Online Learning (Secondary): Tai Kwun Stories




Free of charge


Heritage education activities seek to empower students and teachers to use Tai Kwun as a one-stop living resource to learn about Hong Kong’s history and culture, law and order development, as well as conservation and sustainable urban development.

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This 45-minute to 1-hour online talk invites students and teachers to delve into the stories of Tai Kwun and Hong Kong before in-person visits to the historic compound. Two versions of the activity are available to cater to different subjects:

1. Heritage Stories

Delivered by Tai Kwun Heritage Education

(Subjects: History / Chinese History / Geography / Other Learning Experiences)

2. Conservation Tales

Delivered by Tai Kwun Heritage Education and Project Architect

(Subjects: Liberal Studies / Life and Society / Visual Arts / Other Learning Experiences)

With interactive games and quizzes, students will uncover stories of the heritage compound with over 170 years of history, and foster foundational understanding to enrich on-site experience in the future.

This activity is free of charge. Please email to schedule your session.