Off Stage, On Screen

Off Stage, On Screen

Date & Time

2 - 31 Aug, 2021 Please refer to the programme introduction for details


Laundry Steps


Free of charge


The unprecedented impact of the pandemic has led to cancellation of performances and touring. During this time, artists around the world have taken on new challenges and continue to connect with the audience with various means. One of them is a range of innovative films that capture the essence and spirit of the performing arts.

To celebrate these unique creations, Tai Kwun is delighted to collaborate with Hong Kong and international artists and institutions to present “Off Stage, On Screen”; a month-long screening series in summer to bring these films from your household theatre to the vast screen at Laundry Steps. 

This extensive collection of films demonstrates the tireless effort and creativity of artists amid a period of immense difficulties. It reminds us how arts keep us company and the comfort it brings through. Join us at Laundry Steps and stay tuned on the screening schedule!


I. Arts in the City 02.08 (Mon), 16.08 (Mon)│6:30pm-7:30pm
07.08 (Sat), 21.08 (Sat)│4:30pm-8pm
II. Arts in the Air 03.08 (Tue), 17.08 (Tue)│6:30pm-8pm
07.08 (Sat), 21.08 (Sat)│4:30pm-8pm
III. Arts at Home 04.08 (Wed), 18.08 (Wed)│6:30pm-8pm
07.08 (Sat), 21.08 (Sat)│6:30pm-8pm
IV. Isolation 05.08 (Thu), 19.08 (Thu)│6:30pm-8pm
14.08 (Sat)│3:30pm-8pm
22.08 (Sun)│4:30pm-7pm
V. Reunion 06.08 (Fri), 20.08 (Fri)│6:30pm-8pm
14.08 (Sat)│3:30pm-8pm
22.08 (Sun)│4:30pm-7pm
VI. Contemplation 09.08 (Mon), 23.08 (Mon), 30.08 (Mon)│6:30pm-8pm
14.08 (Sat)│3:30pm-8pm
VII. Creativity in Action 10.08 (Tue), 24.08 (Tue), 31.08 (Tue)│6:30pm-8pm
14.08 (Sat)│3:30pm-8pm
VIII. Arts in Full Force 11-13.08 (Wed-Fri), 25-27.08 (Wed-Fri)│6:30pm-7:30pm
15.08 (Sun), 29.08 (Sun)│4:30pm-7pm

Arts in the City

02.08 (Mon), 16.08 (Mon)│6:30pm-7:30pm
07.08 (Sat), 21.08 (Sat)│4:30pm-8pm

Through the eyes of artists, streets and alleys become the most interesting performance space during the time of venue closure.

I. Spinning with a piece of metal

Dancing in the chaos of the city, with his only partner-a big metal wheel.

Like a nomad wandering in the concrete jungle, looking for a moment of calmness.

Length: 2 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong

Filmed by Dino, Hayman
Directed/performed by Lai Yee
Original Music: Þú ert jörðin
Artist: Ólafur Arnalds

This film is kindly offered by FLOWLAIYEE

II. HKBallet + HKPhil present Amadeus (a cyberpunk dream)

one night in Hong Kong sometime in the past......or in the future

Ballet + Classical Music + Cyberpunk! Helmed by award-winning film & art director Ahong Cheung, Amadeus (a cyberpunk dream) features whimsical choreography from Hong Kong Ballet’s Artistic Director Septime Webre and Mozart’s lively Eine kleine Nachtmusik performed by Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. Brimming with mystery and anticipation, a host of colourful dancers and musicians bring the city’s nighttime streets to life while showcasing its famous neon light aesthetics!

Length: 6 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong

Producer: Jacqueline Liu
Director: Ahong Cheung
Director of Photography: Matthew Wakai
Production Designer: Dorothy Lau @ GTDL Creative
Choreographer: Septime Webre
Assistant Choreographers: Luis R. Torres & Tang Min & Yuh Egami

Music Director: Jaap van Zweden
Principal Guest Conductor: Yu Long
Resident Conductor: Lio Kuokman

This film is kindly offered by Hong Kong Ballet and Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchrestra

III. Come Rain Or Shine

In a society of extreme distortion, people live like ants and they actually don't mind about it. Sunlight may not be inevitable, and in fact the rain may bring more clarity to the mind and body. The ant is getting more used to being abused, actually enjoying it, because rain and snow brings more vitality to them. Will it die? Maybe...but at least it walked through the path with courage and wisdom.

Length: 12 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong

Concept/Choreography/Perform/Costume Design: Justyne Li Sze-yeung
Photography/Film Editing/Sound Editing: Wong Tan-ki
Music [first_contact] composed by Robert Henke

Come Rain or Shine is co-commissioned by West Kowloon Cultural District and City Contemporary Dance Company for Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival 2019”.

The research and development of the creation is supported by West Kowloon Cultural District, Dance Info Finland, Zodiak – Centre for New Dance and Dance House Helsinki under the residency exchange project “Creative Meeting Point: Hong Kong x Finland.” (with WKCDA, Dance Info Finland, Zodiak – Centre for New Dance and Dance House Helsinki’s logos acknowledgment)

This film is kindly offered by West Kowloon Cultural District and City Contemporary Dance Company

IV. Bloodline

“Human beings: a cog in the universe’s great wheel of karma”

Choreographer Justyne Li turns herself into a chimera, reflecting the process of human evolution. In this piece, she works on creation, choreography and filming of her dance performance in this video.

