Mix: Re/Tape 2.0


Glasshouse (A new HKAF commission)

Mix: Re/Tape 2.0

Stillness (A new HKAF commission)

Harmonica Heroes

The Island Whispers …

The Wolf Pack

Date & Time

12 - 20 Feb, 2022 10am - 10pm


Parade Ground


Free of charge


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HKartsFestival@TaiKwun is part of the 50th Hong Kong Arts Festival

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Clouds spotted near eye-level on the Parade Ground!

Mix: Re/Tape 2.0 is an installation incorporating cassette tapes and music. It not only brings you back in time through the cassette tape clouds playing music snippets and discover past billboard top-charters, forgotten gems, but also invites you to ponder the future of music consumption: How we store and consume music? How else might music be stored and consumed in the future? In our increasingly digitised world, is there a role left for the analogue? And after streaming, what’s next? 

Artist: Neo Kim Seng
Installation Designer: Sarah Chua
Production Coordinator: Joey Chung

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Neo Kim Seng
Sarah Chua

Neo Kim Seng is a cross-disciplinary practitioner from Singapore who has been involved in independent and large-scale projects in various capacities in Singapore and overseas since 1987. He made his directing and writing debut with Decimal Points 810 presented by Cake Theatrical Productions in 2014. His multidisciplinary project My Grandfather’s Road was first created for Cake in 2015. He has since developed theatrical versions in Cantonese and English and explored the work in an exhibition.

Photo provided by Law Kian Yan

Sarah Chua is a designer specialising in sets and environments for theatre and art installations. She hails from Singapore and is currently based in Hong Kong. As an alumni of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Sarah has been working and studying as a Set Designer for the last 6 years. Some of her works include Project O (Detour 2018 Creative Festival, PMQ), Justice Conference Global 2021 (Tear Fund Australia) and BU21 (HKAPA).