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Music Making of Tomorrow

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Date & Time

13 - 22 Apr, 2019 Please refer to the programme introduction


STEAM in Music Workshop: F Hall Studio / The Future Orchestra at Present: e-Orch Lecture-Demonstration: JC Cube


Free of charge


Leung Chi-hin

Hong Kong Association for Music Educators (HAME) and EdUHK Music Innovation and Design Lab (musid.lab)

Even if you are not a musician, you can now invent your own musical instruments and make your own music! Dr Leung Chi-hin has been transforming the way of learning and creating music through STEAM approach, which makes the music learning process more enjoyable and playful. In collaboration with the Hong Kong Association for Music Educators and EdUHK Music Innovation and Design Lab, Dr. Leung will share his innovative music creation and performance project through a series of lecture-demonstrations. Making use of colourful electronic building blocks and tablets, everyone is invited to experience an extraordinary way of music making. Come to Tai Kwun with your families and friends to enjoy the fun of music!

Innovative Spark! STEAM in Music Exhibition & Workshop

Music as a unique art form has a close relationship with physics, technology, engineering and mathematics. This workshop, hosted by local composer Dr. Leung Chi-hin, provides participants with innovative music experiences through STEAM initiatives. Participants will be able to invent musical instruments through the application of electronic building blocks, create and perform pieces of creative music for the invention.

13-14.04.2019│F Hall Studio

Exhibition: 1pm – 7pm
Workshops: 2pm ­– 2:45pm; 3:45pm ­– 4:30pm & 5:30pm – 6:15pm

Leung Chi-hin

Target Participants:
Aged 6 and above

Number of Participants:
Workshops: 4 people per group, 4 groups per session (limited quota on a first-come first-served basis)

Exhibition: Free admission
Workshop:  $100 (The deposit will be refunded after attending the workshop)


Workshop Application Deadline:
10 April 2019

The Future Orchestra at Present: e-Orch Lecture-Demonstration
e-Orch, an innovative electronic music creation and performance project, promotes creative orchestral music-making by using tablet devices even without years of formal classical music training. This lecture-demonstration, hosted by local composer Dr. Leung Chi-hin, aims to explain the educational concept of e-Orch with a focus on tablet music creation, performance apps learning and digital music ensembles. Participants will be offered a chance to experience a live e-Orch performance under the direction of the conductor.

21.04.2019│2pm – 3:30pm│JC Cube
22.04.2019│11am – 12:30pm; 3pm-4:30pm│JC Cube

Leung Chi Hin

Target Participants:

  • 21 April: For education industry practitioners only
  • 22 April: For the general public aged 6 and above

Free admission. Advance registration required


Leung Chi-hin

Dr. Chi-hin Leung is a Hong Kong composer and music educator who was awarded the Gold Medal (e-Orch Grid Score) from International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada, the Special Prize from the Romanian Inventors Forum, the champion from Hong Kong Handbell Festival Composition Competition and many. Leung’s compositions are featured by international music festivals and published by renownded publishers and labels. Leung is the Assistant Professor at the Education University of Hong Kong, President of the Hong Kong Association for Music Educators, Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Composers’ Guild, and Commissioner of the Music in School and Teacher Education Commission of the ISME.

What is the relationship between culinary art, music, dance, architecture, machinery and contemporary art? As the saying goes, “art comes from life”, so how do we look for inspiration from life? “SHIFTING by Knowledge Transfer” invites artists and professionals from various fields to looks into the past, foresee the future and reflect on the present. Through a series of interactive workshops, lectures and showcases, they will share their experiences of transforming knowledge into art, opening up new spectrums of artistic creation to enrich people’s life and imagination.