Length: 13 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong

Commissioned and produced by 2021 Hong Kong Arts Festival

Choreographed and performed by Justyne Li

Filmed and edited by Wong Tan-ki

(Photo: Wong Tan-ki)

This film is kindly offered by Hong Kong Arts Festival - Hong Kong Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series 2021

V. Hermetic Diode

Dance artist Sudhee Liao likes to explore performance space using various media and art installations. In the 2021 Hong Kong Arts Festival, she recreates “Hermetic Diode” (2018 Hong Kong Arts Festival) as a dance video, using outdoor location and indoor spaces to create a narrative; the dancing body and the space captured by a spectacular filming style that stirs the imagination and delivers a unique visual experience. The relationships between dancers, camera, sound and light are intricately intertwined. It is a veritable construction of a choreography that lives only as it is rendered on screen.

Length: 11 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong

Commissioned and produced by 2021 Hong Kong Arts Festival

Created and choreographed by Sudhee Liao
Performed by Sudhee Liao and Jonathan Hung
Visual Artist: Andrew Luk
Filmed and edited by Vincent Ip

(Photo: Terry Tsang)

This film is kindly offered by Hong Kong Arts Festival - Hong Kong Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series 2021

VI. Shift

Four women weave together a series of images from the famous to the mundane. Iconic and recognisable images of women emerge, fold, and collapse themselves into something new.  Using a single piece of fabric and a continuous shot, the dancers in Shift transform themselves through time and space, from cinema to news report, from renaissance art to high fashion.

Length: 4 mins
Country/Region: UK

Concept And Direction By Jos Baker

Choreographic Assistance: Ines Carijo
Starring: Astrid Sweeney, Wan Lun Yu, Kim Amankwaa, Dunya Narli
Cinematography By Koen De Saeger, Julie De Clercq
Music By Aiko Devriendt
Produced By Jos Baker, Ines Carijo

Invisible Helpers, Jonas Vandekerckhove, Lewis Cooke Winston Reynolds

Special Thanks To: Peeping Tom Studios, Fre3  Bodies         

This film is kindly offered by Jos Baker

VII. Gandini Juggling: LIFE - A love letter to Merce Cunningham


We have spent three decades watching and being inspired by Merce Cunningham's work. At the back of our minds, there was always the tickling thought: What if Merce had choreographed juggling? Is it possible to create something that, whilst clearly has its roots in the Cunningham universe, is a vector outward to another world? Something new that retains the essence of the original, something which would not have existed without the source but that also has its own raison d’être?

Length: 7 mins
Country/Region: UK

Research for Life a performance inspired by the Merce Cunningham's choreography.

Film Edit: Alice Underwood
Music: Caroline Shaw
(Filmed in three Locations)
Paris: Kim Huyhn, Jose Triguero, Benjamin Beaujard
Filmed by Vincent Zenzel
New York: Jennifer Goggans
Filmed by Daniel Madoff
London: Sean Gandini, Erin O'toole, ati Ylä-Hokkala
Life was part of the Danse Elargie selection in 2020.

Partners: In collaboration with The Merce Cunningham Trust in New York, Montclair University New jersey, IJA International Juggers Association and Summer Streets Festival.

Thanks: Arts Council of England, Merce Cunningham Trust and Danse Elargie.

This film is kindly offered by Gandini Juggling

Arts in the Air

03.08 (Tue), 17.08 (Tue)│6:30pm-8pm
07.08 (Sat), 21.08 (Sat)│4:30pm-8pm

 Venturing into the nature and express the tranquility through performing arts.

I. On Stage Online: Terry-fying (work in progress)

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…… 
Nothing can be brought away, only the karma that follows. 
This is a presentation of a work-in-progress, inspired from Terry's own work Terry-fy from a year ago which demonstrated his fear of hair. With this research focusing on life and death, he further investigates the impact of space and sound on the human body. 
Based on “breaking hell”, a traditional Taoist ritual for the dead, Terry explores the power of the sound of chanting scriptures from this ritual to generate different body textures, or even to travel through different spaces. 
The research will continue and eventually develop into a complete live performance.

Length: 14 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong

Concept, Choreography & Performance: Terry TSANG
Research & Performance: WONG Yiu Kuen
Cinematography & Editor: Vincent IP
Lighting Concept & Research: Lawmanray*
Music: CAI Yayi, Black dog, Danheim, Mike Olsen
Advisor of Worship: WONG Cheuk Git
Producer & Text: S.III

*by kind permission of City Contemporary Dance Company

II. Tour de force — Museum X Performing Art: Onomatopoeia

Inspired by the sounds of the seas, percussion group The Up:Strike Project present you the calming roll of ocean waves above the deck of the Fireboat Alexander Grantham Exhibition Gallery. As the patterns of percussion music wash over your ears, catch the tranquilising murmur that lulls you to a boat by the sea.
The Up:Strike Project is founded by two Hong Kong-based percussionists, Karen Yu and Matthew Lau, who actively perform across Asia and North America. Aiming to gather musicians together and further grow the audience, the group endeavors to stand out as the pioneer of percussion music.

