ÉLAN Lost Child Project HK 2022

No Man Is An Island: M & M Pilot Project Screening and Sharing

Master Land: The Romeo and Juliet Wars - Work in Progress

Our Social Land: The Perfect MATCH

Blah Blah Land: David Glass

My Story Land: The Weight of Life

No Man Is An Island: M & M Pilot Project Screening and Sharing

ÉLAN Lost Child Project HK 2022

Date & Time

2 - 3 Jul, 2022 2pm - 3:15pm


Laundry Steps


Free of charge


Due to adverse weather, the programmes of ÉLAN Lost Child Project HK 2022 on 2 July 2022 will be rescheduled to take place at 11am – 1:45pm, 3 July 2022 at Laundry Steps. The programme “Blah Blah Land” at 2pm – 5pm, 3 July 2022 will take place as scheduled. Registration of “Blah Blah Land” has been full and will be streamed live at Tai Kwun website and Lost Child HK Facebook page.

What is "mine" may one day be connected to "us".

Some people appear in your life just to tell you a word, to accompany you for a while, or to push you forward from behind. When you think the music is approaching the end, it may turn out to be the preface of a symphony. There are always growth and memories in the course of recording and preservation.

Words from “Landlord”

We have all been young and reckless to imagine the future in pursuit of unspeakable excitement. The seemingly distant future is actually an integration of the thoughts and actions you have in the present moment. During these uncertain times, the fluctuating gates are still open. Maybe we can rely on the creative spirit to sew the broken pieces together and know that the most important gift is someone to walk with as we experience this time together.

Having been in the creative career for many years, there are still a ton of questions that keep recurring in my mind...

Does art creation really help people understand themselves better?

Does the path of creating art really make people passionate about life?

Does the practice of art really boost people's curiosity towards the world and cultivate empathy in them?

From "I" to "we", this year’s ”No Man is An Island” urges us to "hop across the islands" – with people of various ages, artistic expertise, fields or disciplines, we do something that we seldom do and weave the wonderful life fragments of each individual into a story of "us". In the process, we learn to get along with ourselves, to appreciate the value of ourselves and others, to have the courage of creating possibilities even in difficulty, to dare to face perfection in imperfection. What are your answers to these recurring questions?

Abby Chan
Creation, Curator, Co-Director & Workshop Instructor of M & M Pilot Project

Creative Team

Creation, Curator, Co-Director & Workshop Instructor: Abby Chan
Dance Workshop Instructor & Creative Mentors: Angela Hang @ Studiodanz (Jazz), Eve Leung @ Rhythm & Tempo (Tap), Hugh Cho @ TS Crew (Contemporary) 
Music Workshop Instructor & Creative Mentor: Adrian Tsing
Music Consultant: Veronica Lee
Workshop Instructor, Creative Mentor & Video Director: Jimi Law
Project Manager: Leung Siu Lui
Mentees: Chan Ngai Ying, Chan Sze Long Ally, Pang Cheuk Yin Perrin, Tam Ka Man Carmen, Tam Wai Yuen, Szeto Yuk Wa Jade, Ng Hoi Lay Colette, Yip Yuen Tung Crystal, Chong Tsz Ling Carey, Chan Ka Wai Chris, Law Sean Ling Jocelyn, Shing Hui Ying Cherry, Lo Ka Yan Kaya, Kay Sin Tung Denise, Cheung Tsz Man

About “No Man Is An Island”

Through workshops, the directors and instructors of “No Man Is An Island” not only share their experiences but also introduce exercises and games to stimulate creative ideas and explore our present body. It aims to be a humanistic way to capture the uniqueness of the participants by the camera, trigger non-linear stories and step into their inner universe. Three artistic directors, three dance artists and 15 talented students will present to you three pieces of music and dance stories.


Abby Chan
Angela Hang @ Studiodanz
Eve Leung @ Rhythm & Tempo
Hugh Cho @ TS Crew
Adrian Tsing
Veronica Lee
Jimi Law

Creation, Curator, Co-Director & Workshop Instructor

Abby is a professional dancer and co-artistic director of Mcmuimui Dansemble whose works are presented in many countries all over the world. She received the Lee Hysan Foundation Fellowship of Asian Cultural Council. She is also a four-time recipient of the Hong Kong Dance Award. Her recent production MMM: RE was presented by the Tai Kwun Dance Season 2019. Director and choreographer of “No Man is an Island” in ÉLAN Lost Child Project HK 2020.Abby is also one of the artists who participate in the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority’s “ON VIEW: Hong Kong'' dance film installation exhibition, and International Co-Lab Artist Residency program which took place in Edinburgh, Auckland and Hong Kong.

Dance Workshop Instructor & Creative Mentor (Jazz)

Founder and Director of one of the leading dance institutes in Hong Kong - Studiodanz, Angela is passionate about nurturing young talents and promoting dance culture to the public. Over the years, she has organized various professional dancer development programmes to train emerging and professional dance artists, and also produced numerous outreach programmes and online dance education projects to bring dance to all walks of life in the community. Since 2016, Angela has been invited by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department to serve as a member of the Art Form Panel (Dance and Multi-Arts) to advise LCSD on the strategies of performing arts programmes.

Dance Workshop Instructor & Creative Mentor (Tap)

Eve is a performer, dance educator and choreographer graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 1998.  She is also one of the founders of R&T (Rhythm & Tempo) Tap Company.  Eve is now an Expressive Arts Therapist graduated with a master’s degree at The University in 2019. She has worked with students with visual impairment, children with autism, adolescents with SEN as well as the elderly.

Dance Workshop Instructor & Creative Mentor (Contemporary)

Cho is the co-founder of TS Studio and the Artistic Director of TS Crew Dance Company. With his unique background - started as a street dancer, trained in the dance academy, practicing Capoeira, acrobatics as well as working as a Cantonese Opera acrobat, Cho has created his unique style of choreography.

Music Workshop Instructor & Creative Mentor

Graduated in music at The University of Western Ontario and is currently the guest lecturer of Hong Kong Baptist University Film Academy and the music teacher of HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity.

Music Consultant

Veronica Lee is a renowned composer and audio engineer in Hong Kong. She has a successful career in music composition for movies, advertisements, live stage performances and concerts.  She was awarded the “Best Original Film Music” at the 2014 34th Hong Kong Film Awards for the film The Midnight After, while the theatre piece Always By My Side was awarded the “Best Original Music (Musical)” at the 2020 29th Hong Kong Drama Awards. Recently she is very active in the mentorship of various Hong Kong music incubation schemes.

Workshop Instructor, Creative Mentor & Video Director

Passionate in music, video and multimedia production. Jimi joined a local production company POPM soon after graduation and began to participate in organizing various shows and events. In 2006, he facilitated the local brand - 89268 and directed in an online music performance platform – “Wow and Flutter Live@Home” for three years. Thereafter, he has stepped into the director role for different media productions, including Social Gathering Ban(d) Show by Tai Kwun and Cartier - MAKE YOUR OWN PATH Live etc.