sharing Workshop*
Host: Colin, Soto & Victor


Performance: VSing
Musical style: A cappella

*Please register via Tai Kwun website

•    All workshops will be conducted in Cantonese unless otherwise specified.
•    Activities are subject to change without prior notice.
•    Tai Kwun reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the arrangements.

Workshops on 31.07 (Sat)

Sound Healing Workshop: Unison Heart Healing

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Our hearts were burdened for over a year by limitations, separation, isolation and possibly fear over the disease. It is with great joy that we can finally gather around to uplift our hearts by sharing healing energies through synchronized breaths, chanting, and frequencies from sound healing instruments.

Host: Heidi Law & Vicky Fung
Date: 31.07.2021 (Saturday)
Time: 3:45pm-4:15pm
Venue: Laundry Steps

Reminder to participants:

  • Participants are advised to wear comfortable outfit.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring their own stools, towels or cushions according to personal preference. Limited number of cushions will be provided by Tai Kwun on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Workshop will be held outdoor, please be prepared for weather conditions such as sun and heat.
  • Please prepare sufficient drinking water, it is essential to intake sufficient water to process the vibrational healing. Participants are advised to take enough rest post workshop.
  • People with epilepsy, mental illness, medical implants and pregnancy are not advised to receive sound healing treatment, please consult doctor before participating if there is any doubt about your health conditions.

Calligraphy workshop

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Kendy will be sharing her journey of how she started typography designs, and how she was inspired by the traditional Chinese characters. In a time like this, mindfulness is one big area of focus and being able to take time out to express the inner soul through simple writing has more benefits to the well-being than you can ever imagine.。

Host: Kendy Suen
Date: 31.07.2021 (Saturday)
Time: 5:15pm-5:45pm
Venue: Lower E Hall

Reminder to participants:

  • Paper, pen and ink writing materials will be provided.
  • Workshop will be held outdoor, please be prepared for weather conditions such as sun and heat.


Workshops on 01.08 (Sun)

Yoga & Mindfulness Workshop with Angelita Li & Teriver Cheung

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Multiple award-winning jazz guitarist Teriver Cheung and local singer/integral Hatha yoga teacher Angelita Li teaming up to share this special experience. Participant will learn about breath/body connection through movements during the first part of the workshop; in the second part you will be guided through a journey of how to liberate the mind with the sound of music.

Host: Angelita Li & Teriver Cheung
Date: 01.08.2021 (Sunday)
Time: 10am-12pm
Venue: F Hall Studio

Reminder to participants:

  • Recommended for ages 12 and above
  • The workshop will be conducted in English & Cantonese
  • Please be punctual. Late comers will not be admitted to the workshop.
  • Participants are required to disinfect hands with hand sanitizer provided by organizer before entering the practice room.
  • Participants are required to wear surgical mask during the whole workshop.
  • Remove your shoes before entering the practice room and wear comfortable attire (loose fit).
  • Participants should bring their own yoga mats, towels, light jackets or cover and eye masks.
  • Participants can bring yoga blocks (optional).
  • Please prepare sufficient drinking water, it is essential to intake sufficient water.

The “Carton drums. Make drums. Play drums.” Workshop 

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Ultrafast and straightforward constructing,
Unique creativity exploring,
Unlimited fun drumming.
- “Three U Concepts”

Drumming is the origin of all music. It is the most contagious, evocative, and expressive tool of humanity. Percussionist Anna Fan has a belief, “Everyone can have a convenient, fun, space-saving, environmentally friendly, and furniture stool-able drum in the house, and you can play drums whenever you want!” So in this carton drum workshop, you can experience the “Three U Concepts” - Ultrafast and straightforward constructing; unique creativity exploring; and unlimited fun drumming.

In this workshop, you will first experience installing the newly designed carton drum in two minutes. In the second part, you will give full play to your creativity and decorate your unique carton drum with graffiti and stickers. Lastly, follow our professional drummer teacher and JAM with your carton drums!

Host: Anna Fan
Date: 01.08.2021 (Sunday)
Time: 3:45pm-4:15pm
Venue: Lower E Hall

Reminder to participants:

  • Materials such as the carton, marker pen, stickers etc. will be provided
  • Workshop will be held outdoor, please be prepared for weather conditions such as sun and heat.