Length: 2 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong

Performing Partner: The Up:Strike Project

Vibraphone: Matthew Lau
Woodblock / Crotales: Karen Yu
Bongos: Vonald Chow
Tom from tom-tom: Bevis Ng

This film is kindly offered by Leisure and Cultural Services Department

III. A Letter to Father

Chanting in the fog as he roams an idyllic landscape, he dances as if he is talking to someone. 

What is the current moment? Choreographer Wayson Poon is experiencing the time of change, or the stage of change. Looking for someone to talk to, he found his father, who passed away 15 years ago. Through dance movements and Nanyin, he holds a conversation that goes beyond space and time, talking to himself, to everyone, to the world. 

Length: 14 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong

Commissioned and produced by 2021 Hong Kong Arts Festival
Choreographed and performed by Wayson Poon
Filmed and edited by Vincent Ip

(Photo: Asia Chow)

This film is kindly offered by Hong Kong Arts Festival - Hong Kong Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series 2021

IV. On Stage Online: Breathed a Sigh of Relief

Contemporary dance artist Wayson Poon has been carrying out his on-going movement research based on Qi, Liquid Body and 5 Rhythms® starting from 2016. He attempts to develop his own language and dynamics.

In 2020, he travelled between the rehearsal room and nature, trying to translate the energies and senses that connect his body and environment into a unique bodily language. Nourished by the elements “water" and "earth", he aspires to sharpen a performer’s mind and body in the moment.

Length: 31 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong

Researcher: Wayson Poon
Movement artist: Kingsan Lo
Observers: Percy Mak, Ivy Tsui
Producer: Carrol Ho @KALOSProductionsHK
Videographer and Editor: Vvzela Kook
Sound Artist: Paul Yip


TOUCH takes place in an imagined future: in this future, humans have been living without physical contact for a very long time, for unmentioned reasons. We witness our characters interact with a mechanically simple device in a large, private space in order to experience the touch of another human being, for the first time in the new physically distant future.

Length: 10 mins
Country/Region: Canada

Director: Brittney Canda
Choreography: Kyra Jean Green
Dancers: Alexandre Carlos, Charles-Alexis Desgagnés, Emmanuelle Martin, Genevieve Gagné, Sara Harton, Sonik Boom, Hunish Parmar, Pamela Wong
Director of Photograpy: Juliette Loosky
Composer: Pascal Champagne
Steadicam: Ben Gauthier
Camera Assistant: Jennifer Pitoscia
Key Grip: Andres Rodrigo Castillo
Editor: Brittney Canda
Special Thanks: Soso Studio

This film is kindly offered by Kyra Jean Green

VI. Reframed

Gathering dozens of performers in a natural environment, moving together in choreographed formations, Reframed gives poetic voice to online shorthand and emojis.

In contrast to the isolation of reacting to information on a screen, the project aims to physically transform an escalating online discourse into a voiced expression of multiple perspectives.

As an examination of outrage and divisiveness on social media, propelled and exacerbated by virtual algorithms, Reframed poses the question: “How do we engage?”

Length: 6 mins
Country/Region: Canada

Conceived and created by the Core Artists of Electric Company Theatre: Carmen Aguirre, Kim Collier, Kevin Kerr, and Jonathon Young

Produced by Electric Company Theatre in association with Vancouver Civic Theatres, Dancehouse, and Vancouver New Music

This film is kindly offered by Electric Company Theatre

Arts at Home

04.08 (Wed), 18.08 (Wed)│6:30pm-8pm
07.08 (Sat), 21.08 (Sat)│6:30pm-8pm

The pandemic has kept us home for an exceptionally long period, and the idea of “home” has inspired artists to create works that respond to and capture this unique time.

I. A Musical Feast by HKCO’s “Five”

The Chinese concert title puns on the Chinese conceptual scheme of wuxing, a term often translated as ‘Five Elements’, and highlights the generative cycle whereby metal generates water; water generates wood (or trees, by extension of meaning); wood generates fire; fire produces soil (or earth); and earth in turn generates metal. This concept connects the five virtuosi of the Orchestra -- Ma Wai Him, Chen I-ling, Xu Hui, Zhao Taisheng and Luk Kin Bun in the series. In each MV, they will present four culinary delights and four multiple means of enjoyment. From hors-d'oeuvres, appetizer, entrée to dessert, each is as special as it is delightful to the palate, musical or otherwise. As a musical performance, viewers will be able to enjoy thoroughly each step along the way!

Length: 13 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong

This film is kindly offered by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra

II. 1357 – Bubbles by Théâtre de la Feuille

A bottle of shampoo always empties sooner than the hair conditioner.
Seeing the empty shampoo being discarded ruthlessly, the hair conditioner is devastated to see its partner go and tries every means to follow.
In the end, both bottles settle down inside the rubbish bin and live on happily ever after...

Length: 7 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Language: In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

Presenter: Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Production: Theatre de la Feuille 
Concept and Director: Ata Wong 
Deputy Director: Anson Sham 
Producer: Lei Yuen Hung 
Music: GayBird 
Costume Design: Herman Sin
Art Direction: Ceci Fok
Cast: Suen Chi Hung, Lei Yuen Hung, Woo Yat Hei
Special Appearance: Rachel Lau

This film is kindly offered by Leisure and Cultural Services Department

III. 1357 – Flying Birds by Théâtre de la Feuille

“Lift your head, and you’ll see the massive aircraft flying by through the gap between the skyscrapers.”  In those bygone years, Kai Tak Airport was the place where we took off.

