Moon Light in Tai Kwun

Moon Light in Tai Kwun

Date & Time

12 - 15 Sep, 2019 11am-8pm


Tai Kwun Store


(Mat) $320; (Moon Light) $100


Moon, the source of light at night, also happens to be the traditional highlight of the Mid-Autumn Festival. This Autumn, the “moon” is the theme, with four local artists commissioned by the Tai Kwun Store in collaboration with Tai Kwun Contemporary: Chow Chun Fai, Ho Sin Tung, Onion Peterman and Pak Sheung Chuen. The four artists created four moon-themed round mats—for the upcoming “moon festival” as well as for picnic-lovers this Autumn.

The mat, with its water and heat-proof bottom and a soft top surface, has a diameter of 1.5m—great for 4-5 people enjoying a picnic. Just roll it up and carry on your shoulder. The mat is portable enough to be used on outings anytime—a functional and artistic piece now available for the festival!

From 12 to 15 Sep inclusively, you will also receive a free “Tai Kwun Moon Light” upon every purchase of the mat.

Taxi to the Moon (Artist │ Chow Chun Fai)│$320

With anamorphosis—a distorted perspective—the audience will see a recognizable image from a specific vantage point.

You may take a perfect photo of the taxi at a distance of 4 meters away from this mat.

Nocturnal Animals (Artist │ Ho Sin Tung)│$320

Creatures moving about in the night, scampering in silence, their round eyes wide open.

Underground Moon (Artist │ Onion Peterman)│$320

In this city full of bright lights, we don’t often get to see the clear starry skies. So I dug a hole and planted the moon in the ground.

Sacred-Object (CAAR4-16#DJ): Judge's-Wig (Artist │ Pak Sheung Chuen)│$320

Since 2015, Pak Sheung Chuen has been intensely involved in creating artistic sketches of law and jurisprudence in Hong Kong.

The reoccurring spectral pattern in this image is inspired by Hong Kong materiality, spirituality and culture. Thus he hopes to illuminate new ideas about the city of Hong Kong for the Tai Kwun Mid-Autumn Festival gathering.

Tai Kwun Moon Light │$100

A free Tai Kwun Moon Light upon every purchase of the Moon Picnic Mat, or a further purchase at $65 for each (max. 3pcs)

Chow Chun Fai

Graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Department of Fine Arts (BA and MFA). In 2012 he ran in the Hong Kong Legislative Council elections, for the Sports, Performing Arts, Culture and Publication constituency. Most recently his work has been featured in the exhibitions: “Chow Chun Fai” (Eli Klein Gallery New York 2018); “Everything Comes With an Expiry Date” (Klein Sun Gallery New York 2016); “Venice Meeting Point” (Venice Biennale 2015); “Hong Kong Eye” (Saatchi Gallery London 2012), the Liverpool Biennial (Liverpool 2012). Chow is a recipient of the Grand Prize of the Hong Kong Arts Centre 30th Anniversary Awards, and the Sovereign Asian Art Prize.

Ho Sin Tung

Ho imagines and participates in the world through research. She regards research as a method to lose oneself steadily. Navigating through the texts and materials, Ho encounters a punctum that haunts her. Those could not be named are thus transformed into works. This is a way to live with it.

Ho has a pen-friend who describes her as this: "Ho Sin Tung regards the dead as the living. Objects, events, knowledge gain the status of the living in her world. They have their own face and so dignified that they cannot be categorized."

Ho was born in Hong Kong, and is currently living and working there.

Onion Peterman

An illustrator and screen printer from Hong Kong. They are inspired by daily life observations and scenic road trips when they are travelling around the world. Their work visuals are often humorous, clever, and universal. They also run a screen-printing studio “DRY RUN PRESS”, an independent publisher specialising in screen prints, artist books and zines.

Pak Sheng Chuen

Pak Sheung Chuen obtained his BA in Fine Arts and Theology from Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2002. Pak represented Hong Kong in the 53rd Venice Biennale with his solo exhibition “Making (Perfect) World: Harbour, Hong Kong, Alienated Cities and Dreams” (2009), while his solo exhibition “Page 22” is permanently installed in New York’s 58th Street Branch Library. Group exhibitions in which Pak has participated include Liverpool Biennial (UK, 2012), Taipei Biennial (Taipei, 2012 and 2010); 3rd Yokohama Triennial (Japan, 2008); 3rd Guangzhou Triennial (China, 2008); 6th Busan Biennale (Korea, 2006). In 2012, Pak was awarded the Best Artist Award at the Chinese Contemporary Art Awards (CCAA). In 2006, Pak was awarded the Lee Hysan Foundation Fellowship by the Asian Cultural Council. His artworks were collected by Astrup Fearnley Museet (Norway), Burger Collection, M+ Museum (Hong Kong), National Museum of Contemporary Art (Greece), Sigg Collection (Switzerland), Tate Modern Museum (UK), Taipei Fine Arts Museum (Taiwan), among others.

Pak currently lives and works in Hong Kong.