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Date & Time

28 Jul - 24 Aug, 2023 7pm - 8pm / 9pm - 10pm


Central (Gathering point at Tai Kwun Duplex LG1 Vital Signs reception)
Jordan (Gathering point at Eaton Hotel lobby)


Central: $100 (Includes one tea drink)
Jordan: $150 (Includes one alcoholic drink)


While the Hong Kong neon industry reached its peak in the 1990s, various neon signs were installed on the streets. Neon signs have displayed different designs and forms throughout each era. A few decades later, how has the city’s neon landscape changed? What factors have caused such a drastic shift?

In Neon Walk, two neon enthusiasts will lead us on a 60-mins guided tour in Jordan and Central respectively to search for neon signs. Participants will learn about the unique history, design and aesthetics of the signs, and revisit Hong Kong from a perspective of neon sign searching.

Central Tour
Speaker: Cardin Chan (General Manager, Tetra Neon Exchange)
Date & Time : 28 July (Cantonese) & 24 August (English)
Time: 7pm - 8pm
Gathering location: Tai Kwun Block 01 Floor LG1 Vital Signs reception
Ticketing: HKD 100 (Includes one tea drink)
Participants can enjoy a bottled tea drink from LockCha during the event.

Jordan Tour
Speaker: Carlos Sun (Founder, Vanishing Hong Kong)
Date: 27 July (Cantonese), 6 August (Cantonese) & 10 August (Cantonese)
Time: 7pm - 8pm (27 July & 10 August) or 9pm - 10pm (6 August)

Ticketing: HKD 150 (Includes one alcoholic drink)
Guided tour will end at Eaton Hotel 4/F Terrible Baby. Participants can enjoy an alcoholic drink after the event. Alcoholic drinks are intended solely for adult audiences aged 18 years or older. Non-alcoholic drinks are provided to persons aged under 18 alternatively.

*Neon Walk is a collateral event of the exhibition Vital Signs. All are welcome.

Participants are recommended to arrive the gathering location 10 minutes before event starts
Participants shall make sure this guided walk is suited to their physical strength.
Please be cautioned to the traffic along the route.

Tour Guide Bio

Cardin Chan
Carlos Sun

Since her relocation back to Hong Kong in early 2017, Cardin has devoted herself to conserving local culture and is gradually being recognized as the first and only female neon conservationist in Hong Kong. At the invitation of the founder of TNX, she joined the organization in 2020. She transmutes her unwillingness to see neon completely disappear, due to the lack of public awareness, into her main driving force. With her tenacious approach, she has moved and impelled an incremental amount of merchants, people from the local neon industry, brands, individuals, etc to come together to support Hong Kong neon. Empowering local traditional neon workers to find their own voice and positioning is one of her major long-term goals.

Carlos Sun is a commercial videographer in Hong Kong. With great curiosity, he found Vanishing Hong Kong in 2021, visually documenting the countless vibrant stories and memories of old shops and cityscapes through his photography.