It has been more than twenty years since the Kai Tak Airport was closed, and the deafening aircraft noise in the Kowloon City neighbourhood has died down ever since. All such fond memories of our loved ones seem to have become history.

In front of the barbed wires stands a silver-haired old couple, who were happy newly-weds then.  Slowly, they lift their heads skyward again...

Length: 8 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Language: In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

Presenter: Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Production: Theatre de la Feuille 
Concept and Director: Ata Wong  
Deputy Director: Anson Sham
Producer: Lei Yuen Hung 
Music: GayBird 
Image Design: Herman Sin
Art Direction: Ceci Fok
Cast: Suen Chi Hung, Lei Yuen Hung, To Chun Yiu

This film is kindly offered by Leisure and Cultural Services Department

IV. On Stage Online: This Victoria Has No Secrets...When It Goes Online

This Victoria Has No Secrets premiered in May 2018 for Tai Kwun’s opening. It sang along with Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong’s celebrated landmark with its world-famous night view, and the Harbour has witnessed the city’s various metamorphoses. Once, a ‘city of Victoria’ faced Victoria Harbour on Hong Kong island. Victoria City no longer exists, and what will Victoria Harbour be?

Through the video clip with three melodic songs selected from the production, Yat Po Singers is thrilled to show the audience a sneak peek of This Victoria Has No Secrets, the a cappella theatre (outdoor version) that brings a musical journey of nostalgia to Hong Kong’s heritage and cultural icon next year.

Length: 17 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Language: In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

Production: Yat Po Singers
Composer / Music Producer / Mixing: Ng Cheuk-yin
Director / Arts Direction: Yuri Ng
Playwright / Lyricist: Chris Shum
Song Arranger: Ng Cheuk-yin, Anna Lo
Choral Director: Anna Lo
Performers: Raoul Chan, Dominique Chan, Margaret Cheung, Joseph Ho, Anna Lo, Ma Hin Yung, Ronald Tsang
Videographer and Editing: Ziv Chun, Thomson Ho, Tommy Chan
Audio Recording / Assistant Music Producer: Ivy Hung
Assistant Director: Carmen Yu
Make-up & Hair Stylist / Coordinator: Jadeson Fu
Make-up & Hair Assistant: Maggie Wong
Wardrobe Supervisor: Gauze Lam
Special thanks: Dong Yan, Ricky Lam

V. Tour de force — Museum X Performing Art:COUPE

Please welcome to the stage RedBricks, a lively five-man harmonica band! Let their mellifluous play at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Museum bring us back to the old Victoria City.

Hong Kong based Harmonica Quintet RedBricks is formed by five young harmonica players. All of them possess brilliant performance experiences in international music festivals. In 2017, RedBricks won the fourth place in the Trio Category of the World Harmonica Festival.

Length: 4 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong

Performing Partner: RedBricks

Chromatic Harmonica: LEUNG Shing-hei, Kelvin
Chromatic Harmonica: CHOI Wai-hang, Harry
Chromatic Harmonica: YIP Tsz-chung, Matthew
Chord Harmonica: CHENG Chi-yuen, Nico
Double Bass Harmonica: YIP Chun-hei, Timothy
Rearranged by: Sirius Harmonica Ensemble

This film is kindly offered by Leisure and Cultural Services Department

VI. Tour de force — Museum X Performing Art: Lion Leap

The Hong Kong Museum of History is bustling with excitement! The revolutionised Chinese lion dance jamming with modern parkour filled the gallery with festive vibes and energy. 

Get ready for the beating drums and dancing vitality by Kwok's Kung Fu & Dragon Lion Dance Team, choreographer Daniel Yeung and his team members. Incorporating street dance moves and electronic music, the traditional and illuminated lions show the centuries-old traditional dance in a completely new light. Follow the lions and dancers’ dynamic steps, you will find new inspiration in the museum.

When heritage meets innovation, sparks fly! Let’s dance and leap!

Length: 3 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong

Performing Partner: Kwok's Kung Fu & Dragon Lion Dance Team and Choreographer Daniel Yeung

Lion Dance: Kwok's Kung Fu & Dragon Lion Dance Team
Lion Dance Choreographer: KWOK Man-lung
Choreographer: Daniel YEUNG 
Dancers: Soames LEE, LI Tuo-kun

This film is kindly offered by Leisure and Cultural Services Department

VII. The Hole

Opening with a man approaching a flooded grave, The Hole shows us a couple, a relationship. events that may be real, or they might be a memory, his desires, or his imagination dealing with grief…or with guilt. The non-linear narrative emerges through movement, offering glimpse of their lives together…or alone.

Length: 8 mins
Country/Region: UK

A film by: Jos Baker, Inês Carijo, Julie De Clercq, Aiko Devriendt, Ehsan Hemat
Original music: Frederik Van De Moortel
Special thanks to: PAF, Koen De Saeger, Mikalai KolFoxy

This film is kindly offered by Jos Baker

VIII. On Stage Online: Social Gathering Ban(d) Show: Episode 4 – Social Gathering Band Song by 50 musicians “together in separation” Live @ Tai Kwun

Since 2020, we have gone through separation and isolation. And yet we have learned how to “be together” in separation and isolation. Taking this as the inspiration, composer Vicky Fung and lyricist Yiu-Fai Chow has written the brand new Social Gathering Ban(d) Song to encourage musicians to create music “together in separation” and connect with each other through music.