Camping Sharing Workshop
903 DJ Colin x Botanist Soto x Camping Event Curator Victor

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Three experts who love the nature and camping come together and share how to look for the “Utopia, Momentarily” from the nature amid the era without travel and journey. Coincidentally their camping experiences are profoundly inspired by Japanese culture. From stepping into camping for the first time to infusing camping into music and life, they believe nothing to fear in the worst of times as long as you can find your beloved lifestyle as the best of times.

Host: Colin, Soto & Victor
Date: 01.08.2021 (Sunday)
Time: 5:15pm-5:30pm
Venue: Laundry Steps

Reminder to participants:

  • Participants are encouraged to bring their own camping stools, small stools or cushions according to personal preference. Limited number of cushions will be provided by Tai Kwun on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Workshop will be held outdoor, please be prepared for weather conditions such as sun and heat.


Panther Chan (Perform on 01.08)
Victor Lam (Workshop on 01.08)
Soto (Workshop on 01.08)
Colin Mak (Workshop on 01.08)
Anna Fan (Perform / Workshop on 01.08)
Teriver Cheung (Workshop on 01.08)
Angelita Li (Workshop on 01.08)
VSing (Perform on 01.08)
Sahara Fountain (Perform on 01.08)
Gitanes - Gypsy Jazz Group (Perform on 31.07)
Kaho Hung (Perform on 01.08)
The Afternoon Tea feat. Him Hui @The Hertz (Perform on 31.07)
Winter Bagels (Perform on 31.07)
Cy Leo (Perform on 31.07)
Kendy Suen (Perform / Workshop on 31.07)
Vicky Fung (Workshop on 31.07)
Heidi Law (Workshop on 31.07)

Panther Chan is a Hong Kong Cantopop singer-songwriter. She won 4th place of ‘Asian Millionstar’ in 2009 and participated ‘Song of China’ in 2014. After that, she developed her career as independent signer. She was signed to Warner Music Hong Kong in Jul 2019. She won the Silver Award for Female Singer and the Bronze Award for Singer-songwriter in 2020. Panther is known to have a strong and established image in rock music. Her unique style also makes her a fashion icon, attracting collaboration invitations from multiple brands. Panther’s recent hit single “I Wanna Be With You” is out now on streaming platforms.

Camping Event Curator

Victor Lam, the mastermind behind UNIO, begins his camping journey just like any newbies, purchase every gear that’s trendy and nice-looking, after a decade’s adventure between grass and woods, he now focus on the story and philosophy behind each brands or products. His frequent appearance in camping festival across different counties also reflect how enthusiastic he is. He truly wishes Hong Kong can develop it’s own camping culture just like our peers in Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

UNIO is a Latin word meaning oneness or unity. We unit local brands to promote camping culture as one, we run events as a group. We believe camping should be a lifetime interest, a chance for us to enjoy what nature gives us, rather than just a craze during the Covid period.


Soto is the cofounder of Botanic Union, a garden builder supplier located in Tai Po Lam Tsuen. Transforming from event design production and starting from the ground, he slowly be friends with plants and gardens, and even create customised playlist for the plants.

“It is the period that can let us slow down and feel around nature. Being friends with plants, I found that planting is not only an interest but also an inspiration. It is an opportunity for us to rethink the connection and relationship with nature. We are here to learn how to appreciate every little thing and get satisfaction from it.” - Soto

A DJ of 903, who fall in love with camping, since he participated in Go Out Jamboree 6 years ago in Japan, he is deeply influenced by how Japanese pursue the little things and details in camping and life.

Since Anna’s return from Boston in 2010, she has been widely accepted in the Hong Kong music scene. She has played in music festivals all over the world, and she’s also very active in the Hong Kong music scene, having performed with Laura Fygi, Eason Chan, Sammi Cheng, Hacken Lee, etc.

Anna is the composer and percussion advisor for highly acclaimed ‘Detention’ by Tang Shu-Wing Theatre Studio since 2012.

Apart from being the drummer of jazz quartet maRK, Anna is also a TV show host for RTHK Channel 31 ‘Indie Music,’ a 10- episode series on Hong Kong’s indie music scene.

Anna founded PE LAB (Percussion Ensemble LAB), fusing pop music, jazz, Broadway musical style, exploring the possibilities, and passing down the percussion art form. Anna is also the creative director, composer, arranger, leader, lead singer of [dǎ jiān], and FANtastic Line, pushing the boundary of percussion music and jazz culture.

