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Social Gathering Ban(d) Show

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Social Gathering Ban(d) Show

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Date & Time

7 Nov 2020 - 9 Jan 2021 Please refer to the programme introduction




Free of charge


Programme Postponement Notice

The programme "Social Gathering Ban(d) Show” to be held on 5 Dec 2020 and 9 Jan 2021 have been postponed until further notice. Please contact for enquiries. Thank you for your understanding.

In 2020, we have gone through separation and isolation, and yet we have learned how to “be together” in separation and isolation.

In "Social Gathering Ban(d) Show", different groups of musicians will spread over the Laundry Steps and perform under the concept of “together in separation” with the participation of the audience. Also, the brand-new "Social Gathering Ban(d) Song", written by composer Vicky Fung and lyricist Yiu-Fai Chow, will be performed the first time in public.

Before we reunite at the Laundry Steps again, you are invited to enjoy the premiere of "Social Gathering Ban(d) Song" music video on “Every Life Is A Song” YouTube channel; the video will also be available for viewing on Tai Kwun website.

07.11.2020 │ "Social Gathering Ban(d) Song" Online Premiere

05.12.2020 │ 4:00pm-5:30pm │ Laundry Steps │ "Social Gathering Ban(d) Show I" (Postponed until further notice)

09.01.2021 │ 4:00pm-5:30pm │ Laundry Steps │ "Social Gathering Ban(d) Show II" (Postponed until further notice)

Composed by Vicky Fung
Lyrics by Yiu-Fai Chow

Performed by (05.12.2020): 

Hakgwai, Mic & I
Set Tone Men
The Afternoon Tea
The Black Sheepee
Winter Bagels


FANtastica is a local jazz band led by Anna Fan (drummer). In this performance, she lined up the musicians – Cy Leo (harmonicist), Tsui Chin Hung (guitarist), Ricky Wong (keyboardist) and Wong Tak Chung (bassist), who are active in local jazz music scene, as a 5 piece jazz band.

About "Social Gathering Ban(d) Song"

Composer Vicky Fung and lyricist Yiu-Fai Chow have created "Social Gathering Ban(d) Song" amidst the unpredictability faced by Hong Kongers under COVID-19. The social distance restrictions have inspired Vicky to transform the frustration into a melody in which all phrases are no more than 4 unrepeated notes (symbolising social gathering ban of more than 4) and each note is distanced by at least 3 semitones (symbolising social distance of 1.5m). Chow’s lyrics is a reflection of the daily interactions and intersections of lives under separation. This audio and video of the song has been recorded and compiled by over 50 musicians separately in their own ways under social distancing restrictions, under the arrangement framework designed by Ng Cheuk Yin with improvisations by different musicians. A one-of-a-kind musical work, with over 100 tracks, produced under these circumstances, is born after 6 months of production.


Anna Fan
CY Leo
Tsui Chin Hung
Ricky Wong
Wong Tak Chung
Hakgwai, Mic & I
Set Tone Men
The Afternoon Tea
The Black Sheepee
Winter Bagels

Drummer born and raised in Hong Kong, Anna graduated from the Berklee College of Music. After returning to Hong Kong in 2010, Anna led her jazz group Renfrew Group touring in South Asia, including Hong Kong Arts Festival 2012, Hong Kong International Jazz Festival, Beishan International Jazz Festival (Zhuhai, China) and Tai Chung International Jazz Festival. Apart from being the drummer of the local jazz band - maRK, she is the host of “硬地音樂”, at RTHK TV 31. As to expand the new dimension of percussion and develop the percussion culture, Anna established PE LAB (Percussion Ensemble LAB), which integrate modern pop, jazz and Broadway musical elements. Her contemporary drumline “Fantastic Line” features her as the creative director, vocalist and drummer, which actively promotes extraordinary percussion and jazz culture.

Official Website:

Leo is one of the most promising harmonica players and singer-song writers internationally. He has accumulated 17 international championships since 2006. In October 2013, Leo made his debut in the World Harmonica Festival, and excelled among all contestants by seizing the ‘World Championship’  in the Test Piece Chromatic Harmonica Solo category, which is renowned as the highest honour of chromatic harmonica player. His performance reveals extraordinary flexibility, ranging from classical, jazz, R&B, to rock music. He has performed in more than 60 cities within Asia, Europe and North America, receiving high acclaim on his virtuosic technique and unique musical interpretation. Since 2016, he became the first Asian headliner in numerous prestigious international cruiseship companies as a harmonica player. He is currently the international endorser at the Honher Music.