The song was originally scheduled to be performed at Tai Kwun’s Laundry Steps, though both performances were regrettably cancelled. The musicians’ enthusiasm and dedication to share their music was not put off by these challenges – taking their mics and instruments to the hidden spots at Tai Kwun, they perform together in the same space while staying apart. By performing “together in separation”, they wish to share with you their thoughts and reflections through melodies and lyrics. Before live performances return, let’s gather at an alternative space online.

Chanting the history through music.
Recording the times under the pandemic and the moments of being together but not.
We sing, as we gather again.

Length: 6 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Language: In Cantonese with Chinese subtitles

“Social Gathering Ban(d) Song”
Composed by Vicky Fung
Lyrics by Yiu-Fai Chow
Arranged by Ng Cheuk Yin & Social Gathering Ban(d)
Performed by Social Gathering Ban(d)
Produced by  
Mixed by Maggie Shum @Espresso Studio


05.08 (Thu), 19.08 (Thu)│6:30pm-8pm
14.08 (Sat)│3:30pm-8pm
22.08 (Sun)│4:30pm-7pm

The pandemic might have kept us apart and we all need to learn to live with solitude. It is a time for contemplation and self-discovery.

I. Tai Kwun x HK Phil: Social Distancing

The pandemic has kept musicians apart from each other for months and has undermined the instinctual nuance of collaboration which is at the heart of any musical performance. Since the 16th Century, spatial distance has inspired composers to write music which makes architecture resonate. As Hong Kong’s musicians re-assembled amid months of isolation, multi-media artist Oliver Shing celebrates unique architectural spaces through music and film, placing them into the iconic structures of Tai Kwun to perform the new work Social Distancing by composer James Boznos. Boznos, who is also HK Phil’s Principal Timpanist, collaborates with his colleagues to perform the work that speaks to the disconnection of the pandemic experience, and celebrates architecture, music, isolation and coming together.

Length: 14 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong

Director: Oliver Shing
Sound Producer: Roy Cheung
Composer & Principal Timpani: James Boznos
First Violin: Wang Liang
Second Violin: Domas Juškys
Viola: Li Jiali
Cello: Fang Xiaomu
Flute: Megan Sterling
Bass Clarinet: Lorenzo Iosco
Trumpet: Chris Moyse
Horn: Lin Jiang
Harp: Amy Tam

II. Tour de force — Museum X Performing Art: Origins

Guzheng artist Wan Xing and singing bowl artist Tsang Man-tung invite you to become an explorer of the cosmos at the Hong Kong Space Museum. The healing power of celestial sounds will guide you to connect with your inner self, the world and the origins of the universe.

Guzheng artist Wan Xing graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music in China and the HKAPA respectively. Wan has received awards in various music activities.

Tsang Man-tung is a singing bowl artist who has practiced sound therapy for many years, and has performance experiences across Asia.

Length: 5 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong

Performing Partner: Wan Xing and Tsang Man-tung
Composer & Guzheng: WAN Xing
Artistic Concept & Singing Bowl: TSANG Man-tung
Audio Recording & Mixing: HAN Pui-ching

This film is kindly offered by Leisure and Cultural Services Department

III. The Last Stone 

Can wandering minds find refuge from reality? When pushed over the edge by loneliness, people may perhaps start to dive into their heart and embark on a meandering journey of self-scrutiny.

Length: 43 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Language: In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

Choreographer and Director: Kelvin, Mak Cheuk Hung
Producer: Chow Wai Chuen
Camera Director: Jim Vincent Ka Wai
Dramaturg: Chu Yung
Acting Coach: Poon Chun Ho
Lighting Designer: Ho Fu Lung
Costume Designer: Chu Siu Ming
Make Up Artist and Stylist: Fion Chiang 
Artists: Kelvin, Mak Cheuk Hung, Wong Yiu Kuen, Chiu Ka Chun Marco, Chan Pak Hin, Li Suk Ling, Chow Pak Yin Peggy, Cheung Hiu Sang, Ng Hei Wai, Wong Yiu

This film is kindly offered by Beyond Dance Theater

This project is supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council "Arts Go Digital Platform Scheme". 

IV. Begin Again 

“The title "Begin Again", is an idea that I think we can all relate to, rebirthing and what that means to us…the use of light and props can bring us together, even in a time of socially distancing,” Jera Wolfe, choreographer.

Length: 18 mins
Country/Region: Canada

Presented by: Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers
Choreography: Jera Wolfe 
Lighting: Hugh Conacher
Video and Editing: Landon Lake 
Dancers: Carol-Ann Bohrn, Allison Brooks, Mark Dela Cruz, Kira Hofmann 

This film is kindly offered by Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers


06.08 (Fri), 20.08 (Fri)│6:30pm-8pm
14.08 (Sat)│3:30pm-8pm
22.08 (Sun)│4:30pm-7pm

Despite distance and separation, artists joined together to celebrate the bonding and spirit that keep everyone connected during the pandemic.

I. Music in Virusland

Romer String Quartet recorded works by the Austrian composer Joseph Haydn, the ‘Father of String Quartet’. Romer has chosen excerpts from ‘Sunrise’ and ‘The Bird’ String Quartets, and has invited Kenneth Tsang (Artwork Production) and Chih Leung (Motion Graphic Design) to create a series of original animation in three episodes.

