My Body Holds Its Shape

My Body Holds Its Shape

My Body Holds Its Shape

My Body Holds Its Shape: Online Programmes

My Body Holds Its Shape Guided Tour

Date & Time

25 May - 27 Sep, 2020 Mon | 2pm–8pm; Tue-Sun | 11am–8pm


JC Contemporary


Free of charge


Artists: Tap Chan, Thea Djordjadze, Jason Dodge, Eisa Jocson, and Pratchaya Phinthong

Drafted by Xue Tan

Set in the historic F Hall—a former printing facility and women’s prison—this exhibition of five artists circles around the expansion of limits and constraints, working through how they could serve as an artistic framework rather than as objects of antagonism. In the metaphorical shape of a body, the exhibition is alive from the first hour to the last. Experimenting with concepts of “sculpture”, the artworks are ways of exploring our multifaceted facts and ecologies, spanning lived-through stories and realised imaginations.

Within the body of this exhibition, no walls or fixtures are added; this is one of the principal premises. The artworks rely on each other and yet are autonomous on their own. The exhibition comes alive when visitors flow in, when dancers activate moments with routines and off-track improvisations, practising to perfection until the very last hour, holding it in place.

Sculptures and narratives cohabit the space with songs, moving bodies, and an escape route. The exhibition is carefully conceived as an experience close to a tightrope walk through lines of limits, divisions, and connections—unveiling ways to tie our worlds together.

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