Exhibitions & Events

Art After Hours 2019

Film Screening & Kukangendai Music Performance

13 Dec 2019

One ear to hear - on(h)(e)ar)

24 Oct 2019

Elvia Wilk’s Oval and Real Eco-Estate Futures: reading followed by conversation with Tiffany Sia

17 Oct 2019

Foxconn Frequency (no.3) – for three visibly Chinese performers

11 Oct 2019

Spitting Spirits: from hip hop to acoustic sound with MC Yan

31 Aug 2019

Under-Cover: Investigations in Art Publishing

25 Jul - 31 Aug, 2019

The Great Spirit: acoustic performance by MC Yan

30 Aug 2019

Under-Cover: Investigations in Art Publishing – Spotlight

25 Jul - 29 Aug, 2019

Incoming Outgoing No. 1: spontaneous rituals with Shane Aspegren and Suitcase Institute

23 Aug 2019

Screening and Talk | Chungking Global

17 Aug 2019

Merry Night Ride: performance by Merry Lamb Lamb

16 Aug 2019

Real Estate Zine Bedroom Story: launch with Popo-Post Art Group

9 Aug 2019

Translator as viewer as performer: re-translating conceptual art with Yan Wu

3 Aug 2019

Richard Roe: reading by Tyler Coburn

2 Aug 2019

Cross and Transfer: Bookmaking Workshop with Doreen Chan

27 Jul 2019

ART AFTER HOURS - Disaster and Japanese Art: Noi Sawaragi Lecture

14 Jul 2019

Art After Hours: Mauvais Sang Screening + Li Chi Tak in Conversation

28 Jun 2019

Art After Hours: Sarah Morris: No Inside Outside (ASAP Keynote Lecture)

7 Jun 2019

Art After Hours: Screening and Talk | Rehearsing the Museum

24 May 2019

"Yesterday Once More" Film Premiere and Talk

17 May 2019

Yuk Hui: Book Launch

3 May 2019

Art After Hours: Influenzers 你我相隔(多麼遠) Performative Workshop with Enoch Cheng and curator talk with Ying Kwok

12 Apr 2019

Bitten: Inside the Mosquito World

6 Apr 2019

Screening of “Prison Architect” by Cao Fei with the artist present and followed by a Q&A session

28 Mar 2019

Art After Hours: Influenzers 你我相隔 (多麼遠) Performative Workshop with Enoch Cheng

22 Mar 2019

Art After Hours: “Come to me, Paradise” Film Screening and Conversation with Artist Stephanie Comilang

15 Mar 2019

Travelling Book: “14 Years Old & World & Border” Book Launch & Reading Event

9 Mar 2019

Art After Hours: “The Witching Hour” Panel

8 Mar 2019

Art After Hours: The Violence of Gender (From a Hong Kong perspective) Panel

7 Mar 2019

[Art After Hours] Artist’s Choice: ”Night of the Living Dead“ and in Conversation with Angela Su

1 Mar 2019

Art After Hours: Zhong Kui and the Reform of Hell—A Puppet Show by eteam

22 - 23 Feb, 2019

Art After Hours: Karaoke Court by Jack Tan

8 Feb 2019

Art After Hours: Contagion and Hygiene panel

1 Feb 2019

Art After Hours: Hong Kong Visions with Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong

18 Jan 2019

Art After Hours: The Great Every Pandiculate Dinner Party

4 Jan 2019

Paid Programme Registration Required

Real Estate Zine Bedroom Story: launch with Popo-Post Art Group

Time |
Location |
Room 03-206, Barrack Block
Price |
Free of charge

The Popo-Post Art Group cordially invites you to the official launch of their first publication project, the Real Estate Zine: Bedtime Story. RSZB takes the bed as a unit of measure, showing how small a saleable lot can be scaled down and yet how far the human imagination can go. The apartment the size of a bed is presented as a model home, with its related publication offering in-depth analysis on sleeping positions, bedtime literature reviews, and more practical how-tos such as tips for falling asleep and having sweet dreams. The launch will take on the form of a slumber party and guests are encouraged to bring their own pillows to rest their heads on. RSZB compiles works that were earlier shown in an exhibition of the same name at Front/SiDE Gallery, JCCAC in April 2019. The works were shown in a display case the size of a bed. The zine includes contributions from Calvin Chu, Chung Wing Shan, Cheng Yuen Ling, Hui Tsz Ho, Ma Wik (Joyce Ma), Lam Kwok Yam, Lam Ka Man, Ronald Kwong, and Wong Chun Kit. 

This event will be conducted in Cantonese and English.

Live events take place on Friday evenings and include presentations by those working in sound publishing, performative readings, and low-fi zine production.

Formed in 2018, the Popo-Post Art Group take WhatsApp as their HQ, denying the physical comfort of and desire for a studio. In response to Hong Kong’s always burgeoning financial sector, they use idle and underrated spaces. They mix high-quality cultural cement and use it to fill up the slivers and gaps in this city. Their first exhibition titled Queen Mother Crossing Time and Border was held throughout the districts of Yau Tsim Mong, Sham Shui Po, and Kwai Tsing. The works were shown in monthly rental cubic displays in malls such as the Argyle Centre, Apple Mall/Dragon Centre, and Magic Box. Don’t tell your mama, the Popo-Post Art Group irons the earth.