The story is based on the situation during the COVID-19 period, general public needs to stay at home under the pandemic, especially the children, the disables, ethnic minorities, the elderly and carers. They happen to see four birds standing and playing music as a string quartet on the clothes drying pole outside the windows. The birds also play the role of postmen, sending a ‘Get well soon’ card to the father who tested positive for COVID-19 in hospital, and thank you cards to the medical and healthcare workers for the public.

Length: 12 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong

This project is supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council "Arts Go Digital Platform Scheme". 

Animation produced by Kamishibai Studio
Directed by Kenneth Tsang
Animated by Chih Leung

Recorded at S’way Music Studio

This film is kindly offered by Romer String Quartet

II. Tai Kwun Circus Plays: Cotton Candy Clouds

Cotton Candy Clouds is a story about FayFay, a little girl who is trying to fly to the clouds because she believes that the clouds taste like cotton candy. She starts her journey with her pet bird LinLin. LinLin reminds FayFay that the sky is not as calm as it seems. Instead, there is unknown danger between layers of clouds.  LinLin doesn't think FayFay would achieve the goal. FayFay tells LinLin that she can get her answer if she could find Miss Rainbow.  Meanwhile, Mr. Storm is hiding behind the clouds and expecting FayFay to come…

A new aerial dance performance for Tai Kwun Circus Plays by Hong Kong Circus, Cotton Candy Clouds will have audiences soaring from the Parade Ground at Tai Kwun in search of the taste of clouds.

Length: 5 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong

Produced by Hong Kong Circus

III. Constellations 

During this year’s Moon Festival, Constellations and Transformations, Still Moon led a drone-filmed choreography that highlighted the community's ability to come together and stay connected during a time of necessary physical distancing. This piece features community members aging 10 to 60 demonstrating community-engaged art and intergenerational performance.

Length: 12 mins
Country/Region: Canada

Artistic Director/Choreographer: Isabelle Kirouac

Dancers: Beatrice Keller, Claire Ogawa, Clementine Richard, Daniel Russell, Farah Shroff, George Moskowitz, Isabelle Russell, Jessica Leung, Julie Martz, Karen Jang, Keanna Mah, Keisha Au, Lucy Eves, Olivia Shaffer, Peggy Leung, Ricky Lee, Ruby Carson, Shino Khouth, Sophia Espinoza, Sven Chen, Teagan Eves, Walter Kubanek, Winnie Luan 

Duet Dancers: Walter Kubanek and Olivia Shaffer 

Drone Filming and Production: Wilson Mendes 
Video Editing: Conor Provenzano 
Original Music: Isaac Rosen-Purcell and Clara Rose Chisholm 

Still Moon Arts Artistic Director/Producer: Carmen Rosen 

Our Funders: Heritage Canada and BC Arts Council 

This film is kindly offered by Still Moon Arts

IV. Two-gather 

This piece is a duet which sheds light on the meaning of relationships- not only between men and women, but just relationships in general. Starting from the image of physical intersection, the two dancers move towards or apart from each other, depicting the tension and the skills (understanding and communicating) in relationships.

Length: 9 mins
Country/Region: Korea

Choreographer/Dancer: Ghost Group_GIN WOOK RYU, HYEA-YOON KIM

Video Director: LIMVERT

This film is kindly offered by 2021 Macau On-Site Festival

V. Dirty

Hong Kong choreographer Dever Chan and Guizhou dancer Gong Zhonghui had been intended to work together in Hong Kong on a commissioned piece for the 2021 Hong Kong Arts Festival. But due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they decided to collaborate with a film maker Stephanie Chung to create a video reflecting on their life as a dancer and on the work that they were supposed to dance. 

Filmed in Hong Kong and Guizhou,  Dirty is fictional dialogue between “presence” and “absence”, life and death, fusing words, dance sequences filmed on different locations, and Zoom conversations between the two choreographers. 

The title of this work is Inspired by the clash of values inherent in the Putonghua word “détǐ” (proper), and its English homophone “dirty”. “Dirty” isn’t always that dirty; it can be shown in an appropriate way, it can be decent too.

Length: 31 mins
Country/Region: The Mainland & Hong Kong

Commissioned and produced by 2021 Hong Kong Arts Festival 
Co-producer: Young Artists Platform (Beijing) 
Created and performed by Dever Chan (Hong Kong) and Zhonghui (Guizhou) 
Directed and edited by Stephanie Chung

This film is kindly offered by Hong Kong Arts Festival - Hong Kong Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series 2021


09.08 (Mon), 23.08 (Mon), 30.08 (Mon)│6:30pm-8pm
14.08 (Sat)│3:30pm-8pm

The pandemic has given everyone an unexpected time to contemplate, console and savour life.

I. Tsz Shan Monastery x HKPhil: “Music Brightens Your Heart”

Co-presented by the HK Phil and Tsz Shan Monastery, "Music Brightens Your Heart" features beautiful music pieces by Bach, Debussy and Tan Dun for busy urbanites. From note to hope, in music we rejoice.