Jazz Guitarist, Composer and Curator
Drip Music/Ensemble Transience/R.O.O.T 

According to JazzTimes, “Teriver Cheung demonstrates an impressive command of his instrument and reveals a mature, composerly approach”. Born in Hong Kong, the award winning Jazz guitarist and composer has frequently collaborated with musicians including Grammy Award winning artist Billy Childs, Eddie Gómez, Keita Ogawa, Eric Marienthal. 

In 2015, Cheung curated the multimedia concert Hong Kong Episodes and collaborated with various musicians including the classical music composer Fung Lam, the pianist, organist and composer Chok Kerong from Singapore. As a collaborating Jazz artist, he has performed with the Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and participate in various production in the mainstream music industry. His independent band R.O.O.T. has won the 2nd place of the Best New Artist at the 903 Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation. 

With his unique sound and rich musical background, Cheung has become one of the most active composers, performers and curators in Hong Kong. Teriver Cheung is an endorsed artist for the D’Angelico Guitars and Fender In-Ear Monitors.

Hong Kong born singer, Angelita Li's voice and live performances have been seen and heard from TV commercials, pubs, concert halls, CDs and music festivals in Hong Kong and in various countries. She's known for her ability to interpret wide range of genre, from Jazz to Rock, and even Musical Theater. Aside from music, Li have set foot in exploration of the world of Yoga, now a certified instructor of Intermediate Integral Hatha Yoga; Raja Yoga and Accessible Prenatal Yoga. Working for a local charity providing yoga, arts and meditation in various outreach and community programs. Angelita have been teaching in prison, vulnerable community and for the people who required special need. Combining her passion of singing and mindfulness connection, she is recently holding Jazz/Mindfulness programs, collaborating with like-minded musicians such as Teriver Cheung and Alan Kwan. Recently works including Jazz Uncancelled and DEW projects.

VSing is a professional a cappella group based in HK. Known for their imaginative and intricate musical arrangements, and versatility across musical genres, VSing has gained media attention from multiple fronts, and boasts a strong social media presence. In July 2018, VSing was named 1563 at the East’s Artist of the Month, and in October, won the Gold Medal Prize at the Taiwan International Contemporary A Cappella Festival. In September 2020, VSing released its first original song《Hear My Voice》, garnering much positive reviews and media attention.

VSing regularly takes part in a variety of performances, and has worked with a number of artists, including Jason Chan, Janice Vidal, Hins Cheung, Rubberband, and jazz musician Patrick Lui. In Jan 2020, VSing headlined their sold-out concert “Take a Bow: A cappella” at the Kwai Tsing Theatre Auditorium.

VSing has also performed in cities all around the world, including Dubai, Serbia, various cities in Mainland China and Europe.

Find VSing here:

Versatile vocalist Sara C. (Sara Chu), ever since she became a mother, her life has entered a hectic but colorful and full of surprises phase. Any tiny bits from watching your child growing is like a spring fountain in our ordinary life because it’s always full of vitality and eagerness. Even if the body and spirit are dry as a desert, any interaction with your child is the best remedy to heal the parents, like a sip of clear water that awakens energy and rewards life.

Carefully crafted by lead singer Sara.C and percussionist Anna Fan, SaharaFountain is a unique music event tailored for “parents & kids” to hear the bottom words within the heart of families.

This time joining with three special guests, Kent Leung (keyboardist), Nic Tsui (guitarist), and Kenny Lin (saxophonist), we will play fun and energetic songs for every family, with handpicked Kpop, Canto Pop, US pop together. Together we ensure all families have a wonderful and heartfelt moment with music and dance with us. 

Participants of the “Carton drums” Workshop may bring their carton drum and JAM with us!

Formed in the dark and mysterious backstreets of Tai Hang, "Gitanes" is a diverse international group of artists swinging in the style of "gypsy jazz". Soulful singer Angelita, virtuosic guitarist Antoine, wunderkind drummer Nate, versatile violinist Felix, and legendary bassist Sylvain, bring their unique flavour to classics and new repertoire while delighting listeners across generations.

Kaho Hung is a Hong Kong Cantopop singer-songwriter. He graduated from Academy of Performing Arts, specialized in Sound Design. He was signed to Warner Music Hong Kong in early 2017 after being discovered in a WMHK's audition event, 'Warner Meet You'. He won the Gold Award for New Singer in 2019. Kaho’s songs are usually popular on streaming platforms, with “Teardrops In The Ocean” gaining over 2 million views on Youtube. His latest single “Time Travel” is out on digital streaming platforms now.