Tsui Chin Hung is a composer, orchestrator and guitarist. Tsui has studied music from different cultures and has worked as a composer for various media. He had been appointed as composer for Tsz Shan Monastery, Boston ALEA III Contemporary Music Ensemble, Hong Kong Ballet "Empty Awakening". His recent appointments as music director and composer included, Radix Troupe "The Accidental Rainbow", "45mins Soulmate”, “Between the Devil and The Deep Blue Sea”. Tsui had scored original music for the Hong Kong feature film “Ciao UFO”. As a guitarist, Tsui studied at Musicians Institute, Los Angeles where he became a student of Jimmy Wyble, as well as Bruce Buckingham, Brad Rabuchin and Scott Henderson. Tsui has been performing in EUROPAfest and various Asian music festivals with his original works.

Ricky Wong is a Hong Kong based pianist, keyboardist and a self-taught composer. Since 2011, he has performed with various artists like Jun Kung, Siu Fei, Rubberband, Dear Jane, Jolie Chan, Phil Lam at various concert venues. In December 2012, Ricky formed the band ‘maRK’ alongside fellow accomplished musicians Marcus Ho, Anna Fan and Kenny KC Lin. In early 2013 maRK released their first EP ‘Jump Start’ which consists of Wong’s original compositions. The band gained recognition in no time and have since played in various music festivals including Beijing Jazz Music Week, Beishan Jazz Festival, Hong Kong International Jazz Festival and the International Jazz Day concerts.

Wong Tak Chung is a local bassist. In 2014, Chung and three Hong Kong jazz musicians formed a jazz quartet "In One Stroke". In One Stroke released their first album under the same name in 2016 Spring, and has performed 2 concerts for EUROPAfest at Romania and completed their first Europe and Taiwan tour in 2017. And they also participated in the international jazz marathon 2018, with the well-known jazz trumpet player Alex Sipiagin at Queen Elizabeth Stadium. In the same year, Chung has also joined the Alan Kwan Quartet for the jazz re-visit held by LCSD at Cultural Centre. In 2019, Chung participated as a project director in the cultural ambassador lead by LCSD.


Join Hakgwai, Mic & I for an immersive journey between special and temporal dimensions. Through sound frequencies, body movements, and sensory submergence; an individual is invited to zen/zone in, and open up their senses beyond the visual veil. Observe outward, immerse inward.

Set Tone Men (STM), established in September 2011, is a young and energetic contemporary male a cappella group. In July 2013, STM was invited by the city of Koshu, Japan, to perform at the Koshu a cappella Summit. In December 2014, STM was invited by Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Centre to take part in Voice Connected, a short film project. STM won a Silver Medal in the World Contemporary a cappella Competition at the Taiwan International Vocal Festival 2012. It has also won numerous champion in a cappella contests in Hong Kong. In 2015, STM was invited by Hong Kong singer Phil Lam to record Cantonese pop song《頌讚詩》 (A Hymn of Praise), which received wide acclaim. Later that year, they were invited by RTHK as guests in their programme Artispiration to promotion the a cappella art form.

"Afternoon Tea" has its own localised style everywhere in the world, in Hong Kong. With exploring possibilities of a duo in this city, we wish to share with you both "tea-time" relaxing moments and our thoughts in a mix of grooves after your busy hours.

Fresh new heartbeat with The Black Sheepee. Original material composed from heart, vocalist Yanny and songwriter-guitarist Hei Hei enjoy performing a wide variety of music besides their own upbeat mix of Asian delicacy. Their simple and lovely voice are mesmerising.

Winter Bagels is an acoustic-pop girl band formed in Jan 2016, Kaki and Cup are both lead vocalist and guitarist. "Everyone is a bagel": having a heart with simplicity, born to be genuine. Winter-borns decided to form a group in this cold season, using our music to fill up emptiness inside hearts. Enjoy our music like the special toppings on the bagel. In 2016, the duo released their debut EP "Winter Bagels", bringing their EP to Eastern Europe for summer busking. After the trip, they have continued to participate in local music events actively including Jockey Club Street Music Series, Freespace Happening, Musik11,"Ear Up" record label creation and incubation program, etc.