Length: 22 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong

Performed by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
Music Advisor: Chiu Tsang-hei
Supported by: Ksana Productions

This film is kindly offered by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and Tsz Shan Monastery

II. The Blessed Tree: Pergolesi Stabat Mater

Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater is an iconic sacred vocal works of Italian Baroque known throughout Europe with its numerous publications in the 18th century. The Medieval poem portrays the suffering of Mary, Jesus Christ’s mother, during her son’s crucifixion. This vocal masterpiece displays the composer’s meditation on suffering and redemption, making the work a universal story of love and loss.  By turning the music into a choral physical theatre which combine vocal performance with physical movements, the creative team explore on the positivity in loss.  The modern setting of the work the universal message of love and loss, offering a new insight to this Italian Baroque masterpiece.

Length: 45 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Language: In Latin with Chinese and English subtitles

Performed by SingFest
Concept and Director: Patrick Chiu 
Choreographer: Pewan Chow 
Music Director and Conductor: Dominic Lam
SingFest is financially supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council

This film is kindly offered by SingFest

Creativity in Action

10.08 (Tue), 24.08 (Tue), 31.08 (Tue)│6:30pm-8pm
14.08 (Sat)│3:30pm-8pm

Venue closure, social distancing and the rapid-changing regulatory requirements have put forth a new model of art making.

I. JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power: Unlock Dancing Plaza Hands.Footprint.Sound #danceless Performance Series

About #danceless Public Participatory Project

#danceless is one of the significant researches of Unlock Dancing Plaza in recent years. It aims at setting aside all kinds of dance techniques, returning to the body itself, rediscovering the joy of moving body, enhancing participants’ self-understanding through the creative and expressive bodies.

The #danceless Public Participatory Project connects with the community. It breaks the restriction which hinders the public to dance and allows people to enjoy the purest joy of dance. Integrating the teaching with artistic creation, these artistic workshops open up the possibilities of mutual communication between artists and participants.

Length: 17 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Language: In Cantonese with Chinese subtitles

“Hands.Footprint.Sound #danceless Performance Series” is part of the JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power 2020
Performed by: Unlock Dancing Plaza 
Presented by: Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Funded by: The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust 
Video Produced by: CINE à holic Studio
Participating Group:
Centre on Behavioral Health, HKU
Elderly service of Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service 
Hong Kong Social Workers Association
The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong 
Hong Kong Christian Service - Centre for Harmony & Enhancement of Ethnic Minority Residents (CHEER) 

JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power is presented by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council with the funding support from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

This film is kindly offered by the JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power 

II. #danceless - Body On Stage Workshop & “Footprint”

Into the bonding of years
Connect the bodies and community

Local dance company Unlock Dancing Plaza explores the infinite possibilities and pleasures that come from the rhythm of our bodies in #danceless, advocating the view that “everyone can dance”. #danceless provides an opportunity for the public and dance artists to come together and connect through dance.

It has invited the public from all walks of life to participate in the “#danceless – Body on Stage” workshop, which provides a space for both amateurs and artists to experience the ultimate body rhythm and create dance pieces together.

12 participants of “#danceless – Body on Stage” workshop, co-presented by Tai Kwun and Unlock Dancing Plaza, had created a dance piece Footprint with the artists.

Length: 5 & 11 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Language: In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

Artistic Director, choreographer and workshop facilitator: Ong Yong Lock
Creation, performance and workshop facilitator: Andy Lee, Kerry Cheung, James Yau

The areas shown in the video were cleared during filming with no public access.

III. Waking Dreams in 1984: Behind-the-curtain documentary

One of the prominent creations by Chan Ping-chiu, the Artistic Director of On & On Theatre Workshop, Waking Dreams in 1984, after the acclaimed premiere in 2016, was scheduled to stage a new adaptation towards the end of 2020. Yet due to the volatile epidemic situation, it was staged as a live-streamed performance in Jan 2021. The team has braved unprecedented challenges in terms of performance style, technical arrangement, manpower, financial resources, administrative and ticketing issues in two weeks. Witnessing the times of uncertainty, this 20-minute documentary captures a journey of the whole team, and reveals team members’ feelings and discoveries under the “New Normal”.

Length: 21 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Language: In Cantonese with Chinese subtitles

Presented by On & On Theatre Workshop
Behind-the-curtain documentary Director & Editor: Chow Wai-chuen

This film is kindly offered by On & On Theatre Workshop

Arts in Full Force

11-13.08 (Wed-Fri), 25-27.08 (Wed-Fri)│6:30pm-7:30pm
15.08 (Sun), 29.08 (Sun)│4:30pm-7pm

This selection of full-length videos capture how artists overcome the hurdles and celebrate their unique artistry in full force.

I. We’ve Been There on the Same Tram Rail

Screening dates: 11.08 (Wed), 15.08 (Sun), 25.08 (Wed), 29.08 (Sun)

Life is a song of praise, a belief upheld by Vicky Fung and Yiu-fai Chow in initiating such a social enterprise as Every Life is a Song. In here, music production differs from the mainstream, which focuses on the artists. Instead, we recruit musicians who share our vision, who search in the city for “ordinary people”, write songs about the stories of such people, and build up a musical archive for the people of Hong Kong.

In three years, the archive has accumulated a wealth of 26 songs. Ten of these songs are chosen for the present project to be re-programmed. Listen to the voices of this era; encounter these ten ordinary persons from the streets of Hong Kong: elderly people who have witnessed the change of times, craftspeople who profess in various areas, and some friendly neighbours whom you come across every day. They come, they meet us, and we form songs of praise.

