Tai Kwun Circus Plays 2022

New Boom in Circus

Tai Kwun Circus Plays 2022

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New Boom in Circus

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Date & Time

16 - 18 Dec, 2022 3pm - 4pm (17-18.12.2022)
8pm - 9pm (16-17.12.2022)
With post-performance talk on 17.12.2022


JC Cube


$220 per person


Hong Kong is never short of circus talents. In New Boom In Circus, we are to discover local circus artists with unique potential – instead of performing on the streets and in shopping malls, this time they are invited to come to Tai Kwun for theatre productions and experience a brand new performing experience.

This year, New Boom In Circus will have two performance groups to stage 20-30 minutes of contemporary circus works respectively.

Patrick Pun, a dance and circus artist who completed his study at the Belgian circus school École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque, joins forces with two circus artists that he encountered in Belgium to create How Did You Know? – with a nonsensical tune, the three persons with three juggling objects will give the audience a glimpse of the expected and the unexpected in juggling, deconstructing the relationship and expectations of objects and body measurements in juggling tricks.

The local arts group Circus Box presents Spin with the Wind – it tells the stories of four members of the CBO Juggling Team (Wayne Lee, Jeff Tse, Tong Ting, Jason Ngan) who create their own tricks of plate spinning, diabolo and somersault with an easy grace, like merging with each other in the wind.


How did you know?

Co-creator & performer: Patrick Pun, Alonso González, Keivin Benavides
Composer, Sound Designer & Juggling Advisor: Mark Dehoux
Light Designer: Ivy Wong
Creative Adviser: Micha Goldberg
Dramaturge: Ching Shu Huang
Producer: Michael Lee

Spin with the wind

Curated and Produced by: CircusBox
Director: Lai Chai Ming
Choreographer: Lau Pak Hong
Composer and Sound Designer: Lego Shum
Juggler Performer: Lee Wai Lok, Tse Kwun Fung, Ting Yat Lung, Ngan Kwok Fung
Set and Tools Designer: JTA, Innosphere Ltd.
Light designer: Au Yeung Hon Ki
Costume designer: Lee Wing Lam, Chan Chun Wan
Producer: Ngai King Sang, Lai Ying Kiu

Additional: Circus Challenge

In collaboration with local company Circus Box, Tai Kwun is inviting everyone of the city to bring the circus act home. Take part in Circus Challenge on Instagram, where you can learn how to create your own signature juggling skills at home and may get a prize of performance ticket of Only Bones v1.0 or New Boom in Circus!

Stay tuned to Circus Box Instagram for details.


5 - 25 December 2022


Circus Box Instagram (@circusbox.hk )


Free of Charge


Tickets | $220

Tickets available at art-mate.net from 23 November 2023

Discounts (Limited Offers)

  1. 40% off for full-time students, senior citizens aged 60 or above, and people with disabilities and the minders
  2. “Circus Boom” Package: $300 (1 adult ticket for Only Bones v1.0 and New Boom in Circus )
  3. Family Package: $500 (2 adults and 1 full-time student tickets)


Patrick Pun
Alonso González
Keivin Benavides
Circus Box
CBO Juggling Team

Pun Wing Leung was born in Hong Kong. He started juggling when he was twelve and won many Hong Kong juggling competitions in his youth. At the age of 18, he began to dance contemporary dance.

After graduating from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) with a diploma in dance (Contemporary dance), he went to Belgium to study contemporary circus at École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque (ESAC) for his bachelor of art.

He has collaborated with the Collective Simul Solus(Belgium) and join the Belgian circus company "Side Show" in 2022 for the creation Permit, oh permit my soul to rebel

Alonso was born in the cold lands of Punta Arenas in southern Chile and became obsessed from an early age with juggling with balls, persevering in a self-taught practice, and for fun.

He knows the circus world, opening the doors to contemporary dance and acrobatics with time. He finished his Circus education in 2022 at École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque (ESAC). After, he participated International Circus Festival FIRCO in Spain and won the third award and "Cirque Du Soleil Premium."

He strives to find his signature in the combination of the manipulation of objects, dance, and acrobatics on stage. Try to be open to research possibilities.

Keivin Benavides is 26 years old. He started doing circus as a child in a small circus in Costa Rica; In his youth, he performed with the social circus "Circo FantazzTico" in Europe.

After a few years of travel and experiences, He began to do breakdance and learn more about the body's movement and possibilities. Since then, he began to combine dance with his circus skills, which led him to develop a more acrobatic and soft style with juggling.

In 2022, he finished his Circus education at École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque (ESAC) in Brussels.Circus Box

Box contains infinite space and possibilities. It expands as imagination pushes its boundary.

Bringing together local artists from different backgrounds and blending in the local culture, Circus Box hopes to create its own unique circus arts of Hong Kong style.

“We gather in the name of CBO. We explore in the name of CBO. We juggle in the name of CBO.”

The team consists of Lee Wai Lok, Tse Kwun Fung, Ting Yat Lung and Ngan Kwok Fung. For 14 years since secondary school years, members of CBO have been performing plate spinning and diabolo. The team has joined both as individuals and a team in local juggling competitions and won multiple prizes, and been invited to perform in major events.

In 2017, they won the championship in the Japan Juggling Festival, and the first runner-up in the team category in the International Jugglers’ Association Championship. In 2018, they were invited to perform in a Taiwanese TV show “Chang Fei's Big Shot Variety Show”.

In recent years, CBO members have been focusing on solo stage performances. They took part in “Tai Kwun Circus Plays - Ting-Koo-Ki Mad Skills Battle” individually in 2019 and 2021 respectively. With more mature personal styles, they are bringing the CBO team performance to a next level.