Micro Shakespeare

Micro Shakespeare

Date & Time

8 - 18 Jun, 2018 (8-10 & 16-18.06) 11am - 5pm


Parade Ground


Free of charge


Laitrum Teatre (Spain)
National Theatre of Great Britain (UK)

Special Thanks
Macao Arts Festival

Get set for a zany and fun theatrical journey with Spain's Laitrum Teatre that turns Shakespeare's classic plays upside-down. The stage is relocated outdoors with the lines blurred between the audience and performers. Literally playing it by ear, the "actor" behind the box-theatre will receive instructions through the ear pieces and "act" accordingly. In eight minutes, the vengeful spirit of Hamlet, impetuous passion of Romeo and Juliet, magical delight of A Midsummer Night's Dream, soul redemption of The Tempest, and power corruption of Macbeth come alive through you. Previously commissioned by the National Theatre of Great Britain, Micro Shakespeare welcomes people of all ages to join as an audience or Shakespearen thespian.

  • Five box-theatres in total, each performance will last for eight minutes
  • Language: Available in Cantonese and English