On the tram track, a new generation of musicians presents to us ten original songs of praise. These ten life stories will take you through the urban landscape of Hong Kong here and now; they show you how we want our music to do.

Length: 51 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Language: In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

This programme was premiered at Hong Kong Week 2021@Guangzhou

Curator:  Chow Yiu Fai and Vicky Fung 
Story/ Script Writing: Yvette Wong andWOOTWOOT / PAN 
Director: WOOTWOOT and PAN

Narrator: Chow Yiu Fai
Performers/ Actors: New emerging musicians, Zeno Koo etc

This film is kindly offered by Every Life Is A Song

II. Ting-koo-ki Mad Skills Battle: Daydream of Circus (Hong Kong x Taiwan)

Screening dates: 12.08 (Thu), 15.08 (Sun), 26.08 (Thu), 29.08 (Sun)

“Ting-Koo-Ki” is Taiwanese proverb meaning “one-to-one battle”. Last Christmas, outstanding circus artists across the globe gathered at Tai Kwun to “Ting-Koo-Ki”, having circus mad-skills battle that brought lots of excitements and laughter to audiences. Their passion to circus and relentless perseverance were shown during their breathtaking performances.

This year, while travelling may still be difficult, imagination has never ceased to soar.

4 circus artists from around the world are eager to showcase their daring acts across boundaries. Together with 4 Hong Kong circus artists, they have prepared the online performance “Daydream of Circus” to capture their cities and circus arts. Unbox the surprises prepared by these artists within the designated period, and travel around the world with circus!

Length: 54 mins
Country/Region: Hong Kong, USA, Sweden, Portugal, Japan, Taiwan
Language: In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

Co-produced by Tai Kwun Arts and Hsingho Co., Ltd.

Producers: Hsing-Ho Chen, Yu-Lun Chiang, Frieda Ng
Programme and Administrative Coordinators: Hsin-Ning Chen, Chih-Yun Lai
Video Producer: Jungle Chiang
Shooting Coordinator (Hong Kong part): Dino Ng
Subtitle: Luna Ngai
Japanese Translation: Naoya Aoki
Master of Ceremony: Joe Wong, Kity Choi

Performers: Wes Peden (USA/Sweden), Ricardo S. Mendes (Portugal), Kouta Ohashi (Japan), Bogie (Taiwan), Patrick Pun (Hong Kong), Wayne Lee (Hong Kong), Zara Asa (Hong Kong), Ng Ping Nam (Hong Kong)

The areas shown in the video were cleared during filming with no public access.

III. Huang Bian Urban Village

Screening dates: 13.08 (Fri), 15.08 (Sun), 27.08 (Fri), 29.08 (Sun)

In 2020, Ergao Dance Production Group (EDPG) faced huge difficulties caused by the COVID-19. The stress of survival overrides artistic thinking and prompted the question “who needs dance?”. The situation has caused me to consider shutting down the company. However, when I walked through HuangBian Village one day, I saw a young girl selling products very passionately. It made me feel the vitality and impulse of life. As the result, I decided to set up the “EDPG EA SHOP” in HuangBian Village, a community on the outskirt of Guangzhou city, with my team members in a course of 10 days.

This film records the opening to the closing of the “EDPG EA SHOP” in 10 days. It captures the range of events including square dance, outdoor movie, performance, New Year's Eve countdown, and private dance course that shaped this short-lived organization that became a “living dance theater” within the community. And I, in this process, seemed to find the answer: dance can be the language, effectively, in communication.

Length: 47 mins
Country/Region: The Mainland
Language: In Cantonese with Chinese subtitles

EDPG EA Shop in HuangBian Village
Commissioned by Times Museum Community Art Festival 2020  
"how far away? living our distance”

Artists: Ergao, Zhang Dianling, Zhang Lu
Documentary Director: Zhang Lu
Artists and Groups in the Sub-projects: Wu Hui, Cheng Biqing, Liu Xuan, Peng LiYun, MiNi Ergaoer dance troupe, Ergaoer dance troupe, Huangbian dance troupe, Hebian dance troupe
Production Team: Pan Xiong, Zhu Chaoyi
Supported by: Luya LIU Yang, Kelly Huang, Liang Jianhua, Zhang Pan
Academic Advisor: Dr. Wang Qian
Subtitle Translator: Tan Diyi
Organised by: Guangdong Times Museum, EDPG
Co-organised by Baiyun District People’s Government Helong Sub-district Office, Huangbian Economy Association, Huangbian Residents’ Commuittee
Special Thanks: Times China

This film is kindly offered by Ergao Dance Production Group

Tai Kwun is grateful for the support of the following artist and organisation (in the order of appearance):

Hong Kong Ballet
Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
West Kowloon Cultural District
City Contemporary Dance Company
Hong Kong Arts Festival
Jos Baker
Gandini Juggling 
Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Consulate General of Canada in Hong Kong and Macao
National Arts Centre (Canada)
F-O-R-M (Festival of Recorded Movement) 
Dumb Instrument Dance
Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra
Yat Po Singers
Beyond Dance Theater
Hong Kong Arts Development Council “Arts Go Digital Platform Scheme”
Romer String Quartet
Still Moon Arts
Tsz Shan Monastery
Unlock Dancing Plaza
On & On Theatre Workshop
Hong Kong Arts Development Council “JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power”
Every Life Is A Song
Ergao Dance Production Group