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Contemporary Art Programme
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Open Call 2019 for Artists' Studio


Open Call for Artists' Studios 2019 has ended. For 2020 programme details, please click here.

Tai Kwun Contemporary announces an Open Call for Tai Kwun Artists’ Studios, resulting in Studio Presentations and Interventions. The Open Call is for 2 emerging artists or creative professionals from Hong Kong and beyond who work in time-based, intangible or less traditional artistic formats such as: performances, videos, social interventions, books, writing, research-based practices, conceptual art, AI/VR and more. These creative practitioners are invited to use one of the  Tai Kwun Artists’ studio spaces on a non-live-in basis for a period of 2-3 months.

In parallel with Tai Kwun’s diverse education and public programmes, the residencies expand the depth of programming and create a far-reaching network of artists, curators, researchers, writers and academics that encourage interdisciplinary collaborations, as well as contribute to a flourishing art scene in Hong Kong, enabling professionals to develop their practices and to benefit from the network of Tai Kwun and its partners. The users of the Artist’ Studios are obliged to actively contribute content to the Tai Kwun’s ongoing programming.

The Studio Presentations/Interventions will allow the opportunity for artists to experiment with the different display of a studio, possibly allowing for an enhanced degree of sociability, dialogue, and exchange. 

The studios are free of charge for residents and are for working use only.

Eligibility: The studios are available to all artistic and heritage practitioners . The time is flexible from two to three months up to one year. 

Submissions guidelines:
•The Open Call is aimed at emerging artists or creative professionals from Hong Kong and beyond who work in time-based, intangible or less traditional artistic formats—such as performances, videos, social interventions, books, writing, research-based practices, conceptual art, AI/VR, among others.
•The proposed Artist Studio applications are aimed at artists, artist collectives, creative professionals, and writers and art professionals. 
•Each artist and artist-collective is able to submit one proposal only. 
•The Artist Studio applications will be evaluated based on the degree to which the studio stay and proposed final presentation/intervention enriches the vitality and diversity of the local Hong Kong art scene
•The applicant will explain how he/she/they can benefit from the time and space, with a possible proposal for the presentation, or lacking that, with a portfolio of small-scale presentations/interventions that are able to show the trajectory and experience of the applicant’s artistic/ creative practice. 
•The final presentation/intervention shall be developed in consultation of Tai Kwun Contemporary curatorial team. Tai Kwun shall provide limited resources for logistics, infrastructure, maintenance and funds for the production. 
•The proposed presentation budget should include estimated costs for production, installation and dismantle and publication costs. 
•If the proposed presentation has been presented at another venue or is planned to travel, it should be indicated in the application. 
•The presentations will be presented under the title: Open Studios at Tai Kwun Contemporary
•Submissions by commercial galleries or with commercial intentions will not be accepted.

Studio and Presentation conditions:
•The floor area of each studio is up to 35 m². The studio spaces are for work only; they are not for live-in accommodations.
•Successful applicants must adhere to the rules of the Tai Kwun Residencies.
•The final presentation and production process will be discussed between the successful applicant and the Tai Kwun Contemporary curatorial team.
•Applicants should submit a proposal of max. 800 words in English, or 500 words in Chinese that includes an explanation why Tai Kwun artist studios would be relevant and helpful for the applicant’s artistic/creative practice, a preliminary idea of the final presentation, an introduction of the applicant’s experience/artistic practice, with up to 4 images, no larger than 2MB in total.
•Applications can be written in English or Chinese; for applications in Chinese, please add a short summary (200 words) of the curatorial concept in English.
•Applications should be submitted in digital format to: opencall@taikwun.hk

Result announcement:
•Submissions are evaluated by a jury including Tai Kwun Contemporary curatorial team members and one member of the Tai Kwun Art Working Group.
•Submissions are evaluated based on the applicant’s professional experience, conceptual strength of the artistic/creative practice and artistic and curatorial merit.
•Submission deadline: 15 August 2019