"Afternoon Tea" has its own localized style everywhere in the world, including Hong Kong. With exploring possibilities of a duo in this city, we wish to share with you both "tea-time" relaxing moments and our thoughts in a mix of grooves after your busy hours.

To explore the possibilities beyond a duo, The Afternoon Tea invited Him Hui, the keyboardist from The Hertz to perform in this show.

Winter Bagels is an acoustic-pop girl band formed in Jan 2016, Kaki and Cup are both lead vocalist and guitarist. "Everyone is a bagel" : having a heart with simplicity , born to be genuine. Winter-borns decided to form a group in this cold season, using our music to fill up emptiness inside hearts. Enjoy our music like the special toppings on the bagel.

In 2016, the duo released their debut EP "Winter Bagels", bringing their EP to Eastern Europe for summer busking. After the trip, they have continued to participate in local music events actively including Jockey Club Street Music Series, Freespace Happening, Musik11,"Ear Up" record label creation and incubation program, etc.

Cy Leo is a twenty-six-year-old chromatic harmonica virtuoso, composer, and singer song writer from Hong Kong. Influenced by his father, PC Ho, founder of the Hong Kong Harmonica Association and the world-renowned King’s Harmonica Quintet, Leo became a consummate performer, winning his first international award as a harmonica soloist at the age of 10 at the Asia-Pacific Harmonica Festival. Since his graduation from the Polytechnic University in 2016, he has been touring frequently across the globe. Leo has toured in over 40 cities.

Closer to home, Leo has collaborated with many A-list local HK artists including Joey Yung, Sandy Lam, Lowell Lo, Hacken Lee, Leo Ku and Louis Koo.

Leo has also appeared at two of the biggest music festivals in Hong Kong, including the 32nd Hong Kong Arts Festival and Clockenflap 2016. Within two years since 2018, Leo has released two albums including the ‘Lost In Time’ and ‘Angel & Demon’ with the support from a series of successful crowdfunding campaign.

In recent years, Leo has co-founded an instrumental music label Ginger Muse to promote original instrumental music in Hong Kong. He was later awarded as the Young Artists of the 14th Hong Kong Arts Development Awards in 2020. He is now the Co-Artistic Director of Music Lab.

Kendy Suen, previously in a duo named “Robynn and Kendy”, have released six albums during their time with major label up till 2019. 

Currently Kendy is exploring her musical journey as an independent solo artist and has been performing in both english and cantonese. She is also trying to bring elements she was aspired by back in the UK in her most recent works. 

Her latest singles ‘a time like this’ ‘faces’ ‘minds eye’ and ‘white brow’ have all been charted in commercial radio music charts from 2020-2021. 

Kendy has been broadening her musical tastes by getting involved in the production of her music projects and expressing her mind through her recent music and calligraphy works. She is going to release her first solo EP in Vinyl form in August and is extending her calligraphy works in various music, commercial brands and charity projects.

More about Kendy Suen:

With over 20  years of pop music experience, as songwrite, lyricist, singer-songwriter, founder of live house and music label, curator to social enterprise "Every Life Is A Song”, Vicky Fung has always endeavoured to promote Hong Kong’s music culture. She is passionate about songwriting and has presented dynamic and unique perpectives in her many of her works. Vicky has released three recorded albums, including "Never Home", "The Journey of Present" and "Travelling Soul" and continuously seeks to breakthrough further. She held her latest concert "Surrealty . Live" in November 2020 at Freespace West Kowloon. 

In the past 2 years, Vicky has started her learning and development in the areas of sound and energy healing.

Heidi Law graduated from Shepherd School of Music, Rice University with Master Degree of Music in Percussion Performance. She is also a graduate from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Music.

Heidi is a Sound Healing Practitioner trained by The College of Sound Healing (UK), as well as Reiki practitioner with Usui Reiki Master Level and Karuna Reiki Master Level, and a Certified Meditation Teacher.

As an multi-faceted percussionist, she has collaborated with artists across a wide spectrum of genres; she also performs as a singer in contemporary and pop settings. As an educator, Heidi co-founded Happy Music Academy in Happy Valley and Soundness Studio in Causeway Bay.

Tai Kwun Treats

“Tai Kwun Treats” are now available for the participants of this programme! Get the vouchers and enjoy various privileged offers at designated shops and restaurants.

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