Myth Makers—Spectrosynthesis III: Teacher's Morning & Teacher’s Workshop


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Myth Makers—Spectrosynthesis III: Teacher's Morning & Teacher’s Workshop

Tai Kwun Conversations: Exhibition(ism) and Social Change

Date & Time

12 Feb 2023 1pm-5:30pm


JC Contemporary & JC Cube


Free of charge


Teacher‘s Morning and Teacher‘s Workshop are Tai Kwun Contemporary’s knowledge-sharing and communication programmes designed especially for teachers and art educators. Through explorations of current exhibitions, meetings with curators, artist workshops, and discussions about art education, we hope to build a platform for the sharing and exchange of contemporary art knowledge, developing effective pedagogical practices in contemporary art together.

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The latest edition of Teacher‘s Morning and Teacher‘s Workshop takes a closer look at the current exhibition at Tai Kwun Contemporary: Myth Makers—Spectrosynthesis III exhibition, one of the first major survey exhibitions on LGBTQ+ perspectives in Hong Kong, and draws inspiration from artists addressing “queer mythologies”—who highlight either same-sex love and desire or gender fluidity as found in ancient belief systems and traditions in Asia.

For this event, co-curator Chantal Wong has been invited to introduce the curatorial concept and present artwork highlights. Afterwards, gender studies lecturer Sonia Wong will explore concepts and artworks related to body politics, followed by a self-portrait exercise. Her discussion will offer insight on how to guide students in exploring the unbounded possibilities of self, starting from our bodies.



Teachers visit Myth Makers—Spectrosynthesis III exhibition

JC Contemporary


Curator Chantal Wong shares exhibition concept & artwork highlights

JC Cube


Break time


Guest speaker Sonia Wong leads “Body Experiment: An Imaginary Self-portrait” workshop

JC Cube

Workshop Introduction

A standard body, a beautiful body, a legal body, a holy body, a weird body, a natural body, a technology-integrated body—both the experience and imagining of the body’s borders have provided essential inspiration to artists, and have also served as a platform for religion, culture, and social institutions to assert their authority. What role do artists’ bodies play in the art they create? What possibilities do our bodies offer? How can we translate our reflections on self, body, and identity into forms of artistic expression?

The morning session of this event will be conducted in English and the afternoon session in Cantonese. Both sessions will offer simultaneous interpretation into Cantonese or English, respectively.

This is a free event. For teachers interested in participating, please register via the link below on or before 10 February 2023.

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Speakers Bio

Chantal Wong
Sonia Wong

Chantal Wong is the co-founder of three charities in Hong Kong: Learning Together, an organisation empowering refugee and asylum-seeker youth to take on leadership roles through access to education, scholarships, and leadership training; Women’s Festival, a platform promoting gender awareness and equality through public discourse; and Things That Can Happen (2014–2017), a former art space that explored the role of art in society. As a Ford Global Fellow, she belongs to a global community brought together by the Ford Foundation and working to combat inequality. Until recently she was the Director of Culture at Eaton in Hong Kong, a purpose-driven hospitality brand, where she led a culture and programming team that transformed the property into a champion for creativity, artistic experimentation, and safe spaces for intersectional and marginal communities. Prior to her position at Eaton, she worked with Asia Art Archive, a research centre and archive of modern and contemporary Asian art, helping in her role as head of strategy to build an invaluable resource for the (re)writing of Hong Kong’s history from a post-colonial perspective.

Based in Hong Kong, Sonia Wong currently teaches gender and culture-related subjects at the Gender Studies Programme of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include lesbian identity, female sexuality, film, and new media.

She is the founder of Reel Women Hong Kong, the first and only independent film festival in Hong Kong devoted to the promotion of films and artworks created by women, which also provides a platform for gender equality and raising social awareness. In 2018, she co-founded the Women’s Festival with Chantal Wong from Eaton HK and Vera Lui from Sally Coco. In addition to her work as a community organiser and advocate, she is also a writer